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Ghost Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 spooky ghost coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Like many American households, we go all out during Halloween with decorations, food, and scary movies. If you, too, are looking to get in the Halloween mood, you’re in for a real trick-or-treat!

For this series of illustrations, I created many styles and themes within the ghost realm that I think will appeal to all ages and skill levels. Included are simple-to-color ghosts for kids, more scary realistic ghosts, Casper the ghost, a Mickey Mouse ghost, and who could forget the Ghostbusters!

Ghosts Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to do With Ghost Coloring Pages

Ghosts are a popular figure for children to color because they are so much fun.

Here are 10 inexpensive, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. A Spooky Decoration

This easy craft begins with a styrofoam cup, thread, and a button. Once the ghost is colored and cut from the page, it should be glued to an upside-down styrofoam cup. 

Next, hang a generous amount of white streamers from the bottom of the cup

Poke a tiny hole in the top of the “ghost,” put the thread through the hole, and tie it onto a button on the other side to secure it and hang it up as an adorable spooky decoration.

2. Give a Ghost a Hand

All children love to trace things, so begin this craft with the youngsters tracing one of their hands on a white piece of paper and cutting it out.

Once they have colored their ghosts and cut them from the page, the ghost cutouts should be affixed to the palm section of the hand, with the fingers at the bottom.

This creates the illusion of a ghostly, flowing form. Add this finished cutout to a black construction paper background for some spooky wall art.

3. Ghost Face-Off

Have the kids color a ghost face, adding puffy paint or craft eyes to make it spookier if they desire.

Next, have them cut the face out and glue it to the back of a plain, white paper plate. 

The children can draw arms with two or three ghostly fingers from white construction paper.

These can be cut out and attached to the back of the paper plate vertically as if the ghost is throwing up his arms to scare someone!

4. Ghost Spiral

For this hilarious craft, take one ordinary paper plate and create a spiral by cutting from the outside to the inside in a circular fashion. Now, you have a springy “ghost body.”

When the children have colored their ghosts and cut them from the page, the cutouts should be affixed to the back of another paper plate.

A slinky ghost emerges when the spiral is glued to the back of this plate and can be hung anywhere for a good laugh!

5. Ghostly Chains

This craft is perfect for a classroom. Many stories involve ghosts rattling chains to scare people, so the students work together to make a long paper chain.

If it’s Halloween time, black and orange can be used for the pattern.

Once their ghosts are colored and cut from the pages, they can be attached with small dots of crazy glue to the paper chain, creating a terrific classroom ornament.

6. Finger Puppet Ghosts

For this craft, give each child two identical ghosts to color. They should then be carefully cut out and glued together, leaving space at the bottom.

Depending on the size, the ghosts can be finger puppets or the youngsters can place their hands in the empty cavity.

They can then decorate their ghosts to look like themselves! The sky’s the limit for this fun activity.

Craft eyes and yarn can be used to make a face and hair, and they can even add hats, scarves, or tiny craft spectacles.

7. Ghost-in-a-Box

If your child loves Jack-in-the-Box, they will love Ghost-in-a-Box even more! 

For this craft, each kid will need a small cardboard box. The box should be decorated with pom-poms, glitter, and puffy paint to look like a treasure box.

Next, their ghosts should be colored, cut out, and glued to small craft sticks.

When a slit is cut in the bottom of the box, the youngsters can push their ghosts up using the popsicle stick to make it look like they’re rising from the chest!

8. A Ghostly Locker Decoration

Starting with a black piece of construction paper, have the children color their ghosts, cut them out, and glue them to the black background.

A bit of space should be left at the bottom rather than glued fast.

Next, 7-8 long strips of white paper should be cut out, and the bottoms curled up like party blowouts.

The non-curled edges should then be glued under the bottom of the ghost for an entertaining locker decoration.

9. Eerie Ghost Lanterns

This beautifully simplistic craft is loads of fun for all children. It requires only the coloring pages, some plain, white paper bags–turned upside down–and some tea lights.

Once the youngsters are finished with their ghosts, they can be cut out and laminated with contact paper or glassine. Next, they should be glued to the side of the bag.

For extra fun, the children can color more pages and decorate all four sides of the bag. Once a tea light is placed underneath, it instantly becomes an eerie ghost lantern.

10. Flying Ghost

To make a funny, flying ghost, have the youngster color, cut out the image, and glue it to an empty bathroom tissue roll. Krazy glue works best for this.

Next, cut strips of white crate paper and glue them around the bottom of the roll so that it flows out in a ghostly form.

Add craft eyes to the ghost’s face to make it come alive, and hang the finished ensemble anywhere it will catch a breeze for an entertaining, flying ghost.

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