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Dress Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step into the fashion world with these 20 fabulous dress coloring pages that are yours to freely download and print! These sheets let you immerse yourself in the fantastic world of fashion, bringing to life your dream dresses, one coloring page at a time!

For this collection, we included a wide variety of dresses from around the world and for different uses. These include ball gown dresses, wedding dresses, summer dresses, tube dresses, full-length dresses, Sari dresses, plus many others that you can see below!

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Dress Coloring Pages

Dresses are fun items to color, and craft possibilities are endless with this theme.

Have your youngster try these terrific ideas and put those finished pages to good use.

1. New Wardrobe for Paper Dolls

If your youngster plays with paper dolls, dress coloring pages can be used to make a whole new wardrobe!

The youngster can color and cut out as many as desired, using different styles for different paper dolls.

The key is making sure to leave small tabs of paper when cutting the dresses out so they can be folded around the paper dolls.

Laminating them to thin cardboard before cutting them out is also a good idea. Either way, your youngster will have a ball.

2. Have a Beauty Contest

This is a fun craft for a group of youngsters and doesn’t require anything special. Once the children have finished their coloring pages, the dresses can be cut out and glued to plain paper.

Then, they can use standard or colored pencils to add a lady to each dress. 

Coloring pages that already feature a woman can be used too; it’s just a matter of cutting that part away and drawing the new one freehand. 

The group can then have fun holding their own “beauty contest,” with all the youngsters weighing in with a vote. 

3. Create a Dazzling Craft with Buttons

A dress coloring page is perfect for making this one-of-a-kind craft. 

When the dress is colored and cut out, craft gems or buttons should be glued all along the hem with invisible glue.

Next, a sash or belt should be added using the same process.

Glitter can be added in the other areas of the dress to create a stunning kaleidoscope of color. Frame this lovely artwork in a black or white frame to display on the wall.

4. Make an Adorable Poster

Choose a dress coloring page with a modern or short dress to make this delightful poster. 

When the dress is colored and cut out, it should be glued to the center of a piece of posterboard.

Glue a piece of packing twine across the paper just above the dress, curling the ends in a whimsical pattern.

Use toothpicks as clothespins, gluing them in between the twine and the cutout to make it look like the dress is being hung up to dry. 

5. Tissue Paper Framed Art

Dress coloring pages can be made into beautiful artwork with just a bit of tissue paper and some glitter.

Choose a fancy, floor-length dress that has several layers or tiers for this craft, and embellish each section with small tufts of tissue paper.

They can be different shades of the same color or multicolored like stained glass.

Add a layer of silver glitter, and you have stunning, framable artwork.

6. Design a Unique Ornament

This craft is surprisingly easy to make, but the end result is a fancy ornament. Two identical coloring pages should be used.

When the dresses are colored, cut the skirts and bodices out separately. 

Glue the bodices to either side of an ordinary, small foam cup, keeping the cup in its upright position.

Next, glue the skirts to the bottom and add a string to hang this colorful, realistic-looking dress in a doorway or window frame.

7. A One-of-a-Kind Decoration

A coloring page featuring a dress with a long, puffed-out skirt is ideal for this craft. When it’s finished and cut out, glue it to a fancy doily.

Then, use an artificial flower or make a paper rose attached to a green pipe cleaner and position it diagonally across the dress.

This pretty craft can be used to decorate a cake container, the front of a photo album, or any object you choose.

8. Make a Fancy Doll

Making a decorative doll from a fancy dress coloring page is fun and easy. Pages featuring princess dresses are perfect

The finished artwork should be cut out and glued to the front of an empty dish detergent bottle. 

Try to get the waist area of the cutout to line up with the narrowest part of the bottle.

Fill it with artificial flowers or homemade ornaments such as pipe cleaners to which silver and gold stars are stapled. The result is a beautiful, unique decoration.

9. Fun With Fans

This craft is fun for a group of youngsters and begins with cutting the finished dresses from the coloring pages, making sure to cut out the skirts and bodices separately.

The skirts should be laminated to square pieces of construction paper or poster board and folded into the shape of a fan.

At the closed end, a craft flower should be added, or a homemade flower cut from construction paper. The bodice of the dress should then be tucked behind the flower.

The youngster has now turned the dress cutout into a beautiful 3D fan!

10. Bridal Bouquet

To make this attractive centerpiece, choose a bridal dress coloring page or something similar.

When the dress is colored and cut out, it should be glued to the surface of a simple vase from a discount store. Use krazy glue or craft glue for this.

A white curling ribbon should be tied around the top of the vase, and it can be used as a flower vase or a table centerpiece.

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