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Gymnastics Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Leap into the world of balance beams and pirouettes with these 20 gymnastics coloring pages that are entirely free to download and print! Gymnastics, a timeless and elegant sport, has fascinated fans around the world, showcasing unbelievable athleticism, which makes it a great topic for a coloring activity.

Included below are a wide range of illustrations capturing the essence of gymnastics, from poised rhythmic gymnasts with their ribbons to fearless athletes on the uneven bars, dynamic floor routines, pommel horse routines, and even young budding gymnasts practicing their moves!

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Gymnastics Coloring Pages

If your child takes gymnastics or just enjoys coloring pages on this theme, try these fantastic crafts to use up the finished pages.

1. Create Fancy String Art

If your child is very creative, a fancy craft can be made with some straight pins, embroidery thread, and a coloring page.

When the page is finished, use a light layer of invisible glue to attach it to styrofoam or corkboard.

Have the youngster choose various sections–or all of them–and carefully place the straight pins around the different areas.

The child can then use colored thread to create string art patterns for unique, framable art.

2. Make a Competition Poster

Start this fun poster by drawing balance beams and other items related to gymnastics on a plain piece of dark-colored poster board.

Next, cut three circles from yellow construction paper, gluing them to the poster board a few inches above the other drawings as “spotlights.”

When three characters are finished and cut out, the child can glue them to the centers of the spotlights.

The finished poster will look like people participating in a gymnastics competition!

3. Olympic Rings Craft

This engaging craft requires only five ordinary white paper plates, some markers, and coloring pages.

Cut the centers from the paper plates so that only the beveled rings remain. They should be colored blue, yellow, green, black, and red, with markers or craft paint.

Slits should be cut so that they can be linked together in the pattern of the Olympic circles.

Finally, cutouts from the finished coloring pages should be glued on top of the circles in any pattern the child desires for a unique and interesting piece of artwork.

4. Gymnastics Goals 

If your youngster takes gymnastic classes, a colorful, artistic goal sheet may keep him or her motivated.

When a favorite gymnastics page is colored, glue it to the top of an ordinary white poster board, turned vertically.

Decorate the coloring page with glitter, craft gems, puffy paint, buttons, or anything the youngster chooses, and then glue it to the top of the poster board.

A ruler can be used to make lines on which the youngster can write down his or her gymnastics goals.

5. Make a Fancy Homemade Medal

If you think your child deserves first place in gymnastics, why not let the youngster create his or her own medal?

Begin by tracing a large circle on a piece of thick cardboard and cutting it out. It can be painted or colored blue or gold, depending on what the youngster prefers.

In the center, on both sides, cutouts from the finished pages can be used to decorate the medal.

Punch a hole at the top for a piece of thick yarn, and the child has a terrific first-place gymnastics medal to wear anywhere.

6. Add Pizzazz to a Headboard

The headboard on your child’s bed can be made fancy with a cutout from a gymnastics coloring page. A character doing a split or handstand is perfect for this. 

Once the page is colored, glue it to thin cardboard and cut the character out, leaving an extra inch of paper at the base.

Fold this tab of paper down and glue it to an empty paper towel cardboard so that the figure is standing straight up. 

Cut the bottom of the cardboard roll straight across, long way, and fit it down over the top of the headboard. The figure will be balanced on its own.

7. Make a Funny Gymnastics Pinwheel

For this fun craft, have your youngster color three to four characters and cut them from the page.

Although this craft can be done with several cutouts of the same kind, it’s better to choose figures in various gymnastic positions.

Stack the cutouts, one on top of the other, turning them so that the arms and legs are at the outer edges of the circle.

Attach them with a paper fastener, add a craft stick or wooden knitting needle, and you have a hilarious gymnastics pinwheel.

8. Unique Mat Craft

Start this craft by folding a piece of poster board into an accordion-style card.

When the youngster has colored several pages, cut the gymnastics characters out and glue one to each square of the accordion.

This way, when fanned out, it looks like the characters are exercising on a gymnastics mat.

9. A Colorful Ponytail Holder

If you have a little girl who uses ponytail holders or scrunchies, she’ll love this craft. Use a page featuring a character doing a handstand. 

Glue the finished coloring page to thin cardboard, cut out the character, and glue it to the cardboard roll.

The bottom of the roll can then be pushed into an ordinary square of styrofoam, and your youngster has a great place to keep scrunchies!

10. Make an Olympic Banner

This craft is perfect for a classroom and starts with each child coloring a gymnast, gluing the page to cardboard, and cutting the figure out.

Next, each youngster should be given a red and a blue piece of construction paper on which to trace and cut out medals.

The gymnastic figures should be strung together, with the first and second-place medals in between, to make a colorful and interesting banner to display in the classroom!

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