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Michael Jackson Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Groove to the beats of the King of Pop with these 20 Michael Jackson coloring pages, free for you to download and print! With these sheets, you can celebrate the legacy of this legendary artist as you bring to life his iconic dance moves, famous outfits, and memorable moments.

From his early days with the Jackson 5 to his groundbreaking solo career, these pages are a tribute to his unparalleled talent and influence in the music world. So grab your coloring tools and moonwalk your way through each page, adding your own vibrant touch to the timeless magic of Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Michael Jackson Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, exciting, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. MJ Signature Poses Wall Art

This craft is super easy, but it has maximum impact for the Michael Jackson superfan’s home.

Pick three of my MJ illustrations where the iconic singer and dancer are in one of his iconic poses.

You’re going to print them out onto black cardstock and cut out the silhouettes.

Then, mount them to white cardstock, centering them on the page.

Then, you just need three black frames in which to put your MJ poses. Hang them in a row on a wall, and voilá.

9. Mini-Biographies

If you have a kid who is a music lover and they’re “bored” one afternoon, get them to write a mini-biography about Michael Jackson.

They can research and write a few lines on each page, color in the pictures, and then bind together using a three-hole punch and a three-ring binder or just small O-rings.

8. Buttons

A simple way to show your support for the now-deceased King of Pop is to make and wear buttons dedicated to his memory.

To do this, you will need a button maker, which you can find on Amazon for, on the low end, about $50 or $60.

Choose the Michael Jackson figures you want to use and, if necessary, resize them so that they’ll fit on the button sizes your machine can make.

Color them in and cut them out, then follow your button maker’s instructions for pressing them.

Once you’re done, you can attach them anywhere you like.

7. Cake Toppers

For the MJ fanatic, nothing but a Michael Jackson cake will do!

To make cake toppers, you’re going to print the MJ figures you want to use onto shrink sheets. You can choose to color them in or leave them black and clear.

Cut them out and bake them; once they’ve cooled, you can hot glue extra-long toothpicks to the back.

Wait for the glue to dry completely before sticking it atop your cake.

6. Memory Boxes

If you’ve been an MJ fan over the years, chances are good you’ve amassed quite a collection of memories, clippings, etc.

What better place to keep all those safe and in the same place than a Michael Jackson memory box?

You can buy a plain memory box from the craft store or online.

Print out your favorite Michael Jackson pictures from my collection – you can use one or multiple, as there are multiple sides to the memory boxes.

Leave them blank, color them in, or you can even print them onto black cardstock and use his silhouettes.

Next, how you attach the cut-outs is up to you – I recommend a good, high-quality glue or even Mod Podge.

Just make sure you spread the glue all the way to the very edges of the cut-outs so they don’t snag. Wait for the glue to dry before moving all your memorabilia into the memory box!

5. Decorative Plates

Pick up some inexpensive plates from the dollar store, give them a good wash and dry, and set them aside.

You’re going to print the MJ pictures you want to use and decide if you want to color them in (or leave them black and white – always a stark look!).

Cut them out, and then you’re going to Mod Podge the cut-outs to the plates, applying at least several coats.

Let them dry completely before using them as catch-alls around your house or even displaying them on a wall.

What you can’t do with them? Eat off of them! They are not food-safe!

4. Stand-Up Figurines

If you’re decorating for a party or you just want to jazz up the décor in your house, you can make stand-up MJ figurines using my pictures and toilet paper rolls.

Pick the figures you want to use, color them in, and cut them out.

You’re then going to glue toilet paper rolls vertically to the backs of the cut-outs. This will give them stability and allow them to “stand” on their own.

For extra durability, you can also print the MJ figures onto cardstock.

3. Jack-O-Lantern Stencils

You can turn my MJ pictures into jack-o-lantern stencils by printing them out onto cardstock and deciding what should be cut out and what parts of the pumpkin should stay.

Then, take the stencil, put it up to the pumpkin, and trace the design onto it using a black Sharpie.

Carve it out and light it up with a candle inside!

2. Mosaic Portraits

A fun craft that you can get the kids or grandkids involved in, Michael Jackson mosaic portraits are also really cool.

Print out the pictures you want to use and then gradually fill them in with little bits of construction paper or tissue paper.

If you don’t have little bits on hand, get to ripping them up first! And then you can use any type of glue that you like (Elmer’s, rubber cement, glue stick, etc.) to stick the pieces on.

1. Sequins And Gemstones Craft

MJ wasn’t afraid of glitz and glamour with his stage costumes, so neither should your pictures be!

Recreate some of his most iconic looks with sequins or gemstones glued directly to the page on his outfits.

Then, color in the rest of the picture, like his body and the background.

This could be a great group activity if you’re hosting an MJ-themed party or even just a Halloween party.

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