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Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 36 unique gingerbread man coloring pages that are all free to download and print! In our household, it has been a long-standing tradition to bake some gingerbread men cookies on December 1st to usher in the festive season, which was the inspiration for this post!

For this series, I illustrated many types and styles of gingerbread men with lots of Christmas themes for all skill levels and ages. Included are gingerbread men with icing, gingerbread men with gumdrops, a plate of gingerbread men, easy-to-color gingerbread men for young kids, plus tons more!

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Featured Image

Once the coloring pages have been completed, be sure to keep some of them, as they can live on in many ways, such as Christmas tree decorations, mantle piece art, a DIY Christmas card, placemats for Christmas dinner, or even some printable Christmas themed wrapping paper!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages

Here are 10 cheap, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring pages!

1. Gingerbread Man Chain

For an enjoyable craft all children can participate in, have the youngsters make a giant gingerbread man chain to decorate for the holidays or any time.

Once they have colored their pages, have them carefully cut out the gingerbread men and punch a small hole in each arm with a metal hole punch.

With colorful yarn, have them string their gingerbread men together to see how long their chain will reach, and then hang it in a fun place to decorate the room.

2. Decorate Party Favors

If your child’s birthday is near the holidays, or he or she loves gingerbread cookies, this craft is loads of fun!

Make up cookie bags to use as party favors, and decorate them with finished gingerbread coloring pages.

The gingerbread men can be cut out and used as decals, or the entire page can be wrapped around the cookie bag!

3. An Amazingly Fun Classroom Activity

For an engaging classroom activity that’s fun for any child, gather up all those empty boxes from craft supplies or other items, and have the children work together to create a “house.”

This is the “gingerbread house,” and they can decorate it accordingly with all kinds of craft supplies, making sure to add lots of windows and doors.

Then, each child can color and cut out a gingerbread man and affix it to the house as if it’s looking out a window, standing in a doorway, or even climbing on the roof.

4. Make a Gingerbread Stick Puppet Family

Children love to play with stick puppets, and for this fun craft, they will be pleased to discover they must color multiple pages.

The goal is to make a gingerbread man family. Therefore, two of them should be large figures to be the “parents,” and then some small ones to look like children.

Youngsters can decorate their cutouts with hats, hair, glasses, or any fun thing they can come up with and then affix them to craft sticks to play with as puppets.

5. Add Pizzazz to a Light Plate

Your child can add a little flair to his or her bedroom with a gingerbread light switch plate.

All the child has to do is trim the coloring page down a bit and cut out the appropriate number of holes for the switches to go through.

If you own your home, plain Elmer’s glue can be used to affix the coloring page to the plate, or if you rent, this can be done with damage-free wall putty to ensure it can be removed.

6. Decorate Canning Jars

For this adorable craft, give each youngster a canning jar or two and have them color and cut out gingerbread men, making sure to embellish them with glitter, puffy paint, and wiggle eyes.

Rubber cement or craft glue should then be used to affix the cutouts to regular Mason jars to make them fancy.

Yarn or ribbon in colorful shades can be tied around the top of the jar for a great decoration or a gift for mom or dad.

7. Dress up a Holiday Garden or Lawn

Garden ornaments are easy for children to make, and gingerbread men are perfect for this activity.

Once the gingerbread figure is colored, it should be glued to a stiff piece of cardboard and cut out.

A wooden chopstick, long knitting needle, or garden stake can be used for the base, and the gingerbread cutout should be attached to it with packing twine in a crisscross manner.

If sprayed with acrylic spray, this cute lawn or garden ornament will last a long time.

8. Decorate a Dessert Cookbook

If mom or dad has a favorite dessert or holiday cookbook, but the cover is a bit lackluster, a gingerbread man coloring page is the perfect solution.

Once the youngster is finished with the page, it should be kept in its entirety or trimmed to the size of the cookbook cover.

Crazy glue should be used to affix it to the cookbook, and contact paper should be placed on top to seal the artwork. 

If it doesn’t get wet, it will keep the cookbook looking nice for many years.

9. Make an Adorable Cake Topper

An entire scene or just one gingerbread man topper can be made, depending on how much your child wishes to color!

The gingerbread man should be colored, glued to cardboard, cut out, and laminated.

A large craft stick, embellished or plain, should then be attached to the cutout, and when slid into the top of the cake, it will look as if the gingerbread man is standing on top.

Alternatively, your youngster can color one large gingerbread man and several smaller ones to create an entire scene to top the cake.

10. Design a Cute Christmas Ornament

For this cute craft, have your youngster color and cut out two gingerbread figures and decorate them as Santa and Mrs. Clause. 

Tiny red craft hats, wiggle eyes, white pom-poms, and red puffy paint can be used to embellish them, and they can be reinforced with a cardboard backing.

Next, a small hole should be punched at the top of each gingerbread man, and they can be hung from the windowsill, on a Christmas tree, or in the doorway with mistletoe!

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