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Bald Eagle Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Majesty, freedom, and the spirit of the wild soar in these 30 free bald eagle coloring pages, all free for you to download and print! This collection offers everything from 4th of July and kid-friendly cute eagles to detailed pages for adults, all showcasing the majestic bald eagle in stunning poses.

These bald eagle printables serve as an excellent educational tool to introduce children and preschoolers to the fascinating world of these remarkable birds of prey. Beyond their educational value, they offer a perfect pastime for rainy days or moments of creative expression!

Bald Eagle Coloring Pages Featured Image

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

7 Reasons to Do Bald Eagle Coloring Pages + Crafts

Keep reading to learn more about why coloring is a great pastime, interesting facts about bald eagles, and projects you can do with these coloring sheets!

1. Teaches Kids About Color Association

Young children begin learning about basic identifiers early on, such as shapes, sounds, and colors, to differentiate certain objects, plants, and animals from the other.

So, if you’re teaching your children about different birds, using the above bald eagle coloring sheets is a great tool for your child to learn about their color palette.

For instance, bald eagles have dark brown, white, and yellow on their bodies. You can provide your child with these colors to fill in the right areas of the bald eagle with the right colors.

With this method, your kids will be better able to identify bald eagles in real life rather than confusing them with other similar birds.

2. Good Way to Wind Down 

School can be long and stressful for kids, especially younger children. After a long day of learning, some children have a hard time winding down and need a way to vent their emotions.

So, if your child has an affinity for arts and crafts and also has a love for animals, print out some of my bald eagle coloring pages and provide your child with their favorite colors.

Coloring is a great activity to help your child relax and unwind, but it also keeps their brain working. 

This is a solitary activity that allows them to get out some emotions in a creative way, which is great for when your kid hasn’t had the best day and needs to vent.

3. Great Activity For Snow/Rain Days

Snow/rain days can be difficult for kids, especially if your kids are active and enjoy playing outside. On some days, though, when there’s a roaring snowstorm, it’s simply impossible.

So, if you’re stuck for activities to occupy your kids on such a day, download and print out these bald eagle coloring sheets and provide them with some paints or markers.

Coloring is a great way for your kids to exert their energy, and if they have a love for animals, they’ll enjoy filling in the different bald eagle pictures I have available.

4. A Family Bonding Activity

Finding things to do as a family can be difficult sometimes, especially with how busy parents’ lives can get.

However, you don’t need to do anything elaborate; a simple activity like coloring is a great way to spend time together.

With your kids, select your favorite pictures from my collection of bald eagle coloring sheets, download, and print them off, and gather some fun paints, markers, or crayons.

Not only is coloring a fun activity you can share, but it’s also a solitary task that gives you more opportunities to talk with your kids about school, friends, and family matters.

5. Helps Create a Love for Art

Certain activities and hobbies we partake in as kids shape our personalities over the years; for many children, their ability to express their creativity often results in a love for the arts.

If your child has expressed an interest in arts and crafts, you can help stimulate this by providing them with art supplies such as our bald eagle coloring sheets.

Coloring will help your child to develop more creative skill with the color wheel and can also give them ideas for different things to draw, such as bald eagles.

6. An Opportunity to Learn More About Bald Eagles

If your child enjoys coloring in our bald eagle coloring sheets, perhaps they’re interested in learning more about this fascinating bird.

We’ve gathered some facts that your kids may find interesting below. This information is also great for teachers to include in class projects and assignments.

Where Do Bald Eagles Live?

Bald eagles are generally found in North America. Usually, they like to nest in large trees close to bodies of water.

How Big Are Bald Eagles?

A bald eagle’s wings span 2 m, while the eagle itself weighs 3-7 kg. Finally, their size ranges from 28-38 inches.

What Do Bald Eagles Eat?

Bald eagles are carnivorous, meaning they eat a diet consisting of meat. 

Because bald eagles live near water, they usually eat fish, ducks, turtles, and snakes

More in-land bald eagles eat rabbits, muskrats, and any dead animals in their area.

What Is the Scientific Name for a Bald Eagle?

In science, bald eagles are referred to as Haliaeetus Leucocephalus.

How Long Do Bald Eagles Live For?

Generally, bald eagles will live for 20-30 years in their natural habitat.

These are just a few interesting facts about bald eagles, but there are many more to discover. 

I recommend researching this topic as a family, or for teachers to integrate it into their assignments along with the bald eagle coloring sheets.

7. Crafts and Projects to Do With Bald Eagle Coloring Sheets

There are many projects and crafts you can integrate our bald eagle coloring sheets into. 

Below we’ve listed some ideas that parents and teachers alike can use for family projects or class assignments. 

Bald Eagle Flip Book

This is a great class presentation project for students; using our selection of 30 bald eagle coloring sheets, print off enough sheets to create a small book.

After coloring each sheet, bind the papers using a hole punch or staples. Make it extra fun by providing washi tape, stickers, and other decorative pieces for the front cover border. 

On each coloring page, have your child or students write facts about bald eagles that they find most interesting. 

On the front cover, have the kids come up with their own title (e.g., Fun Facts About Bald Eagles). Add points for creativity!

This is a great idea for a creative science project in school, or as a family keepsake.

Bald Eagle Storyboard

Have your child or students select their favorite image from our bald eagle coloring sheet collection, and print it off.

Fold in half a large sheet of craft paper or a poster board to make a crease in the middle. 

After coloring in the bald eagle coloring sheet, paste it onto one side of the board. Make it more fun by providing decorations for the board, such as washi tape, stickers, and stamps.

On the other side, have your child or student come up with their own story about a bald eagle that corresponds to the picture they selected. 

We recommend writing the story on line-ruled paper and pasting it onto the board, or adding lines to the board ahead of time to assist your child/students with proper sentence spacing. 

To make it extra educational, have them include one real fact about bald eagles in the story, and make sure to add points for accuracy!

This is a great project for English class or science, as it combines creativity with scientific facts, which your students are certain to enjoy.

It’s also a great research project for family bonding, and will make an adorable keepsake in the years to come. 

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