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King Kong Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Venture into the dense jungles of Skull Island with these 20 King Kong coloring pages, free for you to download and print! With these pages, you can immerse yourself in a realm where the colossal gorilla, King Kong, who reigns supreme and embodies the wild heart of nature!

In this set, you’ll come face to face with King Kong himself while he climbs the Empire State Building, roaming Skull Island, and has epic battles with foes, including Godzilla, dinosaurs, giant squid, and Pterosaur. Also included are simple illustrations of King Kong, detailed ones, and even a cute kawaii one!

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To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With King Kong Coloring Pages

King Kong is an iconic creation loved by children around the world.

Here are some fun and fascinating ways to use those finished coloring pages.

1. Classroom Fun For King Kong Fans

This easy craft is guaranteed to be enjoyed by any age child and is perfect for simple coloring pages.

When the youngsters have finished coloring King Kong, the characters should be carefully cut out.

A string should be threaded across a section of the classroom, and each youngster should be given a clothespin. These can be used to attach the cutouts to the string like a vine.

The end result will be hilarious, mainly if the youngsters put their cutouts in various positions, such as one hanging from its toes and the next dangling from one arm!

2. Make a Movie Poster

Everyone remembers the famous King Kong movie poster, where the giant gorilla has captured a beautiful hostage.

Youngsters will have the time of their lives recreating that movie poster. All they need to do is use white chalk to draw a city skyline on a black piece of poster paper.

Then, King Kong can be cut from the coloring page and added to the poster. “Now Playing” can be written at the top in bright puffy paint or bright colored chalk.

 Just make sure to use a King Kong coloring page featuring the damsel in distress!

3. Create King Kong’s City

King Kong is famous for climbing buildings and hanging out on steeples, so why not turn these famous scenes into crafts?

To begin, give each child an empty cardboard milk carton sprayed black with craft paint. 

Let the youngsters decorate it with tiny windows made from white construction paper or white chalk. A craft stick or even a pencil works great as a steeple.

Then, the coloring pages can be used to decorate the building as if King Kong is on a climb!

4. King Kong Versus an Airplane

King Kong loves to toss airplanes and helicopters aside when he’s on a rampage, and this makes a super-fun craft.

Choose a coloring page with some helicopters or airplanes in the background, but give King Kong a special plane too. 

Simply have the youngster trace and cut out a simple plane from construction paper, cutting it in half in a raggedy line.

Put one half in each of King Kong’s hands as if he’s torn it apart for fun artwork to display anywhere.

5. Versatile Artwork

If your youngster has lots of finished coloring pages and can’t pick a favorite, this craft is perfect.

Have the child choose four or five favorite pages and trim them in a decorative way, such as in an oval or with scalloped scissors.

Then, each character should be glued side-by-side across a long piece of poster board.

It can then be folded up, accordion-style, and unfolded to depict one great King Kong pose after another!

6. Swinging Along

For this fun craft, give each youngster two long pieces of twine and a craft stick or old wooden knitting needle.

Using a simple King Kong coloring page, have the youngster color and embellish it however desired, and then separate the arms and legs from the body.

These can be reattached with paper fasteners and a piece of twine attached to King Kong’s hands.

The other ends should be tied to the craft stick or knitting needle for a fun, movable King Kong toy.

7. King Kong on Skull Island

All that’s needed for this craft is an empty Pringles potato chip container and two coloring pages.

Using a page featuring Skull Island, laminate the container.

Then, cut King Kong from another coloring page and reinforce him with a craft stick.

Move the bottom of the craft stick inside the Pringles container as if he is emerging straight up from Skull Island!

8. King Kong at Home

Begin this craft by giving each youngster an empty shirt box. This will be the perfect size.

Fill it with Easter straw or tissue paper, and have the youngsters trace and cut out palm trees, rocks, or other items with which to decorate it.

These should be glued to the inside “walls” of the box. Then, when one or more King Kong characters are colored and cut out, they can be glued to the floor of the box.

Just make sure to leave approximately half an inch of extra paper at the cutout’s base for the glue.

9. Make a Unique Mobile

To make this unique mobile, have the youngsters cut out their favorite King Kong character from the finished page, as well as some additional items.

These can be helicopters, rocks, or even other creatures that King Kong may be in combat with.

Using King Kong as the center, punch small holes around the bottom of the cutout and string on the remaining cutouts mobile style.

When a hole is punched in the top, this unique ornament can be hung anywhere.

10. King Kong Eats His Prey

For this hilarious craft, have the youngsters use a finished coloring page featuring a simple King Kong with a big grimace.

Then, have the child cut out a figure from another finished page, such as a prehistoric bird, a woman, or even a monster squid.

Then, a slit should be cut in King Kong’s mouth, and the other cutout slid halfway in to appear as if it’s being eaten!

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