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Dentist Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to dive into a world of smiles and dental care with these 20 dentist coloring pages, free for you to download and print! Perfect for kids curious about dentistry or those looking to ease their fears about the dentist’s chair, these pages are fun and educational!

In this set, you’ll find a range of scenes from the dental office: dentists and dental hygienists at work, patients showing off their bright smiles, various dental tools, toothbrushes, toothpaste, flossing, and even friendly tooth characters promoting dental hygiene!

Dentist Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Dentist Coloring Pages

Going to the dentist isn’t always bad! Many youngsters love to color dentists and the pearly whites they take care of.

Here are some great crafts to do with all those finished pages.

1. Original Dentist Puppet

Begin this easy finger puppet craft with an empty bathroom tissue cardboard, trimmed to fit the child’s first two fingers.

This is easily done by cutting it completely through on one side and trimming it until the circumference is the right size.

Then, when the youngster has colored and cut out a dentist, it should be carefully folded around the roll and the body glued fast, leaving the arms free.

Bend the arms out, and the youngster can add tiny cutouts like toothbrushes, toothpaste, or anything desired to the dentist’s “hands” for an adorable finger puppet.

2. Funny Frames

This comical craft requires only an empty egg container and some red poster board. To begin, cut the poster board into a long oval and trim one end straight across.

Cut the empty egg container so that each piece is separate, and glue them around the curved part of the poster. When finished, they’ll look like giant teeth.

Use this hilarious creation as a frame for the finished dentist coloring page. It will be your home’s most unique artwork!

3. Fun With Abstract Art

Begin this craft by having the youngsters draw a simple cup or glass and cut it out. Glue it to a base of cardstock, but use glue on only three sides.

The top should not be glued but left free so that something can be slid behind.

Then, let the child enjoy drawing and cutting out a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste and sliding them into the “cup.”

The real fun, however, is when the dentist is colored and cut out. Place him in between the other items as if he’s inside the cup too!

4. Dental Exam

For this comical craft, have the youngsters draw themselves on the left side of a piece of poster board with their mouths open wide, just like at the dentist.

Then, using TicTacs, have them fill in a row of teeth, using a magic marker to make one or two of the TicTacs black. This is obviously to signify cavities!

When the dentist is colored and cut out, glue the cutout to the poster’s opposite side and add gray pipe cleaners to depict his tools. 

Add funny wiggle eyes to the dentist and hang this comical poster anywhere.

5. Fun Fuzzy Artwork

Begin this fun craft by having the youngster draw a simple tooth with a black marker on a white piece of construction paper.

Fill in the tooth with cotton balls to create a 3D look, and add googly eyes for a comical touch.

Cut the tooth out and glue it to the top half of the poster board. Underneath, the dentist cutout from the coloring page should be added.

Position it to look like the dentist is holding up the tooth, and underneath, write, “The Dentist is In” with red puffy paint for an adorable sign.

6. Tips From The Dentist

For this fun and educational craft, have each youngster draw the outline of two teeth side-by-side. Sad wiggle eyes should be added to one and funny wiggle eyes to the other.

Several examples of healthy foods should be drawn inside one tooth, and some unhealthy examples inside the other.

When the dentist is colored and cut out, the character should be placed in between the two teeth.

Two pieces of black pipe cleaner should be added to the dentist’s hands as if they are pointers, and he is explaining which foods are best and worst for teeth.

7. Add Flair to an Old Toothbrush Organizer

Like most homes, your bathroom probably has a plastic or ceramic toothbrush holder.

If your youngster has finished lots of dentist coloring pages, they can be used to make this ordinarily boring item fancy.

Have the child cut out different characters and items from the finished pages and add them to the holder with krazy glue.

Spray at once with acrylic spray, and you have a brand-new toothbrush holder for your bathroom.

8. Great Check-Up Award

Why not encourage youngsters to take care of their teeth by letting them make a “Congratulations” certificate in advance?

Give the youngster a paper plate and decorate around its circumference with mini marshmallows. These will look like teeth and will harden in about an hour.

The child can then color and cut out a dentist and attach it to the paper plate’s center. Next, draw a text bubble with a black magic marker.

Inside, the child can write “Great Checkup!” as if the dentist is offering congratulations.

9. Make a Fun and Helpful Chart

Making a gold star chart for dental health is easy, and dentist coloring pages can be used to make it fancy.

Using a small, white piece of cardstock, have the youngster use a ruler to draw lines for each task and place stickers when they’re complete. Then, fold it in half like a card.

Place cutouts from the finished dentist coloring pages on the front and back covers.

Text bubbles can be added to give the dentist funny sayings, such as “Great job!” or “Perfect!” It may even make the youngster more interested in brushing and flossing!

10. A Homemade Dentist Light

This super-easy craft begins with laminating a cardboard band with cutouts from the finished dentist coloring pages.

Then, have the youngster cut a generous-sized circle from silver cardstock. Glitter can be added to make it brighter.

The child can wear this homemade dentist’s headlight and pretend to be examining patients’ teeth!

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