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Christmas Wreath Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to deck the halls with these 16 Christmas wreath coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These beautiful and festive designs offer a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday season and add a pop of color to your home décor.

Whether you’re a fan of the holiday season or simply looking for a fun and relaxing activity, grab your coloring pencils and join me as we dive into the enchanting world of Christmas wreath coloring pages!

Christmas Wreath Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Wreath Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Pom Pom Wreaths

For a simple craft that is perfect for preschoolers and school-aged kids alike, you will need to buy craft pom poms from your local craft store or online (a site like Amazon).

First, have the kids color in the wreath for the most part, making sure they go around the circle parts (I recommend Kid Friendly Christmas Wreath or Easy Christmas Wreath for Preschoolers).

Then they’re going to glue red, silver, or even blue – whatever color strikes their fancy – pom poms on top of the circles.

Finish it off by taking some ribbon, tying it into a bow, and gluing that on!

9. Tissue Paper Wreaths

To create tissue paper masterpieces, you’ll need plenty of green and red tissue paper and any other colors you and your kids like.

Cut the tissue paper into smallish squares, about 4” by 4”. 

Then you’ll pinch the middle of the tissue paper and twist it up to form something that resembles a rosette.

Make a bunch of these, mostly in green, and start gluing them down to the paper.

Use different colors where there is an adornment on the illustration.

8. Suncatchers

For this craft, you will need transparency sheets, which you can buy at your local office supply store or online at a site like Amazon.

You will print the wreaths of your and your kids’ choices onto the transparency paper.

Then, taking bits of tissue paper in green, red, blue, etc., you will glue them down onto the sheet, trimming them as needed.

It’s okay if the tissue paper is a big fragmented – it’ll give the wreath a beautiful mosaic look, especially once it’s hung in a sunny window.

7. Holiday Calendars

This is a winner for a beautiful craft that is perfect for a classroom of kids who need handmade gifts for mom and dad.

You will print off as many copies of a wreath page as you need and have the kids color it in.

Next, you can either create a calendar (the days/weeks portion) in a word document and print it off or have the kids draw the lines and write in the numbers for the month by hand.

Next, you’ll have them punch three to five holes in the bottom of the illustration and the top of the days/weeks page so that they line up.

They’ll then connect the two with twine, yarn, or even pretty red or green ribbon tied up in a bow.

6. Thumb Print Wreaths

This is a very simple craft for the very young kids in your life.

Pick a basic wreath illustration and print it off. Then you’ll need finger paints and a vinyl tablecloth (or drop cloth).

Make sure the kids are in clothes that can get messy, and have them press their thumbs in the paint and then onto the wreath until they fill in the lines.

Have them use green for the wreath’s leaves and red or different colors for the berries or other adornments.

5. Mantle Wreaths

Print off a more basic wreath page and have your kids color it in.

Then have them cut it out and trace it over a piece of cardstock. Cut out that outline and paste the two parts together.

Next, you will poke two holes in the top of the wreath and string some cording through, tying it off into a bow.

You can use that to hang to the wreath on your mantle.

4. Christmas Party Decorations

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party at home, in the office, or even in a classroom, my wreath coloring pages make adorable handmade decorations.

You can have your kids color them in and then simply hang up the entire sheet or cut them out and reinforce them with cardstock for the wall.

If you’re the head of a classroom, you could also have a Christmas wreath coloring contest ahead of your class Christmas party.

3. Greeting Cards

If you can’t make it to the store or you just want to send out or give a Christmas greeting that you and your kids personalize, give one of my wreath coloring pages.

You can resize the image in a word document so that it prints out on a half-page or quarter-page and fold accordingly.

Have your kids color in the illustration, and you can write a personal message within.

2. Gemstone Wreaths

For this craft, you could use the illustration Coloring Sheet of a Christmas Wreath or Easy Christmas Wreath To Color In For Toddlers.

You will have the kids color in just the “leaf” part – the part that would generally be green.

Then they will glue different sizes and colors of crafting gemstones where the “berries” or other adornments are.

If they’re super creative, they can fill in the bow with gemstones, too!

1. Christmas Trays

This craft creates something that is both beautiful and functional.

Have your kids color in just the wreath and then carefully cut it out.

You’ll need a decorative tray, which you can find at a discount store or craft store.

They’ll Mod Podge the wreath to the tray, applying two or three layers. Let dry completely.

Once it’s dry, you have the perfect little tray for serving up hot cocoa or mulled cider!

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