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Dreamcatcher Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to color your dreams into reality with our 20 Dreamcatcher coloring pages that you can download and print entirely for free! Originally from Native American cultures, dreamcatchers are known for their intricate designs and spiritual significance, making them a captivating subject for mindfulness coloring.

For this series, I have illustrated a variety of dreamcatchers, each with its own unique patterns and elements, such as feathers, beads, mandalas, and webs. Also included are many dreamcatchers with moon, wolf, tree, owl, heart, and flower themes, to name a few!

Dreamcatcher Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Dreamcatcher Coloring Pages

Dreamcatchers fascinate children and adults alike.

If your youngster has colored multiple dreamcatcher pages, here are some inexpensive and fun ways to use them.

1. Catch a Falling Heart

For this unique and eye-catching dreamcatcher craft, have your youngster cut out the colored artwork. Once finished, glue it to the back of a paper plate.

Next, let the child trace and cut out tiny red hearts and glue them to various places around the dreamcatcher’s center, as well as to the bottom fringe.

A red piece of yarn can be used to hang the artwork. The idea is that the dreamcatcher is in place to “catch” falling hearts.

2. String Art Dreamcatcher

For this unique craft, have the youngster glue the finished coloring page to a thick piece of cardboard of the same size.

Next, help him or her place straight pins in the center of the dreamcatcher’s web. 

Using string or embroidery thread, the child can create a string art effect by threading the string back and forth to embellish the web.

Glitter, puffy paint, and real feathers can be added to decorate this unique piece of string art further. Enjoy this unusual keepsake!

3. Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

Using ordinary white posterboard, let your youngster cut out a large crescent moon, and laminate it with the dreamcatcher coloring page.

Next, give the child yellow construction paper from which to trace and cut out stars. These should be coated with silver glitter.

The stars should then be attached to the bottom of the cutout with a barely visible, thin thread.

This magical-looking dreamcatcher ornament can be hung anywhere for a sparkly accent.

4. Book of Dreams

Sometimes youngsters get very interested in their dreams, and they like to write them down. Dreamcatcher coloring pages are perfect for creating a dream diary.

Colorful construction paper can be used to make sections for the book, such as “good dreams,” “scary dreams,” and even “daydreams.”

When the pages are titled as the child desires, they should be stapled together, and a  finished dreamcatcher coloring page should be used for both the front and back covers.

5. Colorful Dreams

If your child loves bright colors, try this dreamcatcher craft. Once it’s colored, the page should be glued to a bright posterboard and trimmed to give it a “frame.”

Using craft paint, have the youngster paint seven or eight popsicle sticks in various bold shades, which can be glued in a crisscross fashion across the dreamcatcher’s web.

Next, brightly colored buttons can be used to embellish the dreamcatcher’s feathers. Krazy glue works best for this.

Finally, a circle of bright pom-poms glued around the circumference of the dreamcatcher creates a brilliantly colored poster.

6. Over the Rainbow

This pretty craft is easy to complete and begins with your youngster drawing a large rainbow and gluing it to thin cardboard before cutting it out.

Next, the child can color two beautiful dreamcatchers and cut them out as well.

One should be glued to either end of the rainbow, and a hole punched in the top of the craft so it can be hung up.

It will look adorable in the center of the window, and a thin coat of glassine will keep the artwork from fading.

7. Caticorn Dreamcatcher

If your youngster loves unicorns or caticorns, try this magical theme for his or her dreamcatcher.

Once the dreamcatcher is colored and cut out, it should be glued to the center of a bright blue or pink poster board.

Next, make a 3D “horn” by curling a piece of white paper into a cone shape. This can be attached using one thin line of Krazy glue.

Pipe cleaner cat ears can be added if your child has chosen a “Caticorn catcher,” and large wiggle eyes are a must! Streamers hung from the bottom complete this fancy decoration.

8. Dreamcatcher Kite

Using an easy kite template, fashion a decorative kite and add the dreamcatcher once it is colored and cut from the page. It should be affixed to the kite’s center.

Next, use other dreamcatcher coloring pages to create “feathers” by drawing flower petal shapes on the pages, cutting them out, and folding them in half.

Punch small holes in the cutouts, and string them to the bottom of the “kite” with a simple thread.

This unique dreamcatcher kite can be hung wherever the wind blows, and your youngster can enjoy its fluttery sound.

9. A Few of My Favorite Dreams

For this fun craft, have the youngster color the dreamcatcher of his or her choice and seal the page in glassine.

Up to 10 holes should be punched on the bottom, and different colored yarn should be used to create a place to hang objects.

From separate paper, have the youngster trace and cut out a few “favorite things” and attach them to the yarn.

The idea is that the dreamcatcher is “catching” these things for the child’s safekeeping.

10. Dreamcatcher Classroom Fun

For this engaging classroom craft, have the students separate into groups to make giant hanging ornaments from their dreamcatchers.

Each group should connect their finished dreamcatchers together in a vertical line using a hole punch and embroidery thread.

 Before cutting them out, they can be laminated to cardboard, but this is not a must.

Paper streamers in different colors should be added to the bottom of the ornaments, and for extra fun, beads can be added to the embroidery thread in between each cutout.

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