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Frog Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 original frog coloring pages illustrated by yours truly! Best of all, these sheets are all completely free to download and print!

For this series, I drew a variety of frogs, including frogs in different settings (ponds, on lily pads, lakes, etc.), the lifecycle of frogs (great for teachers!), cute Kawaii frogs, different frog breeds, tadpoles, plus many more!

Frog Coloring Pages Featured Image

While these printables make for a fun and free craft activity, they also have other uses, such as an educational activity in the classroom or at home, party decorations, banners, wall art, scrapbooking, book covers, and more!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Frog Coloring Pages

There is no doubt that frogs are one of the funnest things for children to color, so when the finished pages pile up, don’t let them go to waste.

Rather, use them to make one of the cute crafts below!

1. Make a Froggy Flyswatter

Frogs love to eat flies, so why not design a flyswatter from a frog coloring page?

Simply choose an appropriate page, and paste the finished frog onto stiff cardboard and carefully cut it out. Laminate the finished cutout on both sides.

Then, attach an extra long craft stick or a wooden chopstick to the cutout, and you have a comical flyswatter.

2. Make a Pond for the Frog

Any child who likes to sketch and color will love this craft! Draw a large pond on poster board-sized paper and add things like lily pads, snails, fish, and of course, some flies.

Make a special place for the frog, such as a colorful toadstool, and cut out the frog and affix him to his new perch.

3. Give the Frog a Big Red Tongue

This craft is easy to make, and loads of fun! After the coloring page is finished, attach it to stiff cardboard and cut a small slit in the area of the frog’s mouth. 

Use a red party blowout to give the frog a tongue with the mouthpiece behind the page and the part that juts out in the front. 

The child can then hold the coloring page up and breathe air into the party blowout to create the illusion of the frog putting out his tongue to catch flies!

4. Frogs on a Log 

An empty paper towel cardboard roll is all that’s needed for this craft, which can be done by one child or a group.

Wrap green felt around the empty paper towel cardboard. Color five to six frogs, attach them to stiff poster paper, and cut them out. 

With a glue stick, attach the bottom portion of each frog to the roll so that they are sitting in a line. 

A string can be attached through the tube, and the ends tied at the top to hang this creation on a wall or door.

5. Fun Homemade Party Hats

For this cute craft, cut the coloring page into ½ circle. Connect the two ends to create a cone. 

The base can then be taped or stapled together, but first, check the width to make sure it fits the youngster’s head!

The party hat can then be embellished with a green pom-pom at the top, or fringes can be added with tiny “frog legs” that can be cut out of a separate paper.

6. Let Mr. Frog Jump on a Lily Pad

This comical craft is very easy to make. Color the frog and carefully cut him out. Next, cut some colored felt in the shape of a lily pad and glue it to a cardboard base.

With a small craft coil, attach the Lily pad and the frog together, and the springing motion will make it look like he’s bouncing on the pad. 

A pipe cleaner fashioned in the form of spring works well for this too!

7. Catching Flies

For this project, finish two identical coloring pages, cut them out, and staple them together, leaving only the top area open so that something can go inside.

Attach a plastic fly to a string, and staple the other end of the string inside the two pages. 

Push the outer edges of the craft together to make the top “open wide” and toss the string in the air. Try to position the craft so that the fly lands in the opening when it comes down.

8. Life Cycle of a Frog

This classroom craft idea is both fun and educational. Make a large circle on a piece of poster board and draw three arrows around its circumference.

In between each arrow, draw part of the life cycle of a frog, with eggs depicted first, a tadpole second, and the mature frog–cut out from the coloring page–at the bottom of the poster board.

This is an entertaining way to teach kids about the lifecycle of these amusing amphibians.

9. Make Tree Frogs

This coloring page craft makes a great classroom activity that is fun for all children.

Create a tall tree trunk out of old-fashioned brown parcel paper. Crinkling it up a bit gives the look and feel of real tree bark.

Have all the kids cut their frogs out and attach red craft pom-poms as oversized eyes. Have the children fasten their frogs at various places up and down the “tree.”

10. Frog Welcome Sign

For a simple craft that is easy for children of any age, give each child a piece of black construction paper and have him or her color and cut out a smiling frog.

With a glue stick, affix the frog to the black construction paper, and use a glitter gun to write the word welcome above or underneath the frog.

The page can then be laminated, and a hole punch can be used to make a hole for a string or ribbon with which to hang the welcome sign.

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