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Inside Out Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to dive into the world of emotions with these 28 Inside Out coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Whether you’re a long-time fan of the movie or just discovering the colorful world of Inside Out, get ready to unleash your creativity and bring your favorite characters to life through your own unique style.

For this series, I illustrated many of the movie’s most iconic scenes and some of the most beloved characters, including Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Riley, Bing Bong, and even the Dream Boy! All that’s needed to bring these Pixar characters to life is some imagination and some markers!

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Inside Out Coloring Pages

The iconic Inside Out movie features some of the most original characters of all time.

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. Tracking Emotions

For this classroom craft, each student should have a coloring page featuring all five Inside Out characters.

When cut out from the page, they should be glued to the top of a white poster board, and strips of construction paper in matching colors glued underneath.

Throughout the week, they can write about different emotions they felt and why, underneath the corresponding figure. 

This creates an interesting conversation in the classroom when the children look back over their week of emotions.

2. Make a Scary Halloween Mask

The Inside Out character, Anger, is perfect for this craft, and a page featuring this character’s face should be used.

When the page is colored, it should be glued to thin cardboard and sealed in glassine or acrylic spray.

“Flames” can then be cut from orange and yellow construction paper and glued to the top of the mask in the back.

Two holes should then be punched on either side for elastic string, and your youngster has a fun mask for Halloween.

3. Unique Inside Out Art

To make a unique and exciting piece of wall art, have your child draw his or her head in silhouette form from black construction paper. It does not have to be perfect!

Next, the cutout should be glued to a white background, and the youngster should be given a coloring page featuring all five Inside Out Characters.

Once they are colored and cut out, they should be glued onto the poster as if they are inside the child’s head for unique, abstract artwork to display anywhere.

4. How Are You Feeling?

This craft can be an individual or classroom activity. Turn a black piece of poster board vertically and write the words “I Am Feeling” at the top in white puffy paint. 

It should be laminated to a thin piece of cork board and pushpins used to create “hooks.” The children can have fun coloring and cutting out various Inside Out characters.

Holes can be punched at the top of the cutouts for thread, and the youngsters can hang the different characters on their signs depending on how they’re feeling at the moment!

5. Emotion Thermometer

For this fun craft, have your youngster draw a freehand thermometer on a piece of poster board turned vertically.

The thermometers should be finished in rainbow colors, going from “hot” to “cool” shades.

When the Inside Out characters are colored and cut from the page, they can be used as decals to decorate the border of the thermometer.

Inside the thermometer, the child should write the names of various emotions in the corresponding sections based on colors for an interesting piece of artwork.

6. A Joyful Suncatcher

For this easy craft, give your child an Inside Out coloring page featuring “Joy.”

Green and blue tissue paper, glitter, and puffy paint can be used to give the character a 3D look. Wiggle eyes and hair made from yarn are great additions.

It should then be lightly sprayed with acrylic sealer and blue or green yarn threaded through a hole in the top to hang it up.

It can then be used as an adorable sun catcher-type ornament.

7. Desktop Decorations

Start your child with some empty bathroom tissue cardboard for this fun craft.

The characters from the coloring page can be used to laminate the cardboard; with a few extra additions, they can come to life!

Large wiggle eyes, tiny pom-poms, and red puffy paint are perfect for creating the mouth, nose, and eyes.

Yarn works excellent for hair, and pipe cleaners are perfect for arms. These cute desktop ornaments can go on your child’s bureau, desk, or even a living room coffee table.

8. Inside Out Magnets

Characters from this great movie are perfect for making colorful and cute refrigerator magnets.

Choose a coloring page with medium-sized characters, have the youngsters color them, glue them to cardboard, and cut them out.

They should be laminated with at least two coats of acrylic spray, after which craft magnets can be glued to their backs.

These adorable magnets will last a surprisingly long time.

9. Jar of Emotion

For this highly enjoyable craft, give each child a small jar filled with colored sand that corresponds with the shade of his or her chosen Inside Out character.

When the character is colored, it should be carefully cut from the page and glued to the outside of the jar with invisible glue.

A ribbon or yarn in the corresponding shade should be tied at the top of the jar for a unique and attractive ornament.

10. Emotional Train Wreck

Most children enjoy making a collage, and a “train wreck” of emotions is perfect for this. 

Have the youngsters draw several train boxcars from different colored construction paper and arrange them in a random pattern as if they had crashed together.

Once they have colored their Inside Out characters, they can be cut out and glued to the center of the “train wreck” for an interesting collage of jumbled emotions.

If done as a classroom activity, it can even be used to help them discuss what it’s like to feel many emotions all at once. 

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