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Boho Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to channel your inner free spirit with these 20 boho coloring pages, free for you to download and print! If you’re a fan of the bohemian lifestyle, rich in art, music, and intricate designs, these pages are your canvas to express your creative flair, one coloring sheet at a time!

In this collection, you’ll find an array of boho-themed elements, such as dream catchers, yoga poses, boho-themed suns, cactuses, crystals, mandalas, paisley patterns, feathers, and even some iconic boho fashion items. From intricate designs to simpler illustrations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Boho Coloring Pages

Bohemian designs are unique and interesting, and youngsters enjoy coloring them.

Here are some affordable and engaging crafts to do with the finished pages.

1. Bohemian Lampshade

Colorful lampshades are an essential part of boho decor, and your youngster can make a decorative shade with finished coloring pages.

Begin by rolling a large piece of thin cardboard into a fat cylinder shape. The child can use his or her favorite Boho coloring pages to make it as fancy as desired.

Non-damaging wall putty can be used to attach it to the wall, and a long piece of black yarn can be dangled down to look like a cord.

This innovative craft will impress everyone.

2. Fishy Fun

To make this super-fun craft, have the youngsters trace a giant fish on a piece of poster board and cut it into at least six equal sections.

Each piece should be decorated with parts of the Boho coloring pages. The child can make a set pattern or simply use random cutouts.

Then, use a long piece of embroidery thread to attach the pieces together, with an inch or so of space in between each one.

Now, you can hang up this classic Bohemian decoration and brag about how it was handmade!

3. Make a Boho Dreamcatcher

To make this terrific craft, have the youngster color a Boho dreamcatcher page and trim it in a circle.

Using a hole punch, make small holes along the bottom of the cutout in a semicircle.

The youngster can then get creative and add things like craft feathers, bells, or even simple strips of colorful tissue paper to create a real-looking dreamcatcher to hang anywhere!

4. Make a Boho Paperweight

All youngsters enjoy making paperweights because they’re easy to design and last forever.

Begin by having the youngsters go on a scavenger hunt to find the perfect rock and let them decorate to their heart’s content from the finished boho coloring pages.

Another fun activity is decorating bricks in a similar manner for use as a garden border. 

Just make sure to spray the paperweights or bricks with acrylic spray to seal the beautiful artwork.

5. Decorate a Garbage Can

Nobody thinks about making a garbage can fancy, but if your child has a plain trash can in his or her room, why not give it a bohemian facelift?

Invisible glue works best for this craft, and best of all, the youngster can use the finished coloring pages in their entirety. 

Just make sure to carefully place them around the can so that there are no wrinkles.

To make the can extra fancy, add a circle of craft pom-poms around the top. It may even motivate your child to throw the trash out more often!

6. Make a Boho Diary

If your youngster is at the age to start a diary, a bohemian-themed secret journal is perfect.

Start with an ordinary blank book featuring a hardcover. These can typically be found in a discount store for a dollar or two.

Then, help the child trim the boho coloring page to the appropriate size and attach it to the front cover with craft glue. 

Don’t forget to have the youngster pick a separate page for the back!

7. Colorful Wrapping Paper

Boho coloring pages are perfect for wrapping small gifts to use as decorations at Christmas time or for a summer celebration.

Give each youngster several small boxes, such as cardboard ring boxes or any type of tiny cardboard container.

Carefully wrap the boho coloring pages around the boxes, trimming them however necessary to make them fit. Krazy glue works best to keep the pages in place.

Arrange them around a knickknack table, under a Christmas tree, or anywhere a pop of color is desired!

8. Designer Coasters

Your child can make adorable coasters that are functional as well as pretty, and this craft is surprisingly simple.

You can either use a cheap set of coasters from a discount store or help the youngster cut circles from thin corkboard.

Either way, use rubber cement to attach cutouts from the finished coloring pages, making sure to trim them to fit.

The coasters can either be sealed in contact paper or with a few coats of acrylic spray, and these cute coasters can be used anywhere.

9. Sundial Wall Art

Bohemian patterns are perfect for making a sundial, and once the youngster has finished a page that lends itself to this craft, seal the work in contact paper and cut it out.

Then, on a separate sheet, have the youngster draw a clock and cut out a triangle as the “dial.”

Fold an edge of the triangle down so that it can be glued to the clock’s center in an upright fashion.

Display this beautiful boho sundial in the kitchen or the child’s bedroom.

10. Garden Decoration

To make this unique and exciting garden decoration, give the youngster four empty tin cans to laminate with the finished Boho coloring pages.

They can make the patterns similar or use a different design on each one.

Next, glue two long craft sticks together to make a cross, and tie a piece of string on all four ends.

The string can then be attached to the cans with gorilla tape, and this cute decoration can be hung in a garden for a touch of bohemian beauty.

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