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Breathe Calmly

Breathe Calmly Mandala

Breathe Calmly – by Angela R.

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Box Breathing

One way to calm nerves or anxiety is to employ a method of breathing called “box breathing”. It’s very simple and extremely calming because it slows down your breathing and allows you to focus on just one thing. Take a long slow breath in, counting to 4.

Hold it for a count of 4. Release it slowly, counting to 4. Hold it out for a count of 4. Then start from the beginning.

As Emma sat in the waiting room, her nerves were starting to get the best of her. She fidgeted with her fingers and tapped her foot anxiously on the floor.

Her mind raced with all the possible outcomes of her upcoming job interview. She knew that she had prepared well for the interview, but her anxiety was making her doubt her abilities.

Just then, Emma remembered the breathing technique that her therapist had taught her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, counting to 4. She held it for a count of 4 and then slowly released it, counting to 4.

She held her breath out for a count of 4 and then repeated the process.

As she continued with this technique, Emma felt her nerves starting to subside. She felt a sense of calm wash over her, and her mind started to clear.

She realized that by focusing on her breath, she was able to block out all the negative thoughts that were running through her mind.

As Emma continued with her box breathing, she could feel her heart rate slowing down. She felt her body relax, and the tension in her muscles started to ease. She was amazed at how simple this technique was, yet how effective it was in calming her nerves.

After a few minutes of box breathing, Emma opened her eyes and looked around the waiting room. She felt a sense of clarity and focus that she hadn’t felt before.

She knew that she was ready for her interview, and she felt confident in her abilities.

As Emma was called into the interview room, she took one final deep breath and let it out slowly. She felt a sense of calm and confidence that she knew would carry her through the interview.

As she left the interview, Emma realized that the box breathing technique wasn’t just a temporary fix for her anxiety. It was a tool that she could use whenever she needed to calm her nerves and clear her mind.

She felt grateful to have learned this technique and knew that it would be beneficial for her in many aspects of her life.

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