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Banana Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 original banana coloring pages that are completely free to print or download! We illustrated many types of bananas, including cute kawaii ones, banana bunches, banana palms, simple outlines of bananas, and even Fortnite and Minion-themed ones!

These printables and templates are great tools to teach preschoolers and kids about this delicious and exotic fruit. They also make for a fun rainy-day activity, a lazy Sunday afternoon craft project, or even as decorations for a jungle-themed party!

Banana Coloring Pages Featured Image

To get started, you can click on any of the below banana pictures or links, which will open the PDF files on a new page.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Banana Coloring Pages

Keep reading this article for ways to use our banana-themed coloring pages, including class projects for teachers and students, party decorations, stationery, and more interesting ideas!

1. Food Pyramid Class Project

Learning about the food pyramid can be pretty boring for kids sometimes, so a great way to make such a lesson more enjoyable for your students is to make it creative!

Try getting your students to create their own physical dioramas of the food pyramid by printing out our banana coloring sheets (along with other food coloring pages).

After printing out the bananas and other food coloring sheets, have the kids color in the pictures and create a pyramid using cardboard or a poster board. 

Cut out the silhouettes of the pictures and paste them on the pyramid according to where they fall in each food group. 

After the kids compile their pyramids, have them write facts about each food group, such as nutrition, recommended portion size, vitamins, and other information.

Make sure to give points for creativity!

2. Jungle-Themed Party Decorations

If you’re throwing a party for your kid that’s jungle-themed, such as a Tarzan party, you can save some money on party decorations by making some yourself!

If you need decorations for the food table, you can use our banana coloring sheets! After printing and coloring the bananas, cut out the silhouettes.

You can tape the pictures to the tablecloth, use them as doilies/placemats, and other similar things.

3. Banana Research Project Board

If your class is learning about the rainforest, nutrition, or a similar subject, you can try making the assignment more fun by assigning a creative research project.

You can use our banana-themed coloring sheets for such an assignment, and I recommend making a research presentation board.

Print out a variety of our banana coloring sheets, enough to give one to each student, along with a poster board for each kid.

After the pictures are colored in, fold the poster boards in half to make a crease, and paste the banana pictures to one side, leaving the other side blank.

Get the kids to write down their research on line ruled paper (or have them type and print it out), which they’ll paste on the other side of the board.

Have them come up with fun titles for their boards (e.g., Things You Didn’t Know About Bananas), and have them present their boards in front of the class.

4. Wrapping Paper and Gift Boxes/Bags

These banana coloring sheets are perfect to use as wrapping paper for smaller gifts, especially if the party you’re attending is jungle-themed!

After printing and coloring in the picture ( I recommend filling in the background, as well), simply fold it and tape it as you would traditional wrapping paper. 

Our Banana With Leaves Coloring Sheet (above) is perfect for this type of craft!

You can also use these pictures to decorate gift bags and boxes, either by pasting the entire picture on the box/bag or cutting out the silhouette and using it like a bow or sticker.

5. Banana-Themed Story Book

Another great use for our banana coloring sheets is to have your students make a banana-themed storybook.

First, print out multiple copies of these coloring sheets (enough for each student to make a 16-30 page book), have the kids color them in, and staple them together.

Use a large piece of colored craft paper or card stock to make the book cover. Fold it in half to make a crease, and staple the coloring pages in the crease.

Have the kids write their stories on index cards and paste them to the bottom of each page. Give extra points if they include real facts about bananas.

Have your students present their books to the class and send them home for their parents to have as a keepsakes!

6. Color Association and/or Alphabet Lesson

If your children/students are learning about the color wheel and how to associate colors with objects, try using our banana coloring sheets for yellow!

Or, if your kids are learning the alphabet, you can use the banana sheets for the letter B.

Add these coloring sheets to other pictures for different colors and/or letters, label them, and get your kids to color them in. 

If this is a class project, you can make the lesson into a game, and the student with the most right answers wins!

7. Scrapbooking

Our banana coloring sheets would be great to use as decorations or backgrounds for scrapbooking. 

You can cut out the silhouette of the image and use it like a sticker, or you could use the banana sheets as page layout backgrounds. 

For example, our Monkey Hanging From Vine Holding Banana (above) is perfect for a baby photo scrapbook!

8. Use as Stationery

If you’re teaching your kids about sending cards and letters, you can make some stationery for them with our banana-themed coloring sheets!

If you have a digital picture coloring app, I recommend having your kids color these pictures on a device and print them out on thick card stock to use the pictures as cards or letters.

You can also make small envelopes with these pictures by following this guide.

9. Make a Coloring Book

You can save some money on purchasing coloring books by making one for your kids using our banana coloring sheets.

To make the book, use the above Banana-Themed Story Book method, but make them a little bigger (30-60 pages) for more variety!

10. Make a Book/Journal Cover

You can spruce up your kid’s school supplies, journals, or sketchbooks by using our banana coloring sheets to make a custom book cover.

Have your kid select their favorite picture from our selection, print it out, and have them color it in (you can also use a coloring app on your device).

Afterward, paste the picture onto the book cover with glue or Modge Podge paste. Try sprucing it up by adding washi tape or ribbons to the border!

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