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Geometric Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to explore the mesmerizing world of shapes and angles with these 20 geometric coloring pages, free for you to download and print! Ideal for math enthusiasts and pattern lovers alike, this collection offers an intricate and artistic experience for all ages.

Inside this set, you’ll find various designs ranging from geometric patterns and animals to unique shapes and optical illusions. Whether you’re captivated by tessellations or the symmetry of polygons, these pages provide a canvas for you to express your artistic side!

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Geometric Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Book Covers

My geometric pictures would make ravishing book covers, especially for a series where you want the covers to be similar but not exactly the same.

To make these, if the picture you want to use isn’t just a pattern, you’ll want to copy and paste the entire illustration into a word processor document and center it on the right-hand side.

Print that off and place the picture face-down. Put your book over it and make little hash marks where the book’s top and bottom fall on the page.

Set the book aside and fold the page inward, top and bottom, along the hashmark.

This should create two flaps you can slip over the book’s existing cover.

9. Wall Stencils

You can turn my geometric pictures into gorgeous wall stencils for the next time you’re repainting a room.

You’ll need to print the page out onto cardstock – twice.

Cut out the “blank” spaces on both pages and line them up (you can clean up any cuts at this point). You’ll paste them together and wait half an hour to an hour for the glue to dry.

You should have a durable stencil that you can hold up to the wall and paint over to create a beautiful pattern.

8. Puzzles

Use my geometric illustrations to make puzzles that are sure to stump even the most avid puzzler.

Print out the picture you want to use and color it in. Then, using a black Sharpie, draw directly over the picture, making puzzle-like shapes.

You can make smaller shapes for teens and adults or bigger shapes for kids.

Then, you’ll cut out along those lines you just drew. You can even repurpose a cardboard box and put a picture of the finished product on the top.

While this would be an excellent gift for a friend or family member, it’s also a fun activity for a group of kids – who can then swap puzzles!

7. Jewelry

My geometric shapes would make awesome jewelry, from dangly earrings to statement piece necklaces.

You’ll print out the designs you want to use onto shrink sheets and color them in with markers.

Then, cut them out and punch holes where you want the jewelry findings to go.

Bake per the instructions and let cool. Once they’re cool to the touch, you can attach the jewelry findings, like hooks for dangly earrings or chains and O-rings for necklaces.

You can also add embellishments, like beads, feathers, or even sequins sewed together to make the jewelry truly your own.                                                                 

6. Window Clings

Now, making window clings will be tricky but possible with my geometric pictures.

You’ll want to pick a picture that’s more of a complete design versus a pattern that takes up the entire page.

You’re going to trace the design with puffy paint, and you can use a variety of colors or just stick to one hue.

Let the puffy paint dry completely – so it might take a day or even two.

Then, once the puffy paint is dry, you can carefully – very carefully! – peel the paint from the page and stick it in a sunny window.

5. Wall Hangings

To make wall hangings out of my geometric pictures, you’ll again want to choose an illustration that is more of a finished design.

You’re going to print out two of the pictures and color in both.

Cut them both out, too, and then, you’re going to cut up from the bottom on one cut-out and down from the top on the other to about halfway.

Slide the two pieces together into the notches. You’ll poke a hole at the top of one and tie off a piece of string. 

Then, find a ceiling or wall to hang it from!

4. Play Pieces

For this craft, you’ll just need to print out a page of Geometric Shapes and have your kids color it in.

Then they’ll cut out each piece, and they can use their imaginations to fit the pieces together however they like, creating designs, whatever their imaginations can dream up.

It’s just free play with some fun pieces.

3. Labels Or Logos

You can use my geometric pictures as the background or even the main design for your labels or logos.

You can play around with resizing the illustrations and even use part of a design that you particularly like.

2. Clock Faces

To turn my geometric illustrations into clock faces, you’ll need an inexpensive plastic-faced clock like you can find at the dollar store or Walmart.

You’ll pop the plastic covering off and carefully remove the hands, as well as the old, boring cardboard face.

Then, you’ll resize the geometric design of your choice to fit the face and print. Color it in and cut it out in a circle shape (you can use the plastic face to trace).

Poke a hole in the center and put the colorful new design into the clock. Replace the hands and the plastic covering.

1. Decorative Plates

To make decorative plates, you will need inexpensive ceramic plates like you can find at the dollar store.

You’re going to resize the illustration of your choice to fit the center of the plate, print it out, color it in, and cut it out.

Then, you’re going to Mod Podge the cut-out to the plate using several layers. 

Once the Mod Podge has dried, you can use the plate as a catch-all in your entryway, or you can make multiple plates and hang them on the wall.

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