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Elmo Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 24 unique Elmo coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Of all the kid’s TV shows to have ever aired, Sesame Street is in a whole other league! First aired in 1969, Sesame Street and its characters have been educating and entertaining children for generations.

If you are a teacher or parent who has a child that is crazy for Elmo and looking for something creative to do, you are in for a treat! Included below are many illustrations of Elmo and his friends in different scenes and styles that will appeal to all ages and skill levels.

Elmo Coloring Pages Featured Image

For this series of pages, I recommend finding all the red markers, coloring pencils, and crayons you can to really make Elmo’s fur pop! Alternatively, you can go in your own direction and color Elmo in any style or color you like! There is no right or wrong way!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Elmo Coloring Pages

Below are 10 fun, creative, and affordable craft ideas you can try with your completed coloring pages!

10. Christmas Ornaments

Perfect for a classroom or just a snowy afternoon at home, these Elmo Christmas ornaments will be treasured for years to come.

You’ll need empty plastic ornaments and red tissue paper, crinkle filler paper, or even red construction paper crumpled up.

You’ll take my Elmo coloring pages, shrink them a bit so that his face will fit inside the ornament, and print it off.

Get your kids to color Elmo’s face red and black, and then have them carefully cut it out.

You’re going to put the face inside the ornament so that it’s facing out, and then fill the rest of the ornament in with tissue paper, crinkle paper, or construction paper.

Close up the ornament and put it directly on the tree!

9. Pom Pom Elmos

For this craft, you’ll need craft pom poms in the color red and glue and an Elmo illustration where his face is larger.

Have your kids glue the red pom poms onto Elmo’s face; you could even use an orange pom pom for his nose!

In addition to giving your kids a new way to “color” in Elmo, it’ll be good practice for your littles’ fine motor skills.

8. Gift Bag Decorations

You can use my Elmo illustrations to decorate the next gift bag you give, whether it’s for another kid’s birthday or for Grandma and Grandpa.

You’ll need a plain gift bag, and depending on the size, you can either use Elmo’s face or his entire body.

Print off the illustration of your child’s choosing and have them color in just the central Elmo figure.

Then they’ll cut him out and paste him into the bag. For additional decoration, you could draw a speech bubble from his mouth and him saying, “Happy Birthday, (Name)!”

7. Party Décor 

My Elmo coloring pages are perfect for turning into party décor for your child’s next birthday, and they can get in on the decorating action by helping to color.

Once they’ve colored in a series of Elmo pages, you can then cut them out and create bunting to string up on the walls.

Or you could cut out his face and paste it over paper backdrop fans.

You could also use the illustrations as placemats, place settings, or signs indicating what each food item is.

6. Elmo “Crowns”

For this cute craft, you’ll just need Elmo’s face, so choose a coloring page where that is prominent.

You’re going to get your children to color his face with red markers or crayons and then cut him out.

Next, you’ll need strips of red construction paper that will fit around each child’s head; if a single strip doesn’t fit, you can tape together several and cut to size.

Then you’ll paste the Elmo face to the “crown.” This is a great activity at an Elmo-themed birthday party!

5. Elmo Pillowcases

For this craft, you’ll need a Cricut machine, which you’re going to use on the print and cut setting.

Feed in the Elmo design of your child’s choice after it’s been printed onto press-on vinyl.

Let the Cricut do its magic and then iron on the Elmo figure (whether it’s just the face or his entire body) to a plain 14” x 14” (or other square) pillowcase.

4. Elmo Play Props

Get your kids’ imaginations going with Elmo play props made from my coloring pages.

Simply have the children color in Elmo – just his face or his full body, your choice – and cut him out.

You can laminate him or reinforce him with cardstock if you want a sturdier prop.

Then paste a crafting stick onto the back for ease of handling and movement.

3. Greeting Cards/Party Invitations

Turn my coloring pages into Elmo greeting cards or party invitations with a few computer magic tricks and some folding.

You can either shrink the illustration down to a half-size or if you want a slightly sturdier card, resize it to a fourth of its regular size and place it in the bottom-right corner.

For the quarter-size, you’ll fold the paper in half once with the illustration on the top and then again.

Give it as a birthday card or a party invitation, with the details for where and when listed on the inside.

2. Finger Paintings

Let your kids get messy as they fingerpaint Elmo and his friends.

Put down a vinyl tablecloth or drop cloth, dress the kids in clothes that you don’t mind ruining, and put out washable finger paints for kids to get creative with.

1. Elmo Toilet Paper Figures

To make this craft, you’ll need red construction paper, toilet paper rolls, and glue, plus an Elmo coloring sheet or two.

Start by cutting the red construction paper to fit around the toilet paper roll and glue it in place.

Then you’re going to color in Elmo’s face, and if they’re present, his arms (if not, you can easily make arms out of the red construction paper).

Glue his head to the top of the toilet paper roll and his arms to the sides.

You can add feet if you want at the bottom, but they’re not necessary!

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