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10 Fun Activities To Do With This Christmas Countdown

Try these terrific, inexpensive activities to use alongside our live Christmas countdown to December 25, 2023.

1. Christmas Countdown Celebration
Every day as the countdown gets a day closer to Christmas, celebrate it with a special activity. It could be singing a carol, watching a holiday movie, or making a festive craft.

2. Gift of Time
Set a time each day to check the Christmas countdown as a family. It can be a small but meaningful daily tradition. You could light a candle, drink some hot cocoa, or sit around the fireplace during this time.

3. Anticipation Cookies
Bake a batch of cookies for every major milestone in the countdown. You could have a 30-day, 20-day, 10-day, and final-day cookies to make the countdown extra sweet!

4. Holiday Themed Workouts
For each day left in the countdown, do a number of exercises that corresponds to it. If there are 25 days left, do 25 jumping jacks. It’s a fun way to keep active during the festive season.

5. Holiday Story Time
Each day closer to Christmas, read a holiday-themed story. Make it a cozy family activity to gather around and hear a new tale each night.

6. Holiday Decorations
Each day that passes, put up a new decoration. By the time Christmas arrives, your house will be full of holiday cheer!

7. Random Acts of Kindness
For each day left on the countdown, do a random act of kindness. You’ll bring joy to others and feel good about yourself.

8. Homemade Advent Calendar
Use the countdown to create a DIY advent calendar. Each day, mark off a number and find the corresponding treat or activity.

9. Festive Experiment
For those who love science, do a Christmas-themed experiment each day based on the countdown.

10. Writing Letters to Santa
For every 10 days left in the countdown, have your kids write a letter to Santa. It’s a fun way to build their anticipation and keep them engaged in the holiday spirit.

Looking for some extra fun activities to do during the festive season? Then be sure to check out our MASSIVE list of free Christmas coloring pages, where you will find over 500 sheets to download and print!

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