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Daisy Duck Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to quack up with these 18 delightful Daisy Duck coloring pages that are absolutely free for you to download and print! If you have students or your own little ones who are simply enchanted by this beloved Disney diva, these printables are certain to add a splash of color and cheer to their day!

Included below are a charming collection of Daisy Duck’s most memorable moments, featuring her adorable outfits, her fascinating adventures with Donald Duck, and even some exciting snapshots with her friends in the Disney gang. So, grab your brightest colors and dive into a coloring escapade that’s set to be absolutely ‘quack-tastic’!

Daisy Duck Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring any of these pictures, you can do so by clicking on any of the below links or images, which will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. Once opened, you are then free to download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Daisy Duck Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Headbands/Crowns

To make headbands or “crowns” out of my Daisy Duck illustrations, you will need construction paper cut into two-inch strips.

You’ll loop the strips together to make the headband or crown; you might need to loop one and a half or two strips, depending on the size of your kids’ heads.

Next, your kids will color in and cut out either Daisy’s entire face or just the upper portion of it, starting under her eyes.

Once they have completed that, they’ll paste the cutout onto the construction paper loop and let it dry. Then they can wear their new Daisy Duck headbands and let the play begin!

9. Keychains

My Daisy Duck pictures would make adorable keychains that are perfect for backpacks or attached to wallets or purses.

To make them, you’ll need shrink sheets, which you can find easily online at Amazon. You’ll print the Daisy figures you want to use onto the shrink sheets.

Your kids will then color them in with markers and cut them out. They’ll punch holes where they want the keychain hardware to affix, and you can then bake them.

Once they’ve cooled, attach the keychain hardware!

8. Paper Dolls

Daisy Duck is the perfect character to turn into paper dolls, so here’s a tutorial.

Color in and have your kids cut her out. Then, they’ll trace around her onto a piece of cardstock and cut out that outline.

Then they’ll paste the two pieces together. 

Enterprising young fashion designers can also use the dolls to trace onto cardstock and create clothes and accessories for her, too!

7. Party Decorations

For your next Daisy Duck or Disney character-themed birthday party, you can save big time on decorations by using my pictures.

You could make Daisy wreaths or centerpieces, napkin holders, or personalized candles. Individual Daisies could be strung up and turned into a mobile or bunting.

6. Christmas Tree Ornaments

To make Daisy Duck Christmas tree ornaments, you will need shrink sheets, which you can find easily online at sites like Amazon.

Print the Daisy figures you want to use onto the shrink sheets and have your kids color them in with markers.

They could also write near the top, “Merry Christmas [the year]”; they’ll cut out the figures and any text and punch a hole where they want the hook or string to go.

Bake the cutouts per the instructions and let cool. Once they’re ready, you can use an ornament hook or string or ribbon to hang them up onto your tree.

5. Valentines

Because she’s so cute, Daisy Duck is the perfect character with which to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

You can take a red or pink piece of construction paper and fold it in half, then glue down a lace doily in the middle of the front page.

Have your kids color in and cut out a Daisy figure and then paste her in the middle of the doily.

Be sure to add text like “Be My Valentine!”

4. Cake/Cupcake Toppers

To make a cupcake or cake toppers, you will again need shrink sheets. 

You’ll print off the Daisy figures you want to use (you can copy and paste multiples onto the same word processor sheet) and have your kids color them in and cut them out.

Then bake them and wait for them to cool. Fire up your hot glue gun and glue extra-long toothpicks to the backs.

Wait for the glue to dry, and then you can stick them into your baked goods.

3. Coasters

You can make Daisy Duck coasters that are fit for a tea party or a lemonade break on the porch.

You’ll need ceramic tiles, which you can find at your local craft store, plus Mod Podge.

Before printing the Daisy figures you want to use, you’ll resize them in a word processor document to fit the dimensions of the tiles.

Color them in and cut them out, then Mod-Podge them to the tiles – a good few coats should do it.

Wait for them to dry – overnight is probably best – and then they’re ready to use!

2. Wrapping Paper

For a small gift, perhaps for a child’s birthday or baby shower, you can use my Daisy Duck pictures as wrapping paper.

Print off the picture you want and color it in – or get your kids in on it, too, and have them color in multiple pictures (which you can then tape together).

Place the picture face down and center the gift in the middle of the page. Fold the sides up, tape them down, and flip over; Daisy should be front and center!

1. Gift Bag Decorations

On the other hand, if you’re more of a gift bag and tissue paper kind of mom, you can also use my Daisy Duck pictures as decoration for the bag.

Color in and cut out Daisy, plus any additional shapes, like bows or birds, or flowers.

Paste them onto a plain gift bag, ensuring the glue reaches the edges of the cut-outs (to reduce the likelihood that it could catch on something and rip).

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