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Motorcycle Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 24 original motorcycle coloring pages that are all free to download or print! For this series, the idea came about when my husband recommended I do some illustrations about motorcycles, which he is a huge enthusiast of!

After I accepted his challenge, he got to work finding some popular motorcycle brands, motorcycle shapes, and motorcycles in different scenes for me to draw. Fast forward a couple of days, and here are the results! I think they came out great!

Motorcycle Coloring Pages Featured Image

While these printables make for a fun and free craft activity for kids and adults who love motorcycles, they can also be used for party decorations, banners, wall art, placemats, and so much more!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Motorcycle Coloring Pages

Try these super-fun activities with coloring pages to keep your children occupied for hours on end!

1. A Colorful Motorcycle Chain

With this fun classroom activity, have all the children color their motorcycles in bright shades, even throwing in some crazy patterns if they like. 

When finished, use a hole punch to put a hole in each “tire.”

Take yarn or string, thread all the motorcycles onto it, and hang it across the room to create a one-of-a-kind banner with every color in the rainbow!

2. Motorcycle Royalty

Why not use the finished motorcycle coloring pages to crown the youngster’s kings and queens for a day.

Each child will have to color up to three motorcycles, but they probably won’t complain about that.

After the pages are colored, connect them with tape or staples in a circular fashion to make crowns. For extra fun, the youngsters can use glitter to add “jewels” to their crowns.

3. Turn the Coloring Page into Framed Artwork

Because motorcycle coloring pages are sometimes more intricate than other pages, they make great framed artwork!

Use colored pencils rather than crayons to make them more attractive and artsy, and have the child add his or her initials in fancy script in a circular pattern around one of the wheels.

Choose a bright frame in the child’s favorite color, and the motorcycle coloring page becomes a permanent keepsake.

4. Have Fun With Embellishments

These pages are also great for kids who like to go a little freestyle with their artwork. Glitter, yarn, tassels, and pom-poms can be used to accomplish this.

Yarn can be cut into tiny strips to hang from the motorcycle handles as tassels would from a bicycle.

Glitter can be added to the tires to make them sparkle, and gray felt or cotton with silver glitter can look like smoke coming from the tailpipe. 

5. Motorcycle Stunt Driving

All that’s needed for this easy craft is the motorcycle coloring page and a cardboard insert from an empty wrapping paper roll.

Pinch the middle of the cardboard to bend it into an “A.” Then, cut the finished motorcycle out of the page and attach it to the posterboard to make it stiff.

Attach the back wheel to the top of the “A,” with strong glue. This makes it look as if the motorcycle is doing a wheelie and is about to nosedive back down the hill!

6. Fun with Hidden Initials 

Pages with intricate patterns work best for this craft. A big hit with all youngsters, this craft idea involves the children “hiding” their initials somewhere on the page.

It can be anywhere they choose, such as the wheels, along a handlebar, or even obscured in smoke coming from the tailpipe!

You can even give out a prize if a child manages to hide his or her initials so well that nobody can find them.

7. Motorcycle String Art

Print large coloring pages for this craft, and mount them on poster board after they are colored. 

Then, place 6 to 8 pushpins in a circle around each wheel. Use colorful yarn and wind it around the pushpins in a back-and-forth fashion to create spoked wheels.

Extra yarn can be cut into tiny strips to make tassels on the handlebars as well. 

The motorcycle will be an interesting decoration once it is finished, so use a hole punch so that it can be hung up with a nail or thumbtack.

8. A Unique Birthday Cake Decoration

For this craft, use bright colors, markers, or even paints to color the motorcycle. Then etch the words “Happy Birthday” in a circular fashion around each wheel.

Cut the motorcycle out and mount it on a piece of heavy cardboard, and attach it to a large craft stick.

The craft stick can be pushed down into the top of a birthday cake for a fun homemade ornament!

9. Add a Character to the Craft

All kids have favorite superheroes or Disney characters, so why not add one to the motorcycle?

With this fun way to use motorcycle coloring pages, all children need is a little imagination. The goal is to add some freestyle drawing to the printed page.

A child can draw anyone into the picture, such as a disney character riding the motorcycle, or a superhero holding it up with one finger. 

Some of the children may even decide to draw themselves in the driver’s seat!

10. Make a Color Coded Organizer

With this fun craft idea, the motorcycle coloring page can be used as a place to hang small keys or light objects.

It should be printed in a large size and once colored, affixed to thick cardboard or even corkboard. Then, add push pins in bright colors to various spots on the motorcycle.

These can be used to hang rubber bands or small keys, tack up grocery lists, or organize any lightweight items that can easily get lost.

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