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Cross Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 Christian cross coloring pages that are completely free to download or print! I included many types of crosses, from simple outlines for kids, Easter-themed crosses, stained glass crosses, Celtic crosses, Crucifixion crosses, and more.

These printables are great for those who are looking to show their appreciation for Christ, a Sunday school activity, an Easter Bible story, or are in need of a rainy day/creative activity.

Cross Coloring Pages Featured Image

To print or download any of these coloring sheets, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the high-resolution PDF on a new tab. If you are out of ink or paper, you can also save these files directly to a smart device for coloring in digitally!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Cross Coloring Pages

If you are looking for some extra activities to do with these coloring pages, be sure to see my list below for inspiration and ideas!

1. Stand-up Decorations

These coloring pages are perfect for making stand-up decorations that brighten any home.

Have the children color in the cross of choice with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Then, have them carefully cut out the cross. You’ll need toilet paper rolls for as many children are doing the crafting project. 

Using glue of any sort, have the kids affix the cross’s base to the toilet paper roll, letting it curve with the natural shape of the roll. 

You’ll then have a beautiful stand-up cross that is perfect for seasonal decoration or year-round.

2. Coloring Books

If you have a small group (or access to a good printer), print out as many pages of the crosses as you’d like in duplicates.

You can then take a three-hole punch and bind them together with yarn or twine or slip them into a three-ring binder.

If you go the yarn/twine route, you can also make one page the cover by pasting it to a sheet of construction paper before punching the holes.

You’ll then have coloring books, either as a gift to your group or as an activity you can do all together (or both).

When everyone has colored in all the pages, you could display them for all to look at or have the children present them to their parents as a gift.

3. Mosaics

If you have done construction paper crafts throughout the year, save the scraps, because they will come in handy for this activity!

If you don’t have any scraps currently, take multiple sheets of construction paper, in different colors, and cut out small pieces.

You’ll also need glue, whether it’s rubber cement, Elmer’s, or glue sticks. Have the children glue the pieces of colored construction paper within the boundaries of the cross until it’s filled.

If you have an older group of kids, you could also have them use larger pieces to fill the space around the cross, as well.

The result is pretty mosaic-style art that fits any fridge or wall.

4. Christmas Tree Ornament

For this craft, you’ll shrink one of the crosses to about half or a third of its regular size. Then, you’ll instruct the children to color it in and cut it out when they’ve finished.

They will then take green or red construction paper and cut it out slightly larger than the cross and glue the cross so that it is centered on the construction paper cut-out.

Don’t forget to write on the back the child’s name and the year.

Then you will take a single hole punch and put in a hole at the top of the cross; string yarn or twine through it to make a small loop and tie it off.

If you really wanted to make it durable, you could also laminate the crosses before using the hole punch.

5. 10 Commandments Wall

Using one of the more basic crosses, assign a Commandment to each child and have them write it onto the cross. Then have them color in the area around the cross.

Once complete, hang up the pages in order on a wall and let that be your 10 Commandments wall, where you and the children turn to remember the basics of God’s law.

6. Rosary Beads

The children can make their own rosary beads with this little craft. You’ll have to start by shrinking down the image to a fourth or even a sixth of the normal size.

The kids will then color in the cross of choice and cut it out carefully along the lines. You’ll then laminate it and punch a hole in the top.

Then, you’ll get pipe cleaner and beads; have the children string 10 beads of the same color onto the pipe cleaner, twist it, and then add a single bead of a different color.

Twist it off again and loop the pipe cleaner through the hole in your cross and twist the end up so that the cross is affixed.

7. Beads/Button Fill-Ins

You’ll need lots of beads or buttons for this craft, which you’ll start by pasting the cross page to a piece of construction paper or poster board cut down to size.

Have the children use glue to affix the beads or buttons to the drawing; they can do just the cross and color in the rest, or glue on beads/buttons to fill the entire page. 

There are a lot of nifty patterns and designs possible.


What better way to save their place in the Bible than with a cross bookmark?

Shrink the image to about half and have the kids color in the cross. They’ll cut it out and paste it onto construction paper for more durability.

The construction paper can be in the shape of a rectangle, or older kids can cut the construction paper to the exact shape of the cross.

9. Easter/Christmas Cards

For beautiful, handmade Easter or Christmas cards from the little ones, shrink the image down to a fourth of its size, but print the whole sheet.

Then, fold the paper in half and again, so that the image is on the outside/cover. The children will then color in the image and write their message on the inside.

This craft makes the perfect gift for parents or religious education teachers.

10. Stations of the Cross Booklets

For a fun class project, assign a Station of the Cross to each child. Have them write the Station and a short description on a cross coloring page; they could write the Station across the length of the cross and the description in the space around it.

Then instruct them to color in the rest with colored pencils or crayons.

Bind the pages to create a booklet that shows off the students’ coloring and writing; put it in a place of prominence at a parent night or open house so the parents can thumb through it.

Looking for some extra fun activities to do during the festive season? Then be sure to check out our list of Christmas coloring pages, where you will find over 500 free sheets to download and print!

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