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Cow Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Cuteness and countryside delight unite in these 30 cow coloring pages, ready for you to download and print for free. This charming collection celebrates the diverse world of cows, from the fluffy highland cows to the gentle jersey and dairy cows, playful baby cows, and many more!

These printable coloring sheets are a great activity to teach kids about these amazing, cute, friendly, and intelligent mammals. If you are looking for something to keep your child occupied on a rainy day or for them to express creativity, these pages are sure to delight!

Cow Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring any of these pages, you can click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF on a new page.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Popular Types of Cows & Coloring Ideas

Cows are super cute and very interesting, so keep reading to learn about 10 popular cow breeds, some facts about them, and how to use our cow-themed coloring sheets!

1. Dairy Cows

Dairy cows are probably the most recognizable cow breed, as they’re prominently featured on dairy product packaging and in school lessons and books.

Dairy cows are, as you’d expect, bred for producing milk to sell cheese, butter, creams, and milk at its varying percentages. 

Dairy cows are white and black, so when coloring in this illustration, I recommend drawing a pasture, trees, and/or fence in the background for a broader color palette.

2. Jersey Cows

Jersey cows are another breed of dairy cow that comes from the British Channel Islands. Jersey cows are usually brown, but occasionally have white spots along their fur. 

This dairy cow breed is known for producing high-quality milk products, such as clotted cream, yogurt, and ice cream

Since Jersey cows are of British descent, I recommend drawing English countryside in the background of this coloring sheet, such as the Yorkshire Dales!

You could also draw some small pictures of classic English items, such as a cuppa, Big Ben, or the Union Jack!

3. Scottish Highland Cows

As the name suggests, Scottish Highland cows originate from Scotland and are one of the oldest registered cow breeds in the world.

Highland cows can resist cold weather due to their long and heavy fur, making their meat higher quality. As well, this breed is considered to be intelligent and have an even temper.

These cows have brown or tan bodies, long fur, and horns. When filling out this coloring sheet, I recommend drawing in Scottish Heather fields to add some more color to the illustration! 

4. Calf/ Baby Cows

There’s nothing cuter than a little baby, and baby cows, or calves, are no exception. These little creatures are incredibly social, as they love to make friends. 

They also have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, and can even hear sounds that humans are deaf to.

When coloring in my baby calf illustration, I recommend using really bright and youthful colors, such as pink, blue, or yellow. Dress it up a little with glitter and other stationery.

Also, you could trace over my cow illustration on a different sheet of paper to include multiple cows, giving these social little calves some friends on paper!

5. Angus Cows

Angus cows are the most popular cow breed in the U.S. They were brought to the States from Scotland in 1873. They have black hair and skin, and produce high-quality milk products.

Since Angus cows are most sought after in the U.S., select your favorite state landscape and draw it in the background of the Angus cow coloring page for more vibrancy.

For example, draw a farmland scene from Kansas!

6. Belted Galloway Cows

Belted Galloway cows originated from Scotland as solid color black furry cows, but were cross-bred with Dutch-belted cows and now have white “belts” in the middle of their bodies.

This cow breed has a double coat of hair, which keeps them warm during the winter. Also, the calves of this breed are simply adorable!

When coloring in the sheet for the Belted Galloway cow, I recommend making it fun by drawing in Oreo cookies and milk, due to these cows regularly being referred to as “Oreo cattle.”

7. Charolais Cows

Charolais cows come from France and have been in the United States since the 1930s. These cows graze during warm weather, but can also withstand the cold. 

In the old days, these cows were used to pull wagons and work fields due to their sturdiness. These cows are generally used for meat and dairy production.

Since Charolais cows are from France, when filling in this coloring sheet, I recommend drawing a scene from the French countryside in the background to add more color and vibrancy!

8. Hereford Cows

Hereford cows come from England, and were developed in the 1700s to serve the new meat market that resulted from the industrial revolution. 

These cows are known for their lactation longevity, are good milkers, and are also regarded as good mothers to their calves. This breed is brown and white with shorter hair on their bodies.

Since Hereford cows come from England, I recommend drawing an English pasture in the background for more color. 

You could also color the sheet using an alternative color palette, such as light pastels to make it more fun, youthful, and vibrant!

9. Holstein Cows

Holstein cows are another breed of dairy cow, but unlike other dairy cows, they actually produce high-quality beef. This breed has been in the U.S. since the 1850s, but is originally from Holland. 

Since Holstein cows come from the Netherlands, I recommend drawing a pasture from this country in the background of this coloring sheet to add more color and make it fun.

For instance, you could truly expand your color palette by drawing a tulip field, and including classic Dutch landmarks like a windmill. 

10. Red Angus Cows

Red Angus cows are similar to Black Angus cows, and originate from Scotland. These cows can also be found in Australia and Canada. 

American farmers began breeding Red Angus cows in the 1940s, and today, beef from this breed is in high demand in the United States.

Since Angus cows are often found in Australia, try diversifying your color palette for this sheet by drawing in an Australian landscape. 

Make it even more fun by drawing some native animals in the background, such as koalas or kangaroos!

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