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Ladybug Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 unique ladybug coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been fascinated by ladybugs due to their vibrant red color, tiny bodies, and how they represent the introduction to spring.

For this series, I drew many types and styles of ladybugs for all ages and skill levels. Included are simple outlines of ladybugs for young children to color, cute kawaii ladybugs, ladybugs with their wings open, ladybugs with flowers, and even a ladybug mandala!

Ladybug Coloring Pages Featured Image

These printables are great for educators and parents to teach kids about these incredible insects while also having some fun. Once the coloring pages are completed, they can then be used as wall art, placemats, DIY bookmarks, a class assessment, or even for some free party decorations.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Ladybug Coloring Pages

Here are 10 inexpensive, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Keychains

For this craft, you’ll need shrink sheets, which you can purchase on Amazon.

You’re going to print the ladybug coloring page of your choice onto the shrink sheets and have your kids color in the ladybugs with markers.

Then have them cut out the ladybugs and punch a hole in the bottom (this way, the head is preserved!).

Bake according to the shrink sheet’s directions and let cool. Once it’s totally cooled, you can thread the keychain rings through the hole (or use pliers to attach the rings).

9. Wrapping Paper

If you have a small box or other objects, you can use my ladybug coloring pages as wrapping paper.

Have your child color in the illustration of their choice and then center the box or item in the middle of the sheet (illustration side down).

Wrap it up with tape, and you’ve got an adorable, handmade bit of paper that the recipient will cherish!

8. Party Decorations

If your little ladybug wants to have a ladybug-themed birthday party, then they can help contribute to the decorations by coloring in some of my illustrations!

Starting a few weeks before the party, get them to color in my ladybug pages and then either hang up the pages whole or cut out the ladybugs.

You can then use the ladybug figures to make banners, food placards, place settings, or table décor.

7. Greeting Cards

For a sweet springtime hello or a Mother’s Day greeting, my ladybug coloring pages can be crafted into cards that are sure to light up the recipient’s face.

You can either shrink the illustration down to a half-page and fold the paper, or you can make it a fourth of the size.

If you go for the fourth, you’ll place the illustration in the lower-right corner. Then you’ll fold the page short end to the short end, then again, so the image is on the “cover.”

You can add your greeting to the front and write a sweet message inside!

6. Magnets

To make cute ladybug magnets, you’ll again need shrink sheets. Have your kids color in the ladybugs with marker and then carefully cut them out.

Bake according to the shrink sheets’ directions and then let cool completely.

After they’ve cooled, glue round magnets to the back using a hot glue gun or superglue (the adult should handle the superglue, though!). 

5. Colorful Ladybugs

While most ladybugs are red and black, why not let your – or your child’s – imagination take flight?

Color the ladybugs in wild, unpredictable shades, like purple, blue, or green, or create patterns on their exterior shell.

Love a specific sports team? Color in a ladybug in the team’s colors. Want to show your support for a cause like breast cancer? Make your ladybug pink.

4. Ladybug Crowns

For the princess in your life, turn my ladybug coloring pages into beautiful crowns.

Have your child color in just the ladybug on one of my sheets; you’ll want to choose one where the ladybug is as round and face-on as possible.

Then have them cut out the coloring, carefully following the outline.

Take construction paper and cut out a strip that will fit around your child’s head (you might have to tape two strips together, depending on the size of your kid’s head).

Attach the ends and then tape or glue the ladybug to the “headband.”


For this craft, you’ll have to start with some computer magic; shrink the ladybug illustration so that the main figure is about the size of a half-dollar.

Print it off and have your kid color it in as best they can, then cut it out.

Then you’re going to take a piece of paper (you can use the rest of the page from which you cut out the ladybug) and follow these instructions for creating a corner bookmark.

When you’re all done, paste the ladybug to the part of the square that’s folded over.

2. Finger Puppets

To make this cute craft, all you need are my ladybug coloring pages, a hole punch (if you have one), and a pair of scissors.

Print off and have your kids color in a few of my illustrations – you’ll want to pick ones where the ladybug is more head-on and less at an angle.

Cut out the ladybugs and then, about a half-inch to an inch from the bottom, punch two holes (for two fingers).

You can then use the scissors to enlarge the holes to whatever size is needed.

And voila! You have a very simple craft that will get kids to use their imaginations when they play.

1. Movable Ladybugs

For this craft, you will need to use a ladybug illustration where the bug is head-on, not at an angle.

You’re going to have your kids color in just the wings and head.

Then have them cut out the ladybug and cut off the wings so that there are three pieces – what’s left of the body and head, plus the two wings.

You’re going to take black construction paper and cut it into an approximation of the size of the ladybug’s body and paste it onto the existing body.

Then you need two brass-plated fasteners; place the wings where they should go over the body and push the fasteners through.

The wings will then open and close!

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