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Goat Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get set for a baa-rilliant adventure with these 20 goat coloring pages that are completely free to download or print! Goats are incredibly interesting animals known for their curious nature and amusing antics, making them a delightful choice for art and educational activities.

This series is all about showcasing the fascinating world of goats, from frolicking farmyard kids (baby goats) to majestic mountain-dwelling goats. Included in this collection are a range of goat breeds like the playful Pygmy, wild mountain goats, baby goats, the woolly Angora, and the unique and iconic Markhor!

Goat Coloring Pages Featured Image

To access any of these coloring sheets, click on a link or image to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can download or print that page as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Goat Coloring Pages

Goats enjoy playing as children do, and coloring pages featuring these adorable animals are popular with many youngsters.

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. “G” is for Goat

This popular classroom craft is both fun and educational. Give each child a large piece of poster paper from which to cut a “G.”

Using parts of the coloring page, the letter should be decorated with the goat’s head, tail, legs, and horns in an abstract way.

Wiggle eyes and a big smile drawn with puffy paint can be added for extra fun.

The youngsters can then fill in the blank areas with every word they can think of that starts with the letter “G.”

2. Nature’s Theater

Have the youngsters draw a colorful meadow on a piece of construction paper. They can add grass, trees, flowers, or anything they like.

The scene can then be positioned inside a shoebox that’s been turned on its side. 

Next, their goats should be colored, cut out, and glued to the floor of the shoebox for a 3D theater effect.

To make it extra fancy, hang freehand cutouts of birds or butterflies from the “ceiling” of the box.

3. Create a Goat Piñata

A homemade goat piñata is easy to fashion using various-sized boxes for the head and body and paper towel cardboard stapled at the bottom as legs.

When this is accomplished, and the goodies are sealed inside, the outer surface can be laminated with those goat coloring pages.

Youngsters can add embellishments, such as large wiggle eyes, a black pom-pom for a nose, and black felt for hooves, before breaking in to get the treasure!

4. Make a 3D Desktop Ornament

Start this craft with an empty tin can laminated with brown or white construction paper.

Next, goat coloring pages can be used to decorate the outside, but the fun doesn’t stop there!

Using a second coloring page, the youngster can color and cut out a goat’s head and glue it to the top rim of the can, adding wiggle eyes and a big red tongue.

Use the can as a candy dish; it will look like the goat is guarding the stash while trying to catch a piece with his tongue.

5. An Unusually Fun Craft

A coloring page with a goat rearing up on his back legs is perfect for this ever-popular craft. 

Once it’s colored, cut out, and glued to a piece of construction paper, the youngster should draw a cape for the goat. The idea is to turn him into a superhero!

The child can create a name and write a story for this make-believe character. Its name or initials can be written on the cape in puffy paint.

6. Make a Gift for Mom or Dad 

Begin this craft with a coloring page featuring the goat’s head and neck, and have the youngsters cut out their finished work.

When the cutouts are glued to the center of a paper plate, horns can be cut from an additional plate. The texture and shape of the plate’s edges are perfect for this task!

Once they are attached, the youngster can add wiggle eyes, big eyelashes, a “goatee,” or jewelry to create a “Mommy” or “Daddy” goat as a gift for a parent!

7. King of the Goats

Goat coloring pages featuring a goat’s face and horns are best for this craft.

To get started, cut a long piece of cardboard and staple the ends together to create the base for a hat. 

When the goat is complete, large wiggle eyes should be added to the face, and horns made from white poster board should be stapled to the top.

A crown should be drawn from a separate piece of paper, which is then attached to the goat’s horns at a funny angle. The child can now be King–or Queen–of the goats!

8. Ring Around the Goat

This fun craft easily becomes a game and is not difficult to make. Begin by having your youngster laminate an ordinary empty coffee can with the finished coloring page.

The goat is then embellished with horns, which can be traced, cut from white poster board, and reinforced with pipe cleaners.

Large, black pom-poms as funny feet complete the ensemble. 

Youngsters can then play a ring toss game with small craft rings to see who can make them land on the goat’s horns.

9. A Colorful Goat Pen

Using a simple shoebox, have the youngster add a colorful “fence,” made from strips of construction paper in various shades, taped vertically along the base of the box.

Along the bottom, a green fringe of construction paper can be added as grass and tiny craft pom-poms as flowers.

Once the goat is colored and cut from the page, it can be glued to a popsicle stick, secured in a square of styrofoam, and placed inside the box for an adorable craft.

10. Comical Artwork

Start this craft by wrapping a paper towel cardboard in white felt.

Next, have your child color a big, smiling goat face, cut it out, and glue it to one end of the cardboard. 

A curled pipe cleaner attached to the other end makes a funny tail. 

Horns can be cut from white construction paper, and when hung up, this hilarious craft looks like a goat with an oversized head!

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