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Animal Crossing Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Pack your bags and get ready to set sail for a color-filled adventure with our 22 Animal Crossing coloring pages! With these sheets, you can venture into the whimsical and wholesome world of Animal Crossing, a charming video game universe filled with many adorable and quirky characters!

For this series, you will find many cute Animal Crossing illustrations featuring beloved characters like the music-loving K.K. Slider, the ever-helpful Isabelle, the business-savvy Tom Nook, plus many other Animal Crossing scenes from the various Nintendo video games.

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to do With Animal Crossing Coloring Pages

Lots of children love the video game Animal Crossing. 

If your youngster has been working on coloring pages based on this game, try these great crafts to preserve the artwork

1. Design a Village

Collecting interesting objects in the Animal Crossing village is what youngsters love about this video game.

Give the child a large poster board on which to draw the desired village–or island. Small slits should be cut in strategic places around this backdrop.

Once the Animal Crossing characters are cut from the finished pages, they should be stapled to toothpicks.

When slid down through the slits, these characters can be positioned in specific places,  and the youngster can rearrange the patterns whenever desired!

2. Create a Fancy Animal Crossing Fan

This simple craft is terrific for young children. Carefully cut a finished coloring page into long, vertical strips about 1½ inches wide.

Stack them on top of each other, and punch a small hole at the bottom of the stack. Attach a paper fastener through the hole.

Fan the strips back out, and the picture will reemerge, only it will be a cute fan that actually works. 

3. 3D File Cabinet Decorations

Let students enjoy decorating boring, gray file cabinets in any classroom with this engaging craft.

Animal Crossing characters, as well as the game’s “collectibles,” such as fruit, shells, and fish, should be carefully cut from the finished pages.

A thin layer of webril or cotton batting should be glued to the backs, and then the cotton should, in turn, be glued to thin cardboard, trimmed to the cutouts’ shapes.

Attached craft magnets to the backs of the cutouts to decorate the classroom’s filing cabinets, lockers, or any other metal object!

4. Island Themed Animal Crossing Craft

Many youngsters love the island-themed backdrop from Animal Crossing, and this craft is perfect for them.

Give each youngster a paper plate and have them spray paint it light blue with craft paint. Dark blue yarn should then be used to create “water.”

This is easily accomplished by wrapping it around the bottom of the paper plate and securing it with krazy glue.

The Animal Crossing characters can then be cut from the finished pages and tucked into the ocean of yarn to create adorable 3D art.

5. Unique Wall Art

All youngsters love this craft, and it begins by cutting out their favorite Animal Crossing character from a finished coloring page and gluing it to a colorful background.

This can be poster board, cardstock, or construction paper. Approximately five cotton balls should be glued in an arch over the character’s head.

Bells can be cut from a separate coloring page or drawn freehand and cut out.

One should be glued to each cotton ball with invisible glue, and it will look as if the character is juggling the Animal Crossing currency!

6. Make Animal Crossing Gyroids

Begin this fun craft by laminating empty paper towel cardboard with construction paper in various gyroid colors, such as orange, pink, and yellow.

Decorate them with collectibles, bells, and characters from the finished pages. Use colored pipe cleaners to attach “arms” and add wiggle eyes.

Drink umbrellas make perfect little hats, and the youngster can decorate a desk, bureau, or coffee table with these adorable creations.

7. Decorate a Classroom Door

Start this engaging craft by having each youngster draw the simple sack in which “bells” are collected during the Animal Crossing game.

Each child should write his or her name inside the sack and then cut out the character from the finished page.

The youngster should be given colorful yarn with which to attach the cutout to the sack as if the character is parachuting.

When these are used to decorate a classroom door, the result will be delightful.

8. Animal Crossing Farmhouse Fun

Use a page featuring the popular farmhouse and have the child draw and cut out shells, fish, fruit, and other collectibles from the game and place them in the windows and doorway.

Each one can be given a numerical value written on the back side of the cutout. 

Youngsters can play their own game by randomly choosing one of the cutouts to see who can accumulate the most points!

9. One-of-a-kind Decoration

Because Animal Crossing has such a diversified field of characters, children can have fun creating their own unique decorations.

Let each child color as many different characters or collectibles as he or she desires, laminating them with contact paper and punching holes at the top.

These should be strung vertically with a colorful piece of embroidery thread, placing craft beads or similar objects in between each cutout. 

When hung up, this unique ornament will impress anyone.

10. Create a Wild World Wreath

Wild World is one of the most popular variations of Animal Crossing, and this fun wreath makes an interesting and easy craft.

Begin with ordinary brown packing paper, and twist it into a makeshift circle. It can then be sprayed green with craft paint.

Color and cut out various characters from the pages, and use invisible glue to affix them to random spots around the wreath’s circumference.

Give it a coat of acrylic spray, add a bow at the top, and you have an interesting Wild World wreath to hang up anywhere.

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