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Mitten Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Warm up to the winter season with these 32 mitten templates that are all free to download and print! These templates aren’t just for coloring, but also perfect for DIY decorations, paper crafts, gift tags, sewing, and creating custom winter-themed ornaments!

In this collection, you’ll find a huge range of mitten designs, from traditional warm woolens to fancifully decorated mittens, snowflake-adorned versions, blank outlines for your own creative additions, and a host of other shapes and designs!

Mittens Template Featured Image

To use any of these free templates, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy! 

10 Uses For Printable Mitten Templates

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Greeting Card Embellishments

For all your secular friends during the winter holidays, you can use my mitten templates as embellishments for DIY handmade greeting cards.

In fact, you should also include your kids by having them decorate the mittens with markers or colored pencils, glitter, or even beads or press-on jewels.

Then you’ll carefully cut out the mittens and paste them to the front of the card.

9. Pom Pom Mittens

A cute and fun craft that is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners, all you’ll need are craft pom poms of different sizes and colors.

Your kids can color in the mitten templates however they like; then, they can glue on pom poms, as many as they want, to the pictures.

They could fill the mittens almost completely or just use them as embellishment, spaced out along the bottom of the mitten.

Glue a piece of yarn to both mittens, one end per mitten, and let that dry. When they’re ready, you can hang them anywhere for an adorable, wintry decoration.

8. Handprint Mittens

Another cute craft is handprint mittens, which are not only adorable, but they serve as a memory maker – this is how big your kids’ hands were when they made it!

You’ll print out as many pairs of mitten templates as you need and then cut out the mittens.

Then, using washable markers, color your kids’ palms and fingers. They’ll press their hand against the corresponding mitten to make a print.

(At this point, you can quickly corral the kids to the sink to wash their hands off!)

Your kids can finish embellishing or coloring in the mittens however they like, then punch holes at the bottom of each mitten and tie a piece of yarn through both.

7. Snowflake Mittens

For this craft, you will need resin snowflakes of various sizes (you can find these at any craft store or online at Amazon).

You’ll print out the mitten templates, have your kids decorate them, and then cut them out.

Paste the mittens onto a piece of construction paper. Then on the mittens and construction paper, embellish with resin snowflakes. 

6. Christmas/Winter Party Activities

For a family-friendly Christmas or winter parties, set up a craft table for the kids with my mitten templates and lots of markers, glitter, pom poms, resin shapes, etc.

It’ll not only keep them occupied (for a few minutes, at least), it’ll give them something to take home with them, a keepsake from the party.

5. Winter Home Decorations

You can make truly beautiful decorations out of my mitten templates.

Think outside the box; print the templates onto cardstock and then cover them with wrapping paper or fabric swatches. Then add pom poms to the bottom of the mittens.

Or you could use just one of the mittens in a set and fill in the lines with buttons of varying sizes and shades (of the same color). Frame it and set it on a table or hang it up on a wall.

4. Mitten Suncatchers

For this craft, you will need transparency paper; you’ll print the mitten templates onto the transparency paper.

Then, you’ll take bits of tissue paper and fill in the shapes. Or, you could play with colors, using a block of red and a block of blue, overlapping it to make a stripe of purple.

Cut out the mittens and poke holes in the bottoms. You’re going to tie off a piece of string through each hole.

Then you can use the string connector to hang the mittens in a sunny window.

3. Classroom Activities

There are lots of ways you can incorporate my mitten templates into your classroom activities, starting with any of the above crafts I’ve listed.

But you could also use it for learning.

For example, taking one of my larger mitten templates, you could draw in lines, make copies and have your students write short paragraphs or sentences about winter.

They could also be used for emotional exercises, like, “A kind thing I did is…” and then the children write an act of kindness on the lines.

You could also write in math problems, like “Sam has five pairs of mittens, and Henry has seven. How many pairs of mittens total do they have?”

2. Stapled Mitten Puffs

This craft is so cute, and you end up with an adorable addition to your home’s winter décor. 

You’ll print off as many pairs of my mitten templates as you need and have your kids color them in and decorate them – they can do just one (which will go on top) or both.

Then they’ll cut them out and line them up to be even. They’ll then start stapling around the edges. 

When they’ve gotten about halfway, they’ll fill the insides with tissues or tissue paper, or even cotton balls. Then they’ll continue stapling around the edges until it’s completely closed.

1. Mitten Memory Games

Print off one of my templates with smaller mittens onto cardstock. Draw a grid around the mittens so that they’re set in equal rectangles.

Then your kids will color them in pairs or simply glue winter embellishments in the middle (like resin snowflakes, puffy winter stickers, etc.), using two of each.

Then they’ll cut out along the grid, which will make cards.

They can then set the cards out, face down, and use them to play memory.

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