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Jeep Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Shift into four-wheel drive and explore the rugged terrain with these 22 Jeep coloring pages that are all free to download or print! While Jeep vehicles are renowned for their off-road capabilities and adventurous spirit, they also provide a fantastic subject for coloring enthusiasts of all ages!

Included below are many iconic Jeep models, such as the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, and the legendary Wagoneer! No matter your age or artistic skill level, buckle up, grab your coloring pencils, and embark on a thrilling artistic journey with these captivating Jeep coloring pages, one rugged masterpiece at a time!

Jeep Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, you can click on any of the below images or links. This will then open the PDF on a new page, which can then be downloaded or printed. You can also save these PDFs for digital coloring on an iPad or iPhone!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Jeep Coloring Pages

Here are 10 inexpensive, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Monthly Or Weekly Calendars

To make calendars out of my Jeep pictures, you will have to do a little magic on the computer first.

Namely, you’ll have to copy and paste the entire image from the PDF to which it was downloaded into a word processor document.

Make sure the document’s orientation is set to landscape as well, and then center the images on the page. You’ll do this for every picture you use.

Then in a separate document, you can also create the grid for the month or week; be sure to title the pages so you know which month is which!

Print those pages off and have your kids color them in.

Then to connect them, I like to punch holes in the bottom of the picture page and the top of the grid page, then loop O-rings through both.

As the month or week passes, you can then easily rip the pages off.

9. Posters Or Collages

If your kid is a Jeep enthusiast or wishes to go on a safari, you can pass away an afternoon by making posters or collages out of my Jeep pictures.

To do this, you will need multiple Jeep illustrations, as well as images of Jeeps from magazines and a big piece of poster board to put it all on.

Have your kids lay out the poster/collage first, placing all the pieces where they want them to go before gluing them down permanently.

They can also draw or stencil letters to write phrases on the page, like “I <3 My Jeep.”


Shrink the Jeep figure of choice so that it will fit a three-inch by eight-inch piece of construction paper – either vertically or horizontally, totally up to you.

Print it and color it in and then cut it out and paste it onto the construction paper rectangle.

If you’re pasting it horizontally, you could place it so that the back end of the Jeep hits up against the edge of the rectangle.

Then you could punch a hole in the paper and tie off multiple strands of grey or black yarn to look like exhaust fumes!

7. Book Covers

The first step in making a book cover out of my Jeep pictures is to resize the images.

You’ll copy and paste the illustration out of the original PDF and into a word processor document that has been oriented to landscape.

Center the picture on the right-hand side, leaving about an inch of margin space all around.

Print that off and color it in, then turn the page over, illustration side down, and grab your book.

Line it up so that it’s even on the page, and mark with a pencil where the top and bottom of the book are.

You’ll then fold the page down on both of those lines, creating flaps that you can slip onto the book’s hardcover.

6. J Is For Jeep Craft

To make this craft, you’ll start out with stenciling or free-handing a large J letter out of construction paper.

Then, you’ll have your kids paste that to another piece of construction paper in a different color.

You might want to resize the Jeep figure you’re using so that it fits the page; have your kids color it in and cut it out.

They’ll then paste the Jeep near the bottom of the page. 

Finally, they’ll write in, next to the J, “Is For Jeep.”

5. Greeting Cards

For the Jeep enthusiast in your life, you can use my coloring pages as greeting cards to celebrate their birthday or even a new purchase.

By copy-pasting the picture into a word processor document, too, you can add text over the illustration and make it truly personal.

4. Wrapping Paper

You can wrap up a small gift in one of my Jeep illustrations and give the recipient a cute picture in the process.

Print the Jeep image you want to use, color it in, and place it face down.

You’re going to center the gift right over the main figure, top side down, and bring up the sides of the paper and tape it into place.

This way, when you turn the gift right-side up, the Jeep is prominently displayed.

3. Keychains

Make cute Jeep keychains in just an afternoon!

You’ll print the Jeep figures you want to use onto shrink sheets and have your kids color them in with markers.

Then they’ll cut them out and punch holes where they want the O-rings to attach.

Bake the cut-outs; once they’re cooled, you can affix the keychain accessories.

2. Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

To make this craft, you’ll need wooden ornament-shaped cut-outs, which you can find at the craft store.

You’ll resize and print off the Jeep figures you want to use and have your kids color them in and cut them out.

Before you affix them to the ornament, you can write a message or phrase (“Merry Christmas 2023”); then Mod Podge the Jeep cut-outs to the wooden piece, going over it a few times.

1. Jeep Fact Booklets

Jeep is actually a brand and a company with a long and storied history, so get your kids researching and writing about it.

They can write the facts directly onto the Jeep pictures and color them in.

Then they can bind the pages together using a three-hole punch and O-rings or by simply placing them in a binder.

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