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Chameleon Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Color, camouflage, and creativity come together in these 20 Chameleon coloring pages, free to download and print. This vibrant collection celebrates the fascinating world of chameleons, known for their unique ability to change colors and their distinctive, quirky charm.

These pages capture the essence of these extraordinary reptiles, from the lush greenery of their natural habitats to the detailed patterns of their skin. Experience the intrigue of a chameleon’s life, from its mesmerizing color shifts to its agile movements and curious, bulging eyes!

Chameleon Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print to your heart’s content.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Chameleon Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Rainbow Stripe Chameleons

For this cute craft – which is perfect for younger kids – you’ll choose a chameleon picture and print it out as many times as you need.

Then, you’ll give your kids markers or colored pencils in every color of the rainbow and have them shade in the chameleon in question.

They’ll do it in blocks or thick lines of each color – so a panel of red, a panel of orange, a panel of blue, and so forth. They can alternate the thickness of the color panels for different effects!

Then, they can color in the background (if there is any) as they like.

9. Button-Back Chameleons

For this craft, you will need some stray buttons in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

You’ll pick a chameleon picture and have your kids color it in however they like – they could make it green; they could make it multi-colored, it’s totally up to them.

Then, they’ll choose buttons to place down the chameleon’s back, like scales or spots.

Have them glue the buttons into place and let the glue dry before picking up the picture and hanging it somewhere.

8. Magnets

My chameleon pictures would make really cute magnets that you can put up on your fridge, stove, or anything else magnetic.

You’ll print out the chameleons you want to use onto shrink sheets and have your kids color them in with markers.

Then they’ll cut them out carefully and you’ll bake per the shrink sheets’ instructions.

Once they’ve cooled to the touch, you can hot glue magnets to the backs. 

Let the glue set up for a few hours, and voila! You’ve got really cool magnet adornment for all the surfaces in your home.

7. Colorful Chameleons On Branches

This craft requires actual sticks – so go out into your backyard and find some (they can be smaller and should be on the thinner side).

If the weather is inclement (or you don’t have any trees), you can find crafting sticks either online or at the craft store.

You’re going to print it out onto cardstock and color in the chameleon(s) of your choice.

You can color them in however you like – but I recommend lots of color, so they’re super vibrant and eye-catching.

Cut them out and then glue them onto the stick. You can glue just one per stick or a few – I’d make them face each other so it looks like they’re having a conversation!

Tie a long piece of string on either side of the stick and use that to hang the decoration.

6. Color-Changing Chameleons

For this craft, you’re going to print out a chameleon picture onto cardstock.

Then, using a sharp pair of scissors or an X-acto knife, you’ll actually cut out the chameleon from the page, keeping the page intact.

(You can find some other craft for this chameleon cut-out!)

Take the page with the chameleon-shaped hole and place a paper plate over it, centering the plate. Trace around the plate and then cut out the shape from the page.

Then, you’re going to color the plate however you want – you can shade in spots with colored pencils or markers or even use watercolors.

Take a brass fastener and put the chameleon cut-out page over the paper plate, securing it in the middle.

You can then turn the chameleon page to different parts of the paper plate, making the chameleon “change colors.”

5. Paper Plate Chameleons

For this craft, you will print out, color in, and cut out a chameleon from among my pictures.

You’ll paste it to the middle of a paper plate and then, all around it, adorn it with leaves – actually petal-shaped cut-outs from different shades of green construction paper.

4. Tissue Paper Rainbow Chameleons

Print out one of my chameleon pictures and set it aside.

You’re going to need little pieces of tissue paper in every color of the rainbow.

Starting with the head, you’ll fill in a panel with color, then another, then another, alternating colors and working your way down to the tail.

When you’re done, you can either cut out the chameleon or leave it intact for hanging.

3. Bejeweled Chameleons

For a touch of pizzazz (what chameleon doesn’t deserve that?), have your kids color in a chameleon picture and then glue down craft jewels.

They can totally fill in the chameleon or strategically place the jewels to mimic the chameleon’s skin texture.

2. Retractable Tongue Chameleons

For this craft, you’ll only need the head of a chameleon, so print one and cut it out. Color in the head and set aside.

Next, you’ll take a long piece of paper and fold it into thirds, lengthwise, then secure it all along the seam with tape or glue.

Tape one end shut and the other end to a straw.

Now, you’re going to tape or glue the chameleon head to the straw so that the tongue lies beyond the head. Curl it up using a pencil.

Now, when you blow into the straw, the tongue should inflate and extend!

1. Textured Skin Chameleons

To make textured skin chameleons, you will need bubble wrap, cut up into six-to-eight-inch panels.

You’ll print out the chameleons you want to use (I recommend printing them onto cardstock) and cut them out.

Next, you’ll apply paint to the bubble wrap and then press the chameleons against it.

When you lift it up, the bubble wrap’s unique texture should have transferred to the chameleons.

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