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BTS Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to unleash your inner K-pop with these 22 BTS coloring pages, completely free for you to download and print! For fans who can’t get enough of their favorite K-pop idols, these pages offer a unique way to engage with the band’s artistry and style, one creative page at a time!

In this set, you’ll find individual portraits of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Plus, we’ve included group shots, scenes from their iconic music videos, and even glimpses of their unforgettable live performances. Grab your art supplies, and let’s take this love for BTS to the next colorful level!

BTS Coloring Pages Featured Image

To access any of these coloring sheets, click on a link or image to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can download or print that page as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With BTS Coloring Pages

BTS is that fantastic K-pop band that many kids love.

If your child has lots of finished BTS coloring pages, try some of these affordable and exciting crafts.

1. BTS In The Spotlight

This fun activity requires only simple craft items and is a great way to make a memorable keepsake of this terrific band.

When the characters have been colored and cut out, they should be glued to a piece of poster board.

An audience can be drawn in the background, and a yellow marker is used to create a spotlight on each band member. 

This can be embellished with gold glitter or even outlined with yellow pipe cleaners glued to the page. The youngster can frame this “concert scene” for a keepsake.

2. Frame a Favorite Character

This unique craft is a big hit with any BTS fan and starts with tracing and cutting out a giant microphone from black construction paper.

Reinforce it with cardboard, and paint on a microphone handle with silver craft paint. 

Then, the cutout from the coloring page can be glued to the microphone’s center as if it’s the picture frame.

The youngster now has a one-of-a-kind BTS poster for his or her room.

3. Laminate a Skateboard

 Your child can have a ball decorating a skateboard with BTS coloring pages.

When the pages are finished, the characters should be carefully cut out and glued to the surface of the skateboard with craft glue.

Acrylic paint or spray should be used to seal the artwork, and your child will be the envy of the neighborhood!

4. Make a Theater

Decorate the bottom of an empty shoe box with glitter, sequins, craft gems, or anything sparkly. 

Then, color and cut out BTS characters and glue a layer of cotton balls to the back of the cutouts.

Glue them inside the shoebox, letting the cotton create a 3D effect.

 A few small pieces of fabric can be hung over the opening with a piece of thread as “theater curtains” that can open and close.

5. Make Original BTS Placements

BTS is a great theme for a set of placemats, especially since the youngster will get to see them every day.

Give the child a set of ordinary placemats from a discount store, which can typically be found for under five dollars.

Have the youngster color and cut out some or all of the BTS characters and glue them to the placemats with invisible glue or rubber cement.

Seal the work in sheets of contact paper, and these placemats can be used for a long time!

6. Create a Commemorative Scrapbook

Almost all youngsters love having scrapbooks of their favorite bands. This is easy to make from scratch, with just a few simple items.

First, give the youngster a ring binder and as many sheets of scrapbook paper as necessary. A three-hole punch can be used to add the paper.

Decorate the covers with BTS coloring pages in their entirety, and write “BTS” on the spine of the binder with puffy paint.

The inside covers should then be decorated with cutouts from the coloring pages, added decal-style. The child can now add all things BTS to his or her new scrapbook.

7. Make Funny Concert Tickets

For this comical craft, have the youngsters cut rectangles from cardstock or poster board and add a BTS cutout from the finished coloring pages to one side.

Then, “concert ticket” should be written on the blank side with a black magic marker. 

The child can have fun adding the name of the theater and the time and place of the concert. 

To make it extra funny, list the price as “Free!”

8. Favorite BTS Member Facts

To make this easy craft, give the youngster a plain piece of cardstock on which to laminate a cutout of his or her favorite BTS band member after it’s cut from the finished page.

On the back, he or she can write all the facts about that particular member, as well as a few lines about why he is the youngster’s favorite.

Musical notes can be traced and cut from black construction paper and used to make a border around this unique craft, and it can be displayed anywhere.

9. BTS Bobble Head Dolls

These funny bobblehead dolls are easy to make, and the youngsters can make the entire band or just a favorite member.

Begin by having them cut out one or more BTS band members, cutting the head and body out separately.

Laminate the body to an empty bathroom tissue roll painted black. Twist a pipe cleaner into a spiral and use it to attach the head to the top rim of the roll. 

Every time the doll experiences the slightest movement, the head will bounce up and down!

10. Decorate Old Speakers

If your youngster has old speakers that are used to stream music or play old CDs, they can be decorated with cutouts from BTS coloring pages.

This is a perfect way to give the speakers a facelift if they’ve gotten scuffed or damaged.

Invisible glue or craft glue works best for this, and the pages can be used in their entirety, or the characters can be cut out and glued on separately.

A thin coat of acrylic spray will seal the artwork nicely, and your youngster has brand-new speakers with which to play BTS tunes!

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