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Iron Man Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 24 original Iron Man coloring pages that are all free to download or print! The idea for this series actually came from my two young boys, who are fanatical about The Avengers, and, more specifically, Iron Man.

With their help, I got lots of inspiration on that to include, from various Iron Man poses, famous Iron Man scenes, Iron Man with other MCU characters, and also some really simple Iron Man illustrations for kids.

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These printables are great for teachers and parents who are looking for a quick, simple, fun, and free craft activity that is sure to keep kids entertained. Also, these coloring pages make for a great screen-free arts activity on a rainy day or even Marvel-themed party decorations!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Iron Man Coloring Pages

Keep reading this article for some projects you can do with this collection of coloring pages, including party decorations, DIY home decor, gift wrap, and other fun and useful crafts!

1. Superhero Party Decorations

Throwing a theme party can be rather costly, so if you’re looking to save some money on decorations, you can do so by making your own with Iron Man coloring sheets.

After printing and coloring the pages, you can use them like posters, party banners, or placemats.

As well, you can cut out the silhouettes of the characters and objects in the illustration to make cake toppers, attach them to cups and plates, or stick them on plastic tablecloths like stickers.

Further, if you’re giving away party favors to guests, including these coloring sheets in the gifts makes a great addition, especially for younger kids.

2. Craft/Stationery Supplies

Stationery/craft supplies come in handy for many projects, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, try making your own using these Iron Man coloring pages!

For instance, you can cut out the silhouettes of the characters and objects in the illustrations to make stickers. After coloring them in, you can make a sticker paste using this method.

You can use the full sheets to make layouts, or you can cut out the silhouettes to make page borders and notepapers.

3. Create Your Own Iron Man Comic Book

Since this collection of coloring sheets is superhero-themed, a great way to use them is to make your own comic book. This is a great activity for kids to do with their parents!

To make the book, have your kids select their favorite Iron Man illustrations and print and color them in.

If you want to make a traditional-style comic book, I recommend changing the dimensions of the illustrations before printing them out to make comic panels.

However, make sure to print out one regular-sized sheet to use for the front cover.

After coloring, cut out the white space from the pages and paste them onto other sheets of paper to create comic panels. Next, have the kids write their stories on the panels.

Next, use a large sheet of card stock or colored craft paper to make the comic covers. Fold the paper in half to make a crease, and staple the pages into the fold.

Finally, paste the regular-sized illustration to the front cover, come up with a fun title, and you’re done! 

4. Make a Superhero Gallery Wall

If your kid loves Iron Man and wants to decorate their bedroom accordingly, a great low-price option is creating a gallery wall. 

Have your kid select their favorite illustrations from this collection, print them, and color them in.

Next, decide how you or your kid would like to arrange the pictures on their wall.

I recommend using a gallery wall frame set or poster frames to prevent ruining the wall paint.

5. Make Cards and Stationery for Friends

A fun activity for kids is to have items to trade with each other. So, if your kid’s friends love Iron Man or Marvel, you could make them some fun items with my coloring sheet selection.

For instance, you can print the pictures onto card stock and make comic-themed cards. As well, you can make stickers using the method mentioned above.

Finally, you can make bookmarks by cutting out the silhouettes of the characters and objects in the illustration and pasting them onto card stock.

6. Decorate Gift Bags and Boxes

If you or your kid is attending a party that warrants gift-giving, a great way to personalize the present is to make your own gift bag/box decorations.

Using these coloring sheets, you can paste the pages to the front of gift bags, or you can layer them on a box collage-style.

Further, you can cut and paste the illustration silhouettes to the bag/box like stickers!

7. Use Pages as Wrapping Paper

Another way to use Iron Man coloring pages for gifts is to make your own wrapping paper. These pages are US letter sized and perfect for small gifts like DVDs, books, comics, video games, or devices.

Simply print and color the sheet of your choice and wrap the gift accordingly. I recommend sealing the folds with washi tape to make the present even more festive!

8. Make a Superhero Coloring Book

To make a coloring book, follow the method above for making a comic, but use the default size to print the pictures.

9. Paper Small Bookshelves

If you or your kid’s room has a small console or side table that needs sprucing up, you can try papering the surface with coloring pages and make the table Iron Man-themed.

After printing the pages, color them in, and use Modge Podge or a similar strong paste to layer the illustrations over the table/shelf.

I recommend using paint to fill in these sheets, as it will add more vibrancy and give the project a higher-quality appearance.

10. Decorate School Supplies

Finally, another way to use these coloring pages is to spruce up your kid’s school supplies and other stationery.

For notebooks, sketchbooks, and folders, you can paste the coloring pages to the front using Modge Podge.

For smaller items like pencil cases and locker ornaments, you can cut and paste the illustration silhouettes like stickers.

Iron Man Coloring Pages Featured Image

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