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Bull Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Charge into a vibrant rodeo with these 20 bull coloring pages that are all free to download and print! With their immense size, intimidating horns, and unpredictable nature, it’s no surprise that kids and adults alike are drawn to the powerful symbolism of bulls!

In this series, we have illustrated a diverse range of bulls, including Spanish fighting bulls, brawny Brahman bulls, cute cartoon bulls for kids, rodeo bulls, bull mandalas, Texas Longhorn bulls, angry bullheads, and wild bulls on ranches, to name a few!

Bull Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many times as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Bull Coloring Pages

Virtually all youngsters love to color animals, especially exciting ones like bulls.

Here are some engaging and affordable ways to use all those finished pages.

1. Make a Funny Horned Hat

This craft puts a fun twist on an old favorite, and it’s easy to make. Start with a cardboard strip to serve as the hat’s “base.”

Cut out the bull from the finished coloring page and glue it directly to the front of the cardboard strip.

Next, using ordinary paper plates, cut around the edges to create two bull “horns.”

Glue these to the back of the cardboard strip to look as if they’re coming from behind the child’s head whenever this comical hat is worn. 

2. Being Bullheaded

A coloring page featuring a bull’s face is perfect for this craft.

The child should decorate the outer circumference of an ordinary paper plate with brown pom-poms, swatches of paper streamers, or anything that gives it texture.

When the bull is colored and cut out, it should be glued to the back of the paper plate.

Adding large wiggle eyes and a black pom-pom nose makes this bull head come to life, and when it’s attached to a long craft stick, the youngster can play with it anywhere!

3. Dancing Bulls

This craft makes an enjoyable classroom activity, and all that’s necessary are the coloring pages, scissors, and some paper fasteners.

Once the bull is colored, all the parts should be cut out separately, such as the head, body, and legs, and reattached with paper fasteners. Don’t forget the tail!

The youngsters will enjoy playing with these movable cutouts, seeing who can come up with the funniest pose for their animal!

4. Like Father, Like Son

For this fun craft, cut an empty paper towel cardboard in two at a one-third to two-thirds ratio.

Next, have the youngster color two bull coloring pages, choosing a large bull and a baby bull.

When the bulls are colored and cut out, they should be laminated around the cardboard rolls to depict a Daddy bull and his little one.

Embellish the horns using small rolls of ordinary white paper, and this adorable duo can be placed on a desk to hold pens and pencils.

5. Colorful Classroom Puppets

Try this unique classroom activity by having each student color a bull in any color or even a kaleidoscope of hues.

When complete, the heads and bodies should be cut out separately. 

Each youngster can then glue the head to the bottom of an ordinary paper bag and the body to the main section. 

When their hands are slid inside, they can have fun making their colorful puppets “talk” or even write their own dialogue for a puppet show!

6. Design an Original Scene

Begin this craft by giving each child a large white poster board on which to design a colorful landscape to eventually be the bull’s “home.”

Once the youngsters have colored and cut out their bulls, they can put them in the scene.

For extra fun, the bull can be embellished with a fringe of yarn hair on his head and wiggle eyes for a 3D effect. White puffy paint can be used to make those horns pop!

Display these colorful posters anywhere.

7. Charging Bulls

For this engaging craft-turned-game, have each child color and cut out a bull’s head and body. 

The bull should be glued to thick cardboard and four finger holes cut at its base. The bull’s horn should be reinforced with a pipe cleaner.

Toss some tiny rubber bands onto a table, and let the youngsters take turns “charging” with their bull finger puppets.

See who can pick up the most rubber bands with the bull’s horns!

8. Pin the Tail on the Bull

This fun activity begins with the youngster drawing a large bull’s-eye on a piece of poster board.

Next, when the child has finished coloring a bull, it should be cut out and glued to the center of the bull’s-eye.

A tail can then be made from a piece of felt, part of a paper streamer, or even a ribbon with a pom-pom attached to one end.

The youngsters can play that famous pin the tail on the donkey game, only with a bull!

9. A Red Flag for the Bull

For this cute craft, let your child cut a red flag from a poster board or colored construction paper. If construction paper is used, it should be reinforced with thin cardboard.

Once a bull is colored and cut out, it should be glued to the center of the flag, and then a long pipe cleaner should be attached to the side to give the flag an authentic look.

Glue the entire ensemble to a white poster board, and the bull can be embellished with wiggle eyes, brown felt, and white cotton for a fun, colorful door sign.

10. Bull’s-Eye Wind Chime

To make this adorable ornament, let your youngster color three bulls from separate pages and cut them out.

Next, have the child color and cut out three bull’s-eyes using plain white paper and red magic markers.

Using a tiny hole punch and red yarn, these should be strung together in a vertical fashion, placing the bull’s eyes in between the animal cutouts.

When red streamers are attached to the bottom, this cute wind chime-type ornament can be hung in the doorway or from a window for a touch of color in any room.

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