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Lion Guard Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Embark on a savanna adventure with these 20 Lion Guard coloring pages, completely free for you to download and print! With these sheets, kids can immerse themselves in the Pride Lands, where Kion and his friends have endless adventures and work to maintain the Circle of Life and protect their kingdom.

In this collection, you’ll meet Kion, the young cub who leads the Lion Guard, along with team members like Bunga the honey badger, Ono the egret, Fuli the cheetah, and Beshte the hippo. Also included are illustrations of Baliyo, Kovu, Rani, Vitani, plus many others that you can see below!

Lion Guard Coloring Pages Featured Image

To access any of these coloring sheets, click on a link or image to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can download or print that page as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Lion Guard Coloring Pages

No child can resist Lion Guard, and this theme is a popular coloring page choice.

If your youngster has a stack of finished pages you don’t know what to do with, try some of these enjoyable, inexpensive crafts.

1. Standing Guard

To start this cute craft, give the youngsters bathroom tissue cardboard to laminate with the cutouts from their finished coloring pages.

The heads should be cut out separately and glued to the front of the rolls for that 3D look.

Then, have the youngster cut the bottom side of the roll entirely through and bend the sides out a bit.

“Legs” can then be cut into the cardboard so the lion can stand on his own!

2. A Colorful Door Ornament

Lion Guard is perfect for this autumn ornament. Have the youngster color and cut out a full Lion Guard face and glue it to the center of a paper plate. 

Pipe cleaner whiskers, wiggle eyes, and a black pom-pom nose can be added.

Then, using strips of brown, yellow, and orange paper, create a “mane” for the lion by gluing the strips in a circular fashion around the plate and curling the paper.

Hang this adorable ornament on the front door or a kitchen wall!

3. Lion Guard Handprint Art

To make this exciting craft, have each youngster make handprints with yellow or orange finger paint on a white posterboard with their fingers facing down. 

Then, when the Lion Guard pages are finished, and the characters cut out, they should be glued just above the handprints.

Tufts of orange or yellow tissue paper can be added as the mane and tail. Add wiggle eyes to embellish the face, and hang this adorable artwork anywhere.

4. Keep a Desktop Organized

To make this fun Lion Guard desktop organizer, give the youngster three cardboard rolls in different sizes, made from paper towel or bathroom tissue cardboards.

Then, using Lion Guard cutouts from the finished pages, have the youngsters decorate the rolls, adding wiggle eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers.

Lion manes can be created by cutting up pipe cleaners in orange, red, and yellow and stapling them around the lion’s face. 

This cute organizer can be used to color code different craft supplies!

5. Lion Guard Framable Art

To make fun and interesting artwork to display on the wall, have the youngster color a full Lion Guard face, adding large wiggle eyes and a red felt tongue.

Using orange and yellow construction paper, the youngster should trace his or her hands and cut them out multiple times for a total of about ten cutouts.

These should be arranged in a circular fashion on a piece of poster board.

When the Lion Guard cutout is centered in the middle, the hand cutouts will look just like a lion’s mane!

6. Design a Cute Centerpiece

Begin this craft by painting a large styrofoam cup orange or tan. Carefully cut off the cup’s base, approximately two inches from the bottom.

Turn the remainder of the cup upside down, and use krazy glue to attach the smaller piece to the top rim. The bottom of the cup is now facing up at an angle. This is the lion’s face.

When the character’s face is cut from the coloring page, it should be glued to the small part of the cup.

The body can then be used to laminate the remaining section for an adorable centerpiece! 

7. Make Lion Guard Fan

For this easy craft, have the youngsters fashion several fans from orange or yellow construction paper. The edges should be glued together to create a giant circle.

Carefully glue the circle to a piece of poster paper with rubber cement or craft glue.

When the Lion Guard character is colored and cut out, he should be glued to the fan’s center.

Attach a craft stick, and it can be used just like an ordinary fan or simply displayed as a work of art.

8. Lion Guard Comes to Life

To begin this fun craft, give each youngster a circle of poster paper and have them color a one-inch border around it with a brown marker or craft paint. 

The border should be cut into a fringe. Then, a Lion Guard face, cut from the finished coloring page, should be glued to the circle’s center. 

The surrounding fringe will look like a lion’s mane. Use orange glitter, a big black pom-pom for a nose, pipe cleaner whiskers, and wiggle eyes to embellish the cutout for a lifelike Lion Guard.

9. Lion Guard Takes A Bite

Any type of coloring page will work for this comical craft.

When the page is finished, have the youngster embellish the lion’s mane with pieces of orange tissue paper and add “teeth” made from white construction paper.

Then, from yellow or orange construction paper, the youngster should trace the bottom half of the lion’s face and carefully cut it out.

This makeshift mouth can be stapled or glued over the mouth on the cutout. When opened, it will reveal the Lion Guard’s teeth!

10. A Fun Garden Ornament

To make this fun ornament, have the youngster glue the coloring page to thin cardboard and carefully cut out the character.

 It should be sealed in contact paper and glued to a long craft stick with krazy glue.

Then, have the youngster take strips of orange construction paper, bend them in half, and staple them. These should be glued around the lion’s face as a big mane. 

Attach a black pipe cleaner with an orange pom-pom on the end for a tail, and add funny wiggle eyes. Use this cute ornament in a garden or in a flower arrangement!

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