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100 Christmas Messages For Students (Funny & Heartfelt)

Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with our collection of 100 Christmas messages for elementary and high school students! Written by teachers, parents, principals, and school administrators, each message embodies the sentiment of appreciation, encouragement, and a dash of festive cheer!

If you’re searching for the right words to express your holiday wishes to your students, this list of messages and inspirations will surely help convey the sentiments you’d like to share. Don’t forget to utilize the interactive menu below, which has thoughtfully categorized the Christmas messages by themes!

30 Christmas Messages to Elementary School Students

1. You’re doing so great at this point in the school year! Enjoy your Christmas break, and I’ll see you in the new year!

2. Reading, writing, arithmetic – you can take a breather from all three, because it’s Christmastime! 

3. You’re definitely on the nice list (at least at school!) – I hope Santa brings you everything you asked for!

4. Thanks for being such a helpful kid, always there to lend a hand. Have a terrific Christmas, full of candy and presents!

5. Wishing you and your family – even the cat and dog! – the best Christmas ever!

6. Dear student, I hope you have the most fun Christmas break ever!

7. If it snows over Christmas break, I hope you build the biggest fort and the best snowman, just like you do at recess!

8. You have so much joy, every day is like Christmas in our classroom!

9. I hope every Christmas is as wonderful and as cheerful as this one is sure to be!

10. Have an absolutely magical holiday, dear student!

11. Santa for sure knows your address – after all, you’re one of my very best students!

12. Wishing for you all the toys, books, movies, and everything else that Santa can fit in his bag!

13. Praying that you have the most wonderful Christmas, filled with family, friends, hot cocoa, cookies, and of course, presents!

14. This Christmas break, go easy on your parents – they’re doing everything in their power to make the holidays special for you!

15. Enjoy Christmastime, little one – all the lights, the sweet smells, the tinkling of silver bells. 

16. I can’t believe it’s Christmastime already – and wow, how you have come out of your shell since school started! Enjoy your break, and I’ll see your confident, sassy self in the new year!

17. Just a reminder since I won’t be there to instruct you at home – Jesus is the reason for the season!

18. You’re a brighter star in my classroom than any Christmas tree topper out there. Have a great break, and shine on!

19. Merry Christmas, dear student! And remember – you have to go to bed super early on Christmas Eve so that Santa will bring you lots of presents!

20. Christmas is a time for joy – and surprises. Hope you find both under your tree (but no surprises on your report card)!

21. This Christmas, while you are surrounded by so much and so many who love you, try and remember those with so much less – you’ll be that much more thankful.

22. You’re full of the Christmas spirit all the year round, so it’s no surprise to me that you’re especially joyful, loving, and kind at this time. Bless you!

23. My Christmas wish this year is for you and your family to have a most wonderful holiday season – even though I know you’ll be missing the classroom (jokes)!

24. Hopefully, the magic of Christmas comes to you and your entire family over break!

25. There is no gift more dear to me than knowing my students are having a beautiful Christmas!

26. May your Christmas break be filled with songs, laughter, TV specials, and lots of cookies!

27. I hope this holiday break uplifts your spirits and brings you so much joy!

28. Jingle all the way to your home for a very special Christmas break!

29. You’re so young, yet you have such a big heart. May it be full of love this Christmas!

30. Hopefully, Santa got some extra help in the toy workshop to make all the presents that you deserve!

30 Christmas Messages To High School Students

1. You’ve been working hard this year so far, and I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished. Take a break, rest, and relax, and I’ll see you for the other half in the New Year!

2. This Christmas break, enjoy the presents, the food, and the time with family – and I also hope you enjoy getting to sleep in on a weekday!

3. Merry Christmas – may joy, love, and peace be yours this holiday season; I’ll see you in the new year, hopefully refreshed and rejuvenated!

4. Happy Holidays to you and your entire family – may all the blessings of Christmas abundance be yours (and all the good first semester grades)!

5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – but don’t party too hard for either, you’ve still got half a school year to go!

6. Hope your holidays are filled with light and cheer – and be careful when you’re out driving on the snowy roads!

7. I’m so proud of how much you’ve improved in so short a time! Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you in the new year – let’s keep the momentum going!

8. To one of my dearest students: May your Christmas be filled with family, good food, good friends, and so much laughter.

9. Hoping you get everything on your Christmas list – and then some! Maybe it’s a good year to ask Santa for a car so you can drive to school?

10. Warmest wishes this holiday season, from a teacher who cares for you more than you know!

11. To my favorite* student: Hope your holidays are magical and bright! (*You’re all my favorite!)

12. Even though you don’t believe in Santa anymore, I’ll bet he’s still just as good to you as when you were a kid. You deserve it from working so hard this year!

13. I feel so lucky to have such a great student like you in my class. Have a terrific Christmas!

14. It’s such a privilege to teach, especially when the students are as wonderful as you. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

15. It may sound cheesy, but getting to teach students like you is the best gift of all. Happy Christmas!

16. While you’re not as hyper as the younger kids just before Christmas break, there is still a buzz of energy that tells me we’re not getting anything done. Continue to do nothing over break – you’ve earned it!

17. Your ability to create, to think outside of the box, is your true gift to a teacher like me. Have an amazing Christmas.

18. You’re such an excellent student; I am sure you will achieve all your goals if you put your mind to it. Merry Christmas!

19. Even if you don’t hear back from any colleges over break, I hope it’s a good one nonetheless!

20. If the first half of the school year was this good, imagine how great the second half will be! Let’s make it so! Happy Christmas!

21. I know you’re going to act like you’re too cool for Christmas, but don’t think I don’t know how excited you really are for it. Hope it’s the best one yet!

22. I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful student as you in my class this year. You truly embody the Christmas spirit all 365 days of the year!

23. May God bless you and your family this holiday season and bring peace and joy to your hearts, just like you students do to mine!

24. You’re old enough now to truly understand the reason for the season: Jesus’s birth and all the blessings that rained on the world since. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

25. Be like Jesus this holiday season: humble, penitent, charitable, and kind. Have a joyful break!

26. Without Santa in the picture, you now know the true magic behind Christmas: your parents. Cut ‘em some slack this Christmas break!

27. Thanks for always raising your hand, helping other students in need, and just being an all-around great kid. Have a terrific Christmas break!

28. May your Christmas be as warm and sweet as the coffee you bring to class each day!

29. I hope you make beautiful memories on your Christmas break – to sustain you for the horrors of the second semester!

30. This Christmas, indulge in all those activities you did as a kid – build a snowman, go sledding, and leave out milk and cookies for Santa!                                                                          

20 Funny Christmas Messages For Students

1. Here’s to Christmas break – I know you’re looking forward to it, but not nearly as much as I am! 

2. This Christmas, reflect on your many blessings: your health, your family and friends, your home, and most of all, having an amazing teacher like me!

3. Just because there’s no homework over the break, doesn’t mean you should turn off your brain (at least not completely)!

4. Thanks for making the class interesting each and every day – I don’t know how I will survive Christmas break without your commentary!

5. I heard Santa was on the fence about you this year – but you won him over when he saw what a great student you are!

6. What do the reindeer and you have in common? You both SLEIGH!

7. Watch out for any “presents” the reindeer might leave on your roof!

8. if you rise from your bed before 10 a.m. each day of break, I’d consider that a Christmas miracle!

9. I Hope your Christmas is full of presents – of the toys and candy variety, and not the ugly sweaters and fruitcakes kind.

10. If you can’t contribute to the Christmas feast by cooking, at least contribute by going back for seconds!

11. May your Christmas be full of bright lights – literally, like I hope none of your parents’ decorations has a broken bulb!

12. I was going to assign homework for the Christmas break – but then I thought, better not, I’m on thin ice with Santa as it is!

13. We’re going to put our pens and pencils down at the exact same time…and…it’s officially Christmas break!

14. I’m sorry to report that this year, you were not good…you were amazing! Hope your Christmas it just as amazing as you are!

15. Don’t worry, they let you out of school with just enough days for some last-minute Christmas gift shopping!

16. Yule be home for Christmas – and then some! Make the most of your break.

17. Hope your Christmas is tree-mendous – with lots of presents waiting for you!

18. Since I know your spelling is a work in progress, you can go ahead and write it Xmas instead of Christmas!

19. Hope your stockings are filled with more than smelly feet! Merry Christmas!

20. Santa saw the last essay you turned in – you’re getting a dictionary for Christmas!

10 Heartfelt Christmas Messages For Students

1. Warmest wishes to you and your family this holiday season. May the Christmas spirit bless you all as you bless my classroom each day!

2. Take time this Christmas break to truly appreciate all that you have. I think you’ll find that there’s so much more good than bad!

3. I hope you wake every day this Christmas break with a huge smile on your face – the glowing light that is worn on your face for all to see!

4. I know this year hasn’t been the easiest, and there have been many challenges for you to overcome, but you have met each one with grit, determination, and grace. May your Christmas be blessed beyond measure.

5. To my dear student, may your Christmas be filled with pure joy, laughter, and lots of good food!

6. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for always trying your hardest, even when you really want to give up. Hope your Christmas is as wonderful as you are!

7. While I am the teacher, you have taught me so much about thinking outside the box and challenging long-held assumptions. I can’t thank you enough for that precious gift. Merry Christmas.

8. You light up every room you are in, and you’re a joy to have in class! Hope your holidays match that energy!

9. This Christmas, know that your very presence is your gift to the world, and I’m so happy you’re here.

10. Can you really be the same quiet, timid student who started in my classroom mere months ago? My Christmas gift this year is getting to watch you come out of your shell!

10 Christmas Messages For Students From The Principal

1. Thanks for being so great all year-’round, but especially at Christmastime when spirits are high!

2. The only time I’ll allow running in the hall is when the last bell of the day chimes and you’re heading toward Christmas break!

3. I can’t get everyone in the school a present, but I can wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

4. In this building, I like to think of everyone as part of an extended family, especially around Christmas. We may get on each other’s nerves, but there’s always love.

5. School-wide Alert: Christmas break is upon us! Good times must be had!

6. I’m so proud of all of you for everything you’ve accomplished thus far this year. Have a relaxing break!

7. Christmas: The only time of year it’s acceptable to eat candy out of socks. Enjoy your sock-treats!

8. From me and mine, to you and yours, I hope your Christmas break is nothing short of miraculous!

9. Think of your parents this holiday break; it’s going to be a loooong two weeks for them!

10. Each Christmas I am reminded of how blessed I am to lead a school such as ours and students such as you. Thanks for making my job fulfilling, fast-paced, and full of surprises!

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