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10 Fun Activities To Do With This Halloween Countdown

Try these terrific, inexpensive activities to use alongside our live Halloween countdown to October 31, 2023.

1. Halloween Movie Marathon
Every day that gets closer to Halloween, watch a different Halloween-themed movie. It can be anything from a spooky thriller to a light-hearted cartoon!

2. Creepy Crafts
With each passing day in the countdown, make a Halloween-themed craft. Paper ghosts, painted pumpkins, and other DIY Halloween decorations will help set the mood.

3. Scary Story Time
For each day on the countdown, read or tell a different scary story. This is a great chance to gather the family around and get into the Halloween spirit.

4. Baking and Cooking
Every day, bake or cook something that’s Halloween-themed. You can make anything from spooky cookies to a jack-o’-lantern styled pizza.

5. Halloween Costume Planning
Use the countdown as a way to plan and create Halloween costumes. This gives everyone ample time to come up with creative ideas and put them together before the big day.

6. Pumpkin Carving
Every few days in the countdown, carve a pumpkin. This way, by the time Halloween arrives, you’ll have an array of scary pumpkins decorating your home.

7. Decorations
Each day that passes, put up a new Halloween decoration. This will progressively transform your home into a Halloween haven.

8. Thrilling Exercises
For each day left in the countdown, do a fun Halloween-themed exercise. Think zombie walks, witch’s broom jumps, or spider crawls.

9. Random Acts of Spooky Kindness
For each day left on the countdown, perform a “spooky” act of kindness. This could be gifting a friend some Halloween cookies, or surprising a neighbor with a festive decoration.

10. DIY Advent Calendar
Create a DIY Halloween advent calendar. Each day, mark off a number and find the corresponding treat or activity. This could be a small candy, a fun joke, or a quick game.

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