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Giraffe Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Of all the African safari animals, giraffes definitely “stand out” as one of the most unique due to their tall bodies and whacky personalities. If you are a teacher or parent who is in need of some free giraffe coloring pages for a lesson or a rainy day activity, you’re in the right place!

For this series, I illustrated various styles and complexities of giraffes for all skill levels and ages. These include super easy giraffes to color for young kids, more detailed and realistic giraffes for older kids, giraffe mandalas, kawaii-themed giraffes, plus many more!

Giraffe Coloring Pages Featured Image

While these pages make for a fun and creative art activity, they can also be used during a lesson in the classroom, hung as art in a bedroom or doorway, printed decorations for a safari-themed birthday, used for a school project, and countless more uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

11 Craft Ideas To Do With Giraffe Coloring Pages

Giraffes are unique and interesting animals, often a favorite to children everywhere, 

If your child has accumulated plenty of finished giraffe coloring pages, here are 11 fantastic ways to put them to good use!

1. Make a Zoo Themed Scrapbook

All children love the zoo, so what could be better than a zoo-themed scrapbook?

Giraffe coloring pages can be used for both the front and back covers. 

Blank pages are then placed in between, on which pictures of other zoo animals can be drawn.

They can also attach memorabilia from trips to the zoo or write down their memories of such outings.

2. Make a Stand-Up Giraffe

For this cute craft, begin with half of an empty paper towel roll decorated with brown and yellow pom-poms.

When the giraffe is colored and cut out, the neck and head should be cut out in one piece and the legs separately.

Reinforce the legs with pipe cleaners, and use brown pom-poms for the feet. These separate pieces should then be glued to the giraffe’s “body.” 

A piece of brown pipe cleaner makes a great tail, and you have an adorable giraffe that stands upright.

3. Create a Zoo Animal Banner

A picture banner is a nice addition to a classroom and a wonderful way to teach youngsters about giraffes.

To make this banner, have each child color a giraffe page and leave the page intact. 

Place blank pages in between each giraffe on which the youngsters can write facts about these adorable animals.

They can then be strung together for a terrific classroom banner.

4. Play a Counting Game

If your students are learning to count, use giraffe coloring pages to make visual aids.

Cut large flashcards from white poster board, and have each child color multiple giraffes and cut them out.

Paste a different number of giraffes on each card, and then hold the card up to have the children count how many they see. 

The correct number can be written on the back for the children’s reference.

5. Giraffe-Themed Story Book Keepsake

A giraffe-themed storybook is easy to make and simply requires coloring pages as well as 8 to 10 blank pages per child.

When the youngsters have colored 3 to 4 giraffes each, they can be stapled together with the blank pages in between.

On the blank pages, each child can write a giraffe story, and those who are not shy can read them to the class.

The storybooks can then be taken home as keepsakes.

6. Framed Giraffe Coloring Page 

A terrific way to decorate a child’s room, especially if it features an animal theme, is to frame a finished giraffe coloring page.

After the page is colored, it should be left in its entirety and a frame chosen that fits the bedroom’s decor.

Your youngster can then decorate the frame and even autograph the coloring page before it’s framed and hung.

7. Make a Zoo Sign 

All children love bedroom door signs, so why not let them make zoo signs of their own?

A simple piece of poster board glued to a piece of corkboard of the same size is all you need to get started.

Once the giraffe is colored and cut out, it can be placed to the right of the sign’s center, with the word “Zoo” written on the left in white puffy paint or a black magic marker.

8. Giraffe Research

Giraffes are not extinct, but they are making their way up the endangered list and are considered “vulnerable.”

If your child loves giraffes, this educational craft is perfect. Using a large sheet of colored craft paper, make a crease and fold it in half.

Paste the colored giraffe on one side, and on the other, have your child write facts about giraffes or even why he or she does not want them to become extinct!

9. Make a Homemade Basket

Begin this craft with a small container that has a smooth finish.

Have your child color 3-4 giraffes, glue them to stiff cardboard, and carefully cut them out.

With craft glue, let your child glue the giraffe’s legs to the outer side of the container, beginning about halfway up.

Next, the giraffes should be bent toward the center, and their heads attached together with crazy glue. This creates a hilarious “handle” for your “basket.”

10. Laminate a Vase to Make a Funny Centerpiece

If you put out fresh flowers in your home and have some old vases you don’t mind using for crafts, this activity is ideal.

Have your youngster color a giraffe and glue it to stiff poster board. It should then be carefully cut out.

Next, the finished giraffe should be glued to the side of the vase, with its neck far above the rim.

This creates the illusion that the giraffe is “eating” the vase’s flowers.

11. Giraffe Shakers

Let your kids have a noisy old time with some giraffe maracas.

Use an empty toilet paper cardboard or paper towel cardboard cut in half, and have the youngsters color and cut out giraffes from the pages.

The cardboard rolls should be laminated with the coloring pages and filled with shaker sand or aquarium stones, then sealed with a layer of cotton and some packing tape.

The giraffe’s neck and head should then be cut from a finished coloring page and glued vertically to the cardboard rolls for some fun giraffe maracas.

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