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Airplane Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 36 original airplane coloring pages that are all free to download and print! The idea for this series came from one of my sons, who is obsessed with all things airplanes. So much so that we have attended multiple airshows, and he knows just about every airplane he sees in the sky. It really is quite impressive!

Since I don’t know much about airplanes, I got Charlie (my son) to wrangle up some of his favorite types and models of aircraft for me to illustrate. These include airplanes such as Boeing, Airbus, private planes, WW1 and WW2 planes, jets, and tons more!

Once the coloring pages have been completed, they can be used as wall art for a kid’s bedroom, classroom decorations, placemats, book covers, scrapbooking, plus many more creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Airplane Coloring Pages

Below are some of the top ways to use finished airplane pages individually or in groups

1. Make Colorful Classroom Decorations

All youngsters typically love decorating a classroom with homemade artwork, and airplane coloring pages are perfect for this.

The airplanes can be colored traditionally or in the child’s favorite color, and wall putty or removable adhesive can be used to decorate the classroom’s windows.

The youngsters may also decide to get creative and add things like birds and clouds to place around the colored airplanes.

2. A Creative Cake Embellishment

If your child is a flight fan, have him or her color a simple airplane coloring page, carefully cut out the airplane and mount it to sturdy cardboard.

A large craft stick can then be glued to the tail of the plane, and this can be used to decorate a cake.

Simply push the popsicle stick down into the cake, making it look like the plane is taking off from a sugary launching pad!

3. An Easy Way to Fly a Plane

When making crafts from coloring pages, don’t overlook simple uses for these items.

For example, you can make the airplane really fly simply by folding the coloring page into a paper airplane.

There are complicated templates for this or extremely easy ones, but either way, youngsters will have fun “flying” their planes around a classroom or at home.

4. Making Learning Fun

Another great classroom activity is to give each child a large index card that is blank on one side and has lines on the other.

The youngsters should cut their colored airplanes out of the page and fix them to the unlined side of the index card.

On the other side, they should write down an interesting fact that they’ve learned about airplanes. 

This can be anything at all, from the year they were invented to the material used to make them or how high the largest plane can fly.

5. Fly the Airplane Over the Rainbow

A super fun way to use finished airplane coloring pages is to go “over the rainbow.”

Give each child a white piece of construction paper and have him or her cut it out and color it as if it’s a rainbow.

The finished airplane can then be cut out of the coloring page and attached to the middle of the rainbow. A string can be added so that this cute piece of artwork can be hung up.

6. An Airplane Fan

What could make a better fan than an airplane? For this fun craft, cut and laminate a colored airplane and affix it to a large craft stick.

Make sure the craft stick is attached to the tail of the plane. 

Then, use cotton balls with silver or gray glitter to decorate both sides of the stick, making the fan’s handle look like exhaust coming from the tail!

To make it extra sturdy, it can be laminated with glassine, clear packing tape, or laminating paper.

7. Homemade Fortune Cookies

Airplane coloring sheets are perfect for homemade fortune cookies… as long as nobody eats them!

Once the plane is cut out, the wings and the tail can be folded up around the body and stapled or connected with tape.

Before it is sealed up, though, have the youngsters write out a “fortune” to place inside.

Leave a slight gap somewhere when it is folded up so that the tiny piece of paper can be shaken out without affecting the structure of the “cookie.”

8. Airplanes Throughout the Centuries

For an enjoyable classroom activity, have each child pick an airplane to color from a different era.

Then, once they are colored, create a group project to turn them into a book with paper fasteners.

Place a blank sheet in between each colored picture and have each child write something interesting about the era from which his or her plane comes.

9. Decorate a Coffee Can

If your youngster keeps craft supplies in coffee cans or jars, a finished airplane coloring page is the perfect item to decorate it with.

Choose a simple airplane coloring page with long wings, and after it is colored and cut out, wrap the wings around the can as if the airplane is “hugging” it.

Decorating a pencil holder or coin bank is also a fun variation of this craft.

10. Let the Child Fly Along

Children often have fun coloring pictures of themselves.

After finishing their coloring page, each child can put themselves in the cockpit with crayons or use a cut out from another coloring page of a little boy or girl.

Alternatively, they may find it fun to draw a picture of their pet as if it was flying the plane! These make great coloring pages to frame and keep as a memento of their coloring fun.

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