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Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 original Dragon Ball Z coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Growing up in the 1990s, Dragon Ball Z was one of the most popular TV shows and remains a cult classic to this day. Even my two young boys enjoy watching it!

For this series, I illustrated a wide range of pages, including popular Dragon Ball Z characters and villains, iconic scenes from the TV show, detailed drawings for adults to color, simple outlines for kids, plus many more!

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To start coloring any of these pages, you can do so by clicking on any of the below links or images to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print completely for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages

Here are some interesting and unique ways to use the finished pages so they can be preserved.

1. Get Creative with Shenron

A great way to use a Dragon Ball Z coloring page is to choose one depicting any of the dragons–Shenron is particularly fun for this craft–and bring it to life.

Once the Dragon is colored, use brightly colored felt to give it a tongue, spooky wiggle eyes to bring its expression to life, and yarn for the hair on either side of the jawline.

Most fun of all, use orange-colored pom-poms and attach one to each of his seven tentacles. Don’t forget to decorate the pom-poms with a splash of red puffy paint!

2. Laminate a Pumpkin

A pumpkin is a perfect item to decorate with a Dragon Ball Z coloring page. 

The characters your child chooses to draw can be cut out of the page, or the entire page can be used to laminate the pumpkin.

When this is accomplished, invest in some miniature pumpkins and have your child decorate them with red stars.

Place them in a circle around the bottom of the large pumpkin to make this craft extra fancy.

3. Make the Characters Movable

Dragon Ball Z characters are fun to color but even more fun to bring to life. With this simple craft, have the youngsters color and cut out two or three characters.

Then, each one should carefully be cut apart so that the legs, arms, head, and torso are all separate.

The characters can then be reassembled with page fasteners to turn them into movable paper dolls.

For extra fun, more pages can be colored and stapled or taped together to create a large envelope in which to store the dolls.

4. Bursting Through the Clouds

Goku is a great choice of character for this fun craft. Use four squares of stiff cardboard or Styrofoam and cut out four separate circles, each one a little smaller than the last.

The cardboard pieces should then be stacked up and glued together from smallest to largest, with a layer of cotton between each one for a 3D look.

Then, Goku, or whichever character the child chose to color, should be cut out and affixed to the center. 

This creates the illusion that Goku is bursting through the clouds!

5. An Inventive Place to Keep Action Figures

A cracker box or large cereal box is ideal for this craft.

Dragon Ball Z coloring pages can be used intact, and simply glued to the outside of the box, or each figure can be cut out and glued on separately.

If the youngsters want to do the latter, the cereal or cracker box should first be laminated with plain paper to make a nice background for the cutouts. 

If sprayed with acrylic spray when finished, the box should last a long time!

6. Design a Color by Number Craft

For this interesting classroom activity, have each child choose a Dragon Ball Z page, but instead of coloring it, design a paint-by-number page.

This takes a little creative visualization to assign different colors to different parts of the character, but youngsters have a surprising amount of fun with this craft.

Then, each child should swap pages with someone else and then complete the coloring page following the numbers chosen by the other child.

7. Dragon Ball Z Ping Pong

If your child has a ping-pong or paddle ball set, Dragon Ball Z coloring pages can be used to laminate the paddles.

They should be coated with acrylic spray to ensure they last, and an orange ping pong or paddle ball is a must! 

If you can’t find one, spray painting a classic white ball works just as well. 

8. Make a Party Favor Box

Templates abound for all types of craft boxes, and virtually anyone can be made with a Dragon Ball Z coloring page. This is an especially fun craft if party favor boxes are the goal.

Primarily a matter of cutting and folding, Dragon Ball Z coloring pages quickly turn into small boxes with some glue, and they can be decorated with glitter or bright orange mini-pompoms. 

The party favors placed inside the boxes can be orange high bouncers, dragon stickers, or anything that fits the theme.

9. Create a Dragon Ball Z Picture Frame

If your child has pictures or sketches that need a frame, this craft is perfect.

Print small Dragon Ball Z pages with a variety of figures from the TV show. Your child can color several of his or her favorites, and carefully cut them out.

These can then be glued to a plain, simple picture frame along the sides, and on the top and bottom borders. 

Let your child get creative and attach them at various angles to depict scenes from the game. This craft is always a winner with Dragon Ball Z fans!

10. Invent an Original Dragon Ball Z Scene

With this fun craft, youngsters create an original scene for their characters.

Use a large poster board and have them color and cut out their favorite Dragon Ball Z characters.

On the poster board, they can draw a freehand scene, such as a maze, a combat scene, or a scene that takes place on another planet!

The cutouts can then be put in different places on the poster, depending on the scene written. All kids will enjoy being a director for a day with this unique craft!

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