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Christmas Present Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to celebrate the holiday season with these 20 Christmas present coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These printables are perfect for kids and adults who love the joy and excitement of gift-giving during the holidays while also looking for something crafty to do!

With the below illustrations, you can create your own unique designs and color in beautifully wrapped gifts with bows, ribbons, and other festive decorations. You can also let your imagination run wild and draw or color in your own creative gift ideas. Be sure to hold onto the pages as they can double as DIY Christmas cards!

Christmas Presents Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Christmas Presents Coloring Pages

Kids can’t wait for Christmas, so coloring on this theme is always a happily anticipated activity.

Here are 10 affordable, exciting, and creative crafts to do with those finished pages.

1. Decorate a Poinsettia Pot

Many homes have poinsettias around Christmas, so why not dress up that plain planter with a coloring page featuring presents?

Rubber cement or craft glue works best for this, and several pages may be necessary, depending on how big the pot is.

Once the pages are colored and glued to the planter’s surface, the flower should be covered, and several coats of acrylic spray should be added.

Alternatively, the presents can be cut from the coloring page and added to the pot as decals. Either way, the result is beautiful.

2. Make Original Gift Tags

To complete this easy craft, color and cut out several Christmas presents from the selected page and glue them to cardboard.

Write “To and From” on the surface using a black marker, and laminate the tags with contact paper.

Using a hole punch, thread through a piece of packing twine and tie a green or red ribbon around the base for a nice touch.

The tags can be attached to wrapped presents by taping the twine to the wrapping paper.

3. Laminate Prop Gifts

If prop gifts are displayed in a classroom during the holidays, they can be laminated with finished coloring pages to make them extra special.

Invisible glue is best for this craft; the children can sign their names to their artwork before adding them to the packages.

Once added, they can be left in their natural state or sealed in glassine so they can be used as decorations again in future years.

4. Decorate a Mailbox

Christmas present pages are great for decorating mailboxes during the holidays.

The different items on the page can be cut out and creatively arranged on the mailbox by the youngster, or if your mailbox is big enough, the page can be left intact.

Non-damaging putty can be used to attach the page to the mailbox, but if it is exposed to the elements, a coat of acrylic spray should be added. (The page will easily peel off later)

Part of a coloring page can also be used to laminate the inside lid of the mailbox!

5. Make Homemade Wrapping Paper

If those finished coloring pages have piled up, why not use them like wrapping paper? 

The theme is perfect, and depending on how much your child enjoys coloring, you probably won’t run out before the holidays!

For this craft, you can use coloring pages like decals over plain, traditional wrapping paper, or the pages can be used in their entirety as the only wrapping.

Either way, this activity is loads of fun for any child.

6. Happy Holidays Door Sign

This easy craft starts with a large piece of poster board in green or red.

Let the youngsters color the presents of their choice and cut the individual packages from the page.

They should be added to the poster board with invisible glue or rubber cement and a special holiday message written with markers or puffy paint.

Christmas ribbon is ideal for making a string to hang the poster, and it can be placed on the front door, in the kitchen, or anywhere you like!

7. Make a List, Check it Twice

This terrific classroom activity will get the attention of any student!

When they finish their coloring pages, have them cut the presents from the page and arrange them on a piece of white craft paper.

They should leave space somewhere on the page for a list, and lines can be made with a ruler to accommodate it.

This will be their Christmas wish list; at the top, they can write “To Santa” and give it to their parents!

8. The 12 Days of Christmas

This craft is simple and enjoyable for any child. It requires three coloring pages, which will please the youngsters!

These should be used for front and back covers, with one in the middle, surrounded by six plain pieces of paper on each side. 

The ensemble can be put together with a hole punch and paper fasteners.

On each of the 12 days, the child can color or write on the plain pieces of paper in a scrapbook fashion, highlighting favorite things about his or her Christmas vacation.

9. Make Old Fashioned Window Decorations

Old-fashioned window decorations are fun and exciting; youngsters will enjoy making these as a classroom activity.

Once the children have colored and cut out the packages from the various coloring pages, they can be embellished with red and green glitter, real curling ribbon, and pom-poms.

When finished, they can be sealed in glassine and displayed on the classroom’s windows with clear, non-damaging putty.

10. Decorate a Toy Box

If your child has a toybox, there’s nothing better to decorate it with than Christmas present decals.

Once the packages have been cut from the finished coloring page, they can be sealed in contact paper and attached to the child’s toy box with wall putty.

For extra fun, the youngster can write the name of something he or she wants for Christmas on each package! 

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