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3,000 Coloring Pages For Boys (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find over 3,000 coloring pages for boys that are all free to download and print! Being a mother of two young boys, I was able to hone in (thanks to their help!) on popular pictures to include that will appeal to boys of all ages.

I created a wide range of illustrations for this series, including machines, superheroes, animals, the solar system, food, movie and TV show characters, video games, celebrities, structures, and many more!

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To download or print any of these pictures, you can click on any of the below images or links, which will open a high-resolution PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages for boys are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! For even more printables, you can also see our post on coloring pages for girls!

Looking for something else? Search our 10,000 free printables!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Boy Coloring Pages

Here are ten cheap, fun, and creative craft ideas that you can do with your completed coloring pictures!

10. Cell Phone Case Decorations

Turn one of my super cool Marvel or Nintendo coloring pages (or any other page!) into an even cooler phone case decoration!

Buy some cheap, clear phone cases and have the kids pick out the character or figure they want to feature on it.

Encourage them to color the figure in and then carefully cut it out of the page.

Using Mod Podge, you can either “paste” the figure into the inside of the case or put it on the outside – totally your call.

Either way, you’ll probably want to use a few layers of Mod Podge to ensure that it’s affixed to the case securely.

9. Action Figure Paper Dolls

While they are technically called paper dolls, there is no reason boys can’t play with them, especially when they’re comprised of some of the best superheroes and other characters.

Find some good full-length characters represented in my above coloring pages and have the kids color in just the figures – no need for backgrounds.

You might want to paste some poster board or card stock to the back of the paper to reinforce the figures.

Then, have the kids cut out the characters, carefully following the outline of their bodies.

That’s it – all that’s needed from there is your boys’ imagination!

8. Greeting Cards

I have so many different coloring sheets that would make excellent greeting cards for a little boy’s birthday, from Marvel characters to tractors, to Fortnite, and even famous memes.

However, before you print, you’ll have to use some computer software to shrink the image down to one-fourth of its regular size.

Then, place the image in the lower right corner of the sheet and print it off.

You’re going to have the kids fold the paper in half once and then again so that the illustration is on the “front page.”

They can then color in the illustration and write a message on the inside. 

This also makes a great Father’s Day card!

7. Postcards

You’ll want to get cardstock or posterboard and measure out a 4×6” rectangle. Then, hold it over the coloring page of your choice and trace around the postcard.

Decide if you’re going to leave the illustration intact or just use a central figure and have your boy color in accordingly.

Then, cut out the rectangular shape or the figure(s) you want to feature on the front of the postcard.

Using glue or Mod Podge or some other adhesive, glue the coloring page rectangle or figure onto the front of the postcard and let it dry completely.

You, the teacher or parent, will want to add some lines on the back – a vertical line separating the address area from the message and a few lines to the right on which to write the recipient’s address.


Save the place in your boy’s favorite novel or comic with this fun bookmark craft idea!

You might have to shrink the image a bit to get the figures to fit first, but print it off and decide how big you want the bookmark to be.

Then draw it onto the illustration and have your boy color in just what’s inside the outline. Cut it out carefully (and if you have access to a laminator, that’s a good idea to reinforce the paper).

Another way to reinforce the bookmark is to paste the illustration onto cardstock or posterboard.

Punch a hole near the top center of the bookmark and fill it with ribbon or yarn.

5. Desk Organizers

Collect cleaned-out glass jars of any size – larger ones can be used for pens and pencils, and scissors, while smaller ones can be used for paperclips and thumbtacks.

Have your boy/s pick out a few illustrations they’d like to use to decorate the jars and have them color in the lines.

You’ll want to decide how much of the jars you want to cover and then cut down the illustrations accordingly.

Then just Mod Podge the cut-outs to the jars, and you have some handy desk organizers.

4. Masks

To make masks, you might want to blow up the images a bit, which you can easily do on a computer. Pick a good illustration with a full, head-on face.

Have the boys color in the face and cut it out carefully along the lines. Then you, as the parent or teacher, will poke holes on either side of the face.

String yarn or twine through the holes, and the boys are ready to play!

3. Paintings

Instead of coloring in the coloring pages, encourage the boys to channel their inner da Vinci and paint them.

You can find watercolor sets and paintbrushes for cheap at any dollar store, and you can make DIY easels out of cardboard boxes.

2. Finger Puppets

You can turn any of these coloring pages for boys into finger puppets that will have them using their imagination as they play the afternoon away.

Have the boys color in the figures of their choice (at least a few) and then carefully cut them out.

Then you, the parent or teacher, will fold up the legs or bottom of the figure and cut out a half circle on the fold.

This will create a full circle once it’s unfolded, perfect for little fingers to thread through.

1. Dioramas

A great craft for a rainy day is using the coloring pages above for a diorama. You’ll need a shoebox or cardboard box and glue (or string).

Print off two copies of each illustration per boy and have them color in the backdrop on one and the figures on the other.

Then, they’ll paste the background into the back of the box. They’ll cut out the figures, leaving about half an inch of paper below.

That extra half-inch of space is what they’ll fold under and glue to the bottom of the box so that the figure stands upright.

If they’re doing, say, the solar system, they can instead prick little holes through the tops of the planets and tie in string, then prick holes in the top of the box and feed the string through.

Then they’ll tie it off and have the planets hang from the top!

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