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Black Girl Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step into a world of empowerment and beauty with these 20 black girl coloring pages, free for you to download and print! These pages provide an excellent opportunity to celebrate black culture, self-love, diversity, fashion, and the incredible spirit of young black girls and women.

In this set, you’ll encounter a variety of empowered black girls, including girls in STEM fields, athletes, artists, and community leaders. Also included are scenes of everyday life, special occasions, and many more. All you’ll need is your coloring gear to bring these inspirational pages to life!

Black Girl Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Black Girl Coloring Pages

Does your little girl like to celebrate beauty and diversity?

Have her try some of these easy, affordable, and unique crafts with black girl coloring pages.

1. Make a Heritage Poster

For this great craft, have the youngster choose several coloring pages depicting different personalities, or even different generations.

When finished, each character should be cut out and attached to a larger piece of posterboard, like a collage.

The characters can be embellished with craft gems, pom-poms, pieces of craft fabric, or glitter. Each one can have a family member’s name written underneath in puffy paint.

The artwork can then become a “family portrait,” coloring page style. Frame it and display it anywhere!

2. Making Your Mark

Science and technology is not just a man’s world. If your youngster has finished a black girl coloring page featuring a science theme, why not build the young lady a rocket ship?

Start with an empty paper towel cardboard and spray paint it white with craft paint, cutting out small squares from the sides to make it appear as if it’s a rocket ship.

Slits can be made at the bottom for squares of cardboard to serve as “rocket launchers.”

Cut the girl from the coloring page, roll her up, and carefully tuck her into the “rocket” to be pulled out later, to everyone’s surprise!

3. Fun, Whimsical Art

An ultramodern black girl coloring page is perfect for a sassy sign.

Cut the character from the page and glue her to the center of a rectangular piece of poster paper.

Using a calligraphy pen or puffy paint, the youngster can write words such as “fabulous,” “classy,” “fearless,” and “fierce” all the way down the right side of the page.

The youngster can then add her name in the same format to the left side for a terrific bedroom door sign or wall poster.

4. Thunderbolts and Lightning

To make some awesome abstract art, have the youngster trace and cut out a lightning bolt from black poster board. The bigger, the better!

Then, have her take all those coloring pages that have piled up and cut the characters out, gluing them to different parts of the lightning bolt.

On a white piece of paper, let the youngster draw semicircles to depict thunder and glue the lightning bolt to the center.

Display this terrific abstract art anywhere.

5. Glamour Fun

For this great craft, have the youngster choose a coloring page with a full face and hairstyle.

When finished, let the child’s imagination run wild to embellish the artwork. For example, use tufts of tissue paper to make the hair look real.

Add a craft flower as if the girl is wearing a flower in her hair, and use red puffy paint to create “lipstick.” 

Finally, glitter or craft gems can be added as a necklace, and this terrific 3D art can be framed and hung up!

6. Mermaid Magic

If your youngster has colored a black girl mermaid page, this can easily be turned into a beautiful keepsake craft.

Once the mermaid is colored, green glitter should be used to enhance her body.

Next, have the youngster add real craft shells to the background, using the ones on the coloring page as a guide for their placement.

Then, the “water” in between can be embellished with blue tissue paper for beautiful keepsake artwork.

7. Changing Styles

All little girls like to play beauty parlor sometimes, and black girl coloring pages featuring gals with great “do’s” are ideal for this.

The youngsters can trace different hairstyles and cut them from construction paper, using crazy colors if desired.

If your youngster is super creative, she can even try her hand at dreadlocks or cornrows.

When a black girl coloring page is finished, the children can have a ball switching out the hairdos and changing styles at every whim!

8. Make a Unique Tumbler Set

For this fun craft, have the youngster choose a larger-than-life, full-face coloring page.

When finished, the page should be cut vertically into three equal parts. Then, each part should be carefully glued to an ordinary tumbler from any discount store.

When the set of tumblers is placed side-by-side, it looks like sectional modern art, with the whole picture emerging! Enjoy these unique tumblers when having a cool drink.

9. Party Favors

If your youngster is having a party, she can make unique favors out of black girl coloring pages by choosing ones that look similar to the friends she’ll be inviting.

When the pages are finished, the characters can be cut out and glued to party favor bags.

The person’s name can be written under the cutout on the bag, and guests will be flattered to have these “customized” party favor bags!

10. Head in the Clouds

For this adorable craft, choose a coloring page featuring a girl who is reading a book. The idea is that she is “daydreaming” about the story she’s reading.

Use cotton to embellish the clouds in the background, and add a title to the cover of the book. This can be anything the child desires, such as the name of her favorite story.

Then, have the youngster draw a text bubble in which to write a line from the story as if the character is reading aloud. Frame this adorable picture and display it anywhere.

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