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Animal Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find over 2,000 animal coloring pages that are all free to download and print! During my 11 years of teaching, one thing I learned very early on is how fascinated kids are about animals. With all their different shapes, sizes, and colors, there is so much to be curious about!

For this series, I have compiled links to all my animal coloring posts so you can see them all in one place for easier navigation. Included below are many types of animals, including common farm animals (horses, cows, chickens, etc.), safari animals, marine animals, insects, birds, plus many more!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

Capybara Coloring Pages For Animals

Capybara (20 Pages)

Dachshund Coloring Pages For Animals

Dachshund (20 Pages)

Looking for something else? Search our 10,000 free printables!

20 Craft Ideas To Do With Animal Coloring Pages

Essentially every child loves animals, and they all have their favorites.

Here are 20 terrific, inexpensive crafts to make with all those finished coloring pages.

1. Make That Elephant Nose Come to Life

This easy craft requires only a party blowout and a coloring page featuring an elephant face.

When colored, the page should be reinforced with thin cardboard and trimmed into an oval.

Next, make a slit where the elephant’s nose is, and give the youngster a simple, white party blowout.

When the mouthpiece of the party blowout is pushed back through the hole, the child can blow in the air and make the elephant’s nose hilariously come to life! 

2. Zebras, Zebras Everywhere

This classroom craft begins with the youngsters coloring their zebras, reinforcing them with thick cardboard, and cutting them out.

Give the children black yarn to create fuzzy manes and tails for their zebras. These can be attached with a single staple or Krazy glue.

Next, have them carefully cut out four nickel-sized holes at the bottom of the zebra’s body.

Now, their fingers can magically become zebra legs, and they can play with their striped friends anywhere!

3. You Are Deer to Me

Deer are cute and appealing to virtually all youngsters and are the perfect animals to make an adorable picture for mom or dad.

Give each child a piece of construction paper and have them draw deer antlers freehand.

Next, when they have colored and cut out their deer, they can be affixed to the middle of the antlers for artsy, whimsical posters.

At the bottom, the youngsters can write, “You are ‘Deer’ to Me,” and add a lovely message for mom or dad.

4. A Hungry Hippo Bank

A coloring page featuring a hippo’s face with a big smile is perfect for this craft.

The child will need a simple rectangular box that he or she can laminate with construction paper. A small opening should be cut in the top for coins. 

When the hippo is colored, his face should be cut from the page and glued to one end of the box. 

Wiggle eyes can be added to the face, and a pipe cleaner at the other side for a funny tail, and your youngster has an adorable coin bank.

5. A Smiling Stick Horse 

Start with an empty wrapping paper cardboard for this fun craft, and give your child two similar coloring pages featuring a horse’s neck and head.

When finished, they should be cut from the page and glued around three edges, leaving the bottom open. 

The cardboard roll can be laminated with other coloring pages and then placed inside the opening.

This creates an instant stick horse that the child can decorate with wiggle eyes and yarn for a mane. A red marker can then be used to make a big happy smile!

6. A Desktop Ladybug 

Start this easy craft with an ordinary paper plate turned upside down and painted with red craft paint.

When your child has finished his or her ladybug, it should be cut out and carefully glued to the plate once the paint has dried.

Wiggle eyes should be added, and black pipe cleaners make perfect ladybug legs.

Fancy toothpicks can be used for antennas, and when mounted on a leaf cut from green construction paper, your child has a cute desktop ornament.

7. Chicken Crossing

Chickens can be comical creatures; this fun craft is a great way to highlight this.

Once your youngster is finished coloring a chicken, it should be cut out and glued to a long craft stick.

Next, the child should color a road scene with that famous joke in mind and carefully cut its entire length.

When the craft stick is placed through the slit, your youngster can make the chicken “walk” along the road for some hilarious fun.

8. Crayon-Storing Llamas

If your youngster is fascinated with llamas and needs a place to keep stray crayons, this craft is perfect. 

Start with an empty bathroom tissue cardboard, and have your child color and cut out a llama to glue to each side. 

Those long necks can be reinforced with toothpicks or small craft sticks if necessary.

Big pom-poms can be used for comical feet, and crayons can be “hidden” in the llama’s cylindrical body!

9. Ring Around the Giraffe

For this funny classroom craft, have each student color a giraffe, glue the page to stiff cardboard, and carefully cut it out. 

Next, staple the giraffes together in a circle. The children may need your help with this part, but once the circle is complete, the giraffes will stand on their own.

Using rings from essentially any ring toss game, let the children try their hand at a toss and see if they can get a ring around one of the giraffe’s necks.

10. Crocodile Tears

This craft will get any youngster laughing in no time.

Once the crocodile is colored, it should be cut out, and the area between the neck and the tail should be folded like an accordion. This creates a 3D effect. 

To enhance this, small pieces of cardboard to which wiggle eyes have been glued can be attached to the cutout so that they sit straight up.

Next, tiny teardrops can be traced and cut from ordinary white paper and glued in a line coming from the eyes for a hilarious decoration.

11. Beehive Fun

This adorable craft is fun for children of all ages. Start by having each child draw a branch with a beehive dangling from it.

They can be as creative as they want with this poster. Next, have them color, cut out three to four bees, and attach them to cotton balls with Krazy glue.

The other side of the cotton balls can then be glued to the poster so that it looks as if the bees are swarming around their own hive!

12. Classroom Fun With Gorillas

Gorillas are famous for their climbing and swinging abilities and are an excellent choice for this classroom craft.

With ordinary cardboard boxes, let the students build a “city” with simple craft supplies, such as crayons, markers, and squares of white paper for windows.

Then, have the children color and cut out their gorillas and add them to the various buildings with tape or staples. Just think “King Kong!”

13. A Froggy Flyswatter

Frogs love to eat flies, and this simple, enjoyable craft is perfect for any age child. Begin with an ordinary flyswatter from a discount store and the frog coloring page.

Once the frog has been colored and cut out, it should be glued to one side of the flyswatter. Rubber cement works best for this.

Adding wiggle eyes and a piece of red felt for a tongue makes it extra fun.

Finish up with 2-3 coats of acrylic spray, and you have a funny flyswatter that will last a long time.

14. Make a Dolphin Wreath

To make this adorable aquatic wreath, have your child color and cut out four or five dolphins and set them aside.

Next, give the youngster ordinary brown packing paper to crunch up and twist into the shape of a wreath.

Blue craft spray paint and blue glitter should then be used to decorate it.

Once it’s dry, the dolphins can be Krazy-glued to the wreath in any pattern the child desires. A coat of acrylic spray will seal in the artwork for a lovely dolphin craft.

15. Turtle Wall Art in 3D

Turtles are adored by many children, and this craft will be too! Surprisingly simple, it begins with a plain, white styrofoam bowl and some green finger paint.

Youngsters should turn the bowl upside down and decorate the rim with the paint in a “turtle shell” pattern.

When the turtle is colored, it should be cut from the page and carefully pasted onto the styrofoam “shell.” 

The turtle’s head should be reinforced with cardboard backing, and the craft can then be displayed as fun 3D wall art.

16. A Spooky Black Widow Craft

For some spooky fun, have each youngster color and cut out a spider, add wiggle eyes, and place a small, red pom-pom in the middle of its back.

The spider’s body should then be reinforced with a circle cut from cardboard, and its legs carefully glued to black pipe cleaners.

When a small hole is punched in the cut-out, it can be hung from threads to create a frightfully funny experience for whoever comes face-to-face with it.

17. A Climbing Panda Craft

Almost any child would say he or she loves pandas, so this easy craft is loads of fun for any youngster.

Give the child an empty paper towel cardboard to which green construction paper leaves can be attached with glue.

Once the panda is colored and cut out, it should be carefully glued to the cardboard roll. It will look as if the panda is climbing a tree!

18. An Easter Bunny Bag

Easter is a favorite holiday of many children due to Easter egg hunts and baskets full of candy.

Begin this craft by letting the children decorate ordinary white paper bags with pastel colors.

Then, when their rabbits are colored and cut out, they can be glued to the front of the bags, with their ears popping up over the top.

Thick pipe cleaners for whiskers, a pink pom-pom for a nose, and big wiggle eyes can all be added to the adorable Easter treat bag cutout.

19. Classroom Koala Tree

Koalas love their gum leaves, so why not give them a special tree? For this easy classroom craft, have the children work together to color a giant tree.

This can be done on sheet craft paper–think mural–and green construction paper can be used to make the leaves.

Once each child has colored and cut out a koala, they can place it somewhere on the “tree” for a giant koala poster.

Wiggle eyes, black pom-poms for noses, and any other embellishments can be added later as finishing touches.

20.  When Pigs Grow Wings Mobile

Plump little piggies are perfect for a mobile in a child’s room, but they are even more fun if they have wings.

For this craft, use an embroidery hoop or simply make a large circle with pipe cleaners. Let your child color 4-6 pigs, reinforce them with cardboard, and cut them out.

“Wings” can be traced, cut out from white construction paper, and attached to the pigs. 

Embroidery thread is perfect for attaching them to the hoop, and your child has an adorable mobile for his or her room.

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