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Our mission at Monday Mandala is to be the #1 resource for providing high-quality, easy-to-use, and free printables for teachers, parents, and children.

Launched in 2015, is a go-to destination for premium free printables that has been visited by millions globally.

As a trusted resource for teachers, parents, artists, and support professionals, we provide an extensive collection of 10,000 free coloring pages and printables.

Our experienced team, comprising of writers, illustrators, parents, and teachers, work tirelessly to create content that can be used in the classroom, at home, and everywhere in between.

Meet The Monday Mandala Team

Monday Mandala’s content consists of many mediums and is a collaborative effort! Here are the superstars that give Monday Mandala its awesomeness!

Inez Stanway

Inez Stanway – Owner

Inez Stanway, a self-taught illustrator and dedicated mother of two, originates from Atlanta, Georgia. With a background in elementary school teaching, she transitioned to entrepreneurship, launching her first website, This venture later evolved into, a platform that seamlessly combines her profound love for art, education, and parenting.

Abby Quisumbing

Abby Quisumbing – Manager

Abby brings a rich tapestry of talents to our team. With a background in creative writing, she has contributed speculative fiction stories to anthologies both locally and internationally. A versatile artist, Abby creates portraits in mediums like charcoal, oil, pastels, and acrylic paint. A passionate animal welfare advocate, Abby also dedicates time to feeding stray dogs and cats.

Anna Bitaieva

Anna Bitaieva – Illustrator

Meet Anna Bitaieva, a gifted visual and digital artist hailing from Ukraine. With a lifelong passion for drawing, she has transformed her hobby into a fulfilling career spanning over a decade. Away from the canvas, she enjoys playing the guitar, reading, spending time with loved ones, and dreaming of one day owning a dog. Her creativity and passion significantly enrich our team.

Jeda Canada

Jeda Canada – Illustrator

Jeda is a renowned digital artist from the Philippines. Since childhood, his artistic talent has shone through, leading him to accolades, such as ranking third in a global tattoo design contest run by famed Ami James. Today, Jeda’s unique creative vision extends beyond tattoos, encompassing clothing, coloring books, and print designs.

Cara Suppa

Cara Suppa – Writer

Introducing Cara, our seasoned writer with over a decade of professional experience. She ventured into freelancing through an impromptu response to a Craigslist ad and never looked back. Cherishing her time with her son, husband, and two dogs, Cara infuses every project with her unique blend of creativity and life experience.

Abigail Delos

Abigail Delos – Illustrator

Meet Abi, an artist inspired by the vibrant worlds of video games and anime. When she’s not crafting captivating illustrations, Abi indulges in online gaming sessions with friends, a testament to her love for community and connection. Her passions inform her creativity, infusing her work with a distinct, dynamic flair.

June Broadt

Jessica Russell – Writer

Introducing Jessica Russell, a professional web content writer since 2001 with a rich portfolio of work for Fortune 500 companies in the US, UK, and Asia. Residing in the southeastern US, she enjoys reading, traveling, live entertainment, and nature. Jesse, married since 1990, holds a master’s degree in biblical theology from Northwest Theological Seminary.

Mirsa Younha

Mirsa Younha – Illustrator

Introducing Mirsa, our gifted illustrator behind the compelling website cover images and custom illustrations. With a deep love for Japanese culture, she draws creative inspiration from Ghibli animations, ramen culinary art, and the quirky charm of cats. Mirsa’s unique artistic flair and cultural passions are instrumental in shaping our visual narrative.

Jessan Palban

Jessan Palban – Illustrator

Meet Jessan, our passionate illustrator. A devotee to his craft, Jessan continuously sharpens his skills, merging dedication with a drive for constant improvement. In his downtime, books and movies fuel his creative process. His ultimate aim: crafting artwork that inspires joy and sparks imagination. Jessan’s talent and passion greatly enhance the vibrancy of our team.

Monday Mandala Hall Of Fame

The Monday Mandala team is a transient ensemble of creatives, occasionally branching into personal artistic journeys. Their contributions endure in our Hall of Fame, where they live on forever…

Angela R

Angela R – Illustrator

Meet Angela, who found solace in coloring during a challenging period in her life. Identifying a scarcity of free coloring pages, she channeled her creativity into the creation of Monday Mandala. This project became not just a personal healing journey, but a labor of love, offering a tranquil creative outlet to others.

Tabby B

Tabby B – Illustrator

Tabby is an ardent art enthusiast who spent her formative years soaking up every art class she could find. Reconnecting with her passion through zendoodles, she melds hand drawing with digital techniques to create intricate mandalas. Her fusion of traditional and contemporary artistry adds a unique dimension to her work.

Anoosh G

Anoosh G – Illustrator

Introducing Anoosha, our resident vector wizard. She is the creative force behind many of the geometric mandalas adorning our platform. Anoosha’s precision with straight lines lends a distinct and appealing symmetry to her work, guaranteed to captivate lovers of linear artistry.

Sasha F

Sasha S – Illustrator

Meet Sasha, an intriguing fusion of fine art and engineering. With a vibrant background in both domains, she infuses her love for rich textures into her work. From oil paintings to Monday Mandala’s coloring books and drawings, Sasha’s creative flair and technical precision breathe life and depth into her creations.

Angela F

Angela F – Illustrator

Introducing Angela, a passionate mandala artist who finds the hand-drawing process profoundly calming and therapeutic. The rhythm and flow of her creation process are instrumental to her personal wellness. Beyond the canvas, Angela embraces the thrill of the outdoors, delighting in four-wheeling adventures and serene camping escapes.

Varda K

Varda K – Illustrator

Meet Varda, the mastermind behind the intricate patterns adorning Monday Mandala. She specializes in crafting complex designs that captivate the eye. Varda’s portfolio also showcases a splendid use of bright colors, adding vibrancy and energy to her work.

The Story Of Monday Mandala

In the whirlwind of 2015, Angela found an unexpected sanctuary in the world of coloring during a stressful period in her life.

The intricate patterns of mandalas became her solace, yet her pursuit of free, quality mandalas was often fruitless.

This led to the birth of Monday Mandala, a labor of love that aimed to make the calming magic of mandalas available to all.

Angela’s passion project soon evolved into a treasured online destination for coloring enthusiasts, offering a new breath-taking mandala regularly.

In 2023, Inez Stanway, a retired elementary school teacher with a deep love for creativity and coloring, took the helm of Monday Mandala. Her experience wasn’t just theoretical; she had hands-on experience running her own blog,, which eventually became part of

Inez assumed leadership of the brand, committing to uphold its fundamental values, while infusing it with her personal flair. This combination was enriched by her extensive background in fostering creativity and teaching.

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Please use the contact form or the provided email address to reach out to us directly. We diligently check this email every day and strive to respond within 12-24 hours.

We are open to any suggestions you may have for us, be it an idea for a new coloring page, a template, a printable, or any creative concept you think would enhance our collection.

We appreciate your input and actively seek to incorporate user suggestions to enrich our offerings. Thank you for visiting, and we wish you joy in your crafting adventures!

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