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50 Movie Party Themes (For All Ages & Occasions)

If you have never hosted a movie party – you’re missing out! The fun of seeing your friends dressed up and snacking on themed foods is unparalleled.

Not sure where to start? Here are 50 movie party theme ideas for kids and adults, as well as Christmas and Halloween movie party themes!

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Movie Party Themes For Adults

These are 30 ideas for movies, foods, costumes, decorations, and even potential budgets to help inspire you. Happy planning!

1. Clueless

The costume ideas for a Clueless-themed party include, of course, the classic yellow Cher outfit, but could also include outfits worn by her friends and teachers. Dionne’s “Dr. Suess hat,” Tai’s before and after, and even Travis’ hippie look are all ideas.

The decoration could include a big sign that reads “Pismo Beach Disaster Relief,” and for food, consider segmented submarine sandwiches, like Cher and Josh bring the lawyers for their midnight snack.

And because the costumes in this movie (and your party) are so iconic, what could be better than a fashion show – which you could then upload onto TikTok or Instagram?

2. Star Wars

The costumes for Star Wars are easier than you might think – if you have a white sheet and a belt, you can fashion a Princess Leia dress! But of course, those who wish to go all out with a Wookie costume are more than welcome.

Decorations could include a homemade Death Star, a black sheet speckled with white paint (to represent “space”), or what about iconic opening credit window clings?

The sky’s the limit where food is concerned, as there are many printable party food tags available online. And what about making everyone their own lightsaber out of construction paper and pool noodles?

3. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has played so many iconic characters over the years, from Han Solo in Star Wars to Indiana Jones to Rick Deckard in Blade Runner; the costume ideas are endless.

You could have a blind costume contest, where everyone ranks their top three favorite Harrison Ford costumes, and the three winners each receive a prize.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive party by any means; snacks and decorations could be general, with an emphasis on the costumes.

4. Harry Potter

The world of Harry Potter is so huge. Aside from the main characters, there are tons of supporting players that people can dress up as, whether it’s Severus Snape in a black judge’s robe or Harry himself, with a lightning bolt scar.

The food could really be a centerpiece of the party, from sour gummy worms as sour slugs to Twizzlers as magic wands to Hershey’s Kisses as Sorting Hats – the ideas are endless.

Affix battery-powered candles from the ceiling to mimic the great hall of Hogwarts, or display the house banners. This movie party could be done cheaply, but it could also cost potentially cost hundreds of dollars if you have it to spare and want to go all out.

5. Lord of the Rings

While many might come costumed as a Hobbit, more enterprising guests might wear the cloak of an Elf or the robes of a Wizard. You can really set the tone with a “No admittance except on party business” sign, too.

Because the movies are so beloved, why not host a few rounds of trivia? Perhaps the winner receives the One Ring – or at least a bag of gummy peachy rings.

Make and package Elven Lambas bread or give away leaf clasp pendants for party favors. This party shouldn’t cost you more than $100 or $200 to produce.

6. Marvel’s Avengers

Encourage guests to come dressed up as one of their favorite superheroes from a Marvel movie, from Black Widow to Iron Man to the Hulk. There are also tons of decoration packs available online, or you can do a simple DIY of the cityscape.

You could play Avengers Bingo, while snacking on Avengers cake, cookies made to look like Captain America’s shield, or these cool and easy Thor Hammer Treats.

This party could cost anywhere from $50, if you DIY most things, to hundreds of dollars, if you decide to go big and purchase most decorations (and get someone to make the cake or the cookies).

7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

For the Rocky Horror Picture Show, your guests can dress up as one of the main characters, or simply layer a dress shirt under a suit jacket with black leggings and top with some weird sunglasses.

You simply must use the iconic lip-biting mouth as a backdrop, a cake, or even as straw toppers. Decorate with red lighting and red and black streamers.

Make it a watch party and/or rent a karaoke machine and take turns singing the infamous songs, or have a dance party to the Time Warp. This party shouldn’t cost you more than $50 if you’re frugal.

8. The Fifth Element

From the opera Diva to Leeloo’s strappy orange outfit to Ruby Rhod’s one-piece leopard catsuit, there are a plethora of costumes for your guests to choose from (they could honestly just dress as strangely as possible and come from this world).

Consider coming up with a drinking game while screening the movie, and speaking of drinks – there is actually a Fifth Element cocktail.

Order out for Thai (or make it at home) to feed your guests; between that and the booze, this party shouldn’t run you between $50 to $100, possibly more if you’re feeding more guests.

9. Mamma Mia!

Go beachy or 70s with your Mamma Mia! movie-themed party, from denim shorts and flowy tops to disco-inspired garb, featuring boas and bell bottoms.

Serve up Greek classics like tzatziki and pita chips, while guests can imbibe red or white wine and these Tart Cherry Rosemary Spritzers.

Put ABBA music on and have a disco dance-off or play the movie and host a sing-along. With snacks and drinks, the party should cost you between $50 and $100.

10. The Goonies

Hey you guyyyys! While the most famous costume from this movie belongs to the character Brand, in his grey sweatsuit, any 80’s inspired garb will do, really.

Go heavy on the pirate decorations, including, if you can find them, fake skulls or even an entire skeleton, which you can dress up with an eye patch and a fancy dress shirt.

Let your food spread feature buckets of “treasure” (chips, pretzels) and if you’re really motivated, organize a scavenger hunt. This party could cost you as little as $20 and as much as perhaps $100.

11. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

If you’re committing to a Moulin Rouge-themed party, be prepared to spend a little money on it – no less than $100 and upwards of $300 to $500.

Obviously, you and your guests will need smashing costumes, with corsets and heels for the ladies and dress shirts, vests, and ties for the men.

Put up draping red curtains and place red tablecloths, offset with black accents, to decorate; you could even replicate the windmill (maybe even as a cake!). Hire a burlesque dancer for a show that will have people talking!

12. The Greatest Showman

If a circus-themed party is your bag, go all out with decorations and turn the room into a Big Top with curtains or red and white streamers that start at the edge of the room and meet in the middle.

Obviously, costumes are a must, and anything from Ringmaster to trapeze artist to bearded lady is a go. Party treats can include colorful cupcakes and cookies.

If you have the budget, set up carnival games or run a “guess the next line” contest. The budget for this party can vary widely, from $50 to $500 and above, depending on how fancy you want to make it.

13. Casino Royale

For this James Bond-themed party, tuxedos and fancy dresses are the order of the day, and you can turn the room into a casino with gaming tables.

There should be lots of black, white, and red decorations, from balloons to streamers to curtains, and you could even do square cookies decorated to look like playing cards.

Depending on how big you go with this party, it could cost well over $500 to put on, but a budget version could be achieved for $50 to $100.

14. The Great Gatsby

For some 20s flair, break out the tuxes and suits and flapper dresses with fringe. The theme is decadence, so lots of black and gold decorations are in order.

Be sure to have lots of champagne on hand, as well as gold-frosted cupcakes and cookies and a plethora of canapés. Get everyone up and dancing with YouTubed Charleston lessons!

If you’re going the oysters Rockefeller route, this party will cost you upwards of $500, but if you’re doing it on a budget, you can squeak by under $100.

15. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Swashbucklers rejoice – a Pirates of the Caribbean movie party can feature pirates, members of the British Navy, bawdy wenches, or even fair damsels in pretty hats.

Let your decorations feature skulls and Jolly Rogers, treasure chests full of gold pieces, as well as mighty swords. Your guests can play “Did Jack Sparrow Say That?”

Serve snacks in great goblets and have tankards of ale on hand for imbibing. This party will cost you at minimum $100, but could run you well over $200 or $300, depending on your budget.

16. Phantom of the Opera

One of the most famous sequences from Phantom of the Opera is the masquerade ball, so encourage your guests to bring their masquerade best – and run a costume contest with several awards, like Most Creative, Best Thrifted, etc.

The décor should be lots of black and red, candelabras if you can find them, very Victorian gothic. Get a backdrop of the Paris Opera House and hang it on a wall for maximum effect.

Food could be French cuisine, hors d’oeuvres, or canapes – whatever your budget will allow for. You can pull off a party for less than $100, but obviously, if you want to go all out, it could cost $500 and up.

17. Beetlejuice

For your Beetlejuice party, you will want to decorate with lots of white and black stripes, with hints of green. Perhaps you can find one of those blow-up snakes for decoration, too.

For costumes, there is, of course, Beetlejuice himself, but Lydia has some interesting outfits, as do Charles and Deelia Deetz.

For food, lay out snacks like gummy worms in dirt cups or find eyeball candy and place it in bowls. You could also do shrimp cocktail! You can get away with putting on this party for less than $100.

18. Stephen Spielberg

The many films of Stephen Spielberg can inspire a plethora of costumes, from Frank Abagnale, ET, Indiana Jones, Jr. in Catch Me If You Can to a WWII soldier in Saving Private Ryan to Hooper in Jaws.

Decorations can be kept general, with your typical film reel and Hollywood styles – maybe even a red carpet, for this most prolific of directors. Break out the popcorn and candy for your guests to nosh on.

A Stephen Spielberg-inspired party wouldn’t be complete without trivia about his films, either. You can put on this party for less than $50, but if your budget is bigger, go for it.

19. Zombie Movies

Zombie Movies

The great thing about a Zombie movie-themed party is that your guests can come dressed up as anyone, zombified. And you can get really creative with food and drink, from red punch as blood to cold noodles with sauce as guts.

For decorations, make the room as dark as possible, and you can use Caution tape as accents and write “Help” and “Do Not Enter” on the windows with red paint.

Have a Zombie walk contest to see who can walk like the undead best, and have everyone vote for their winner. This party can be pulled off at less than $50, but can range up to $100 or more.

20. Caddyshack

Encourage your guests to come in their golf-wear best for a Caddyshack-themed party. Decorations can include the Bushwood insignia and lots of green to represent the course.

Hold a mini putt-off or set up a little mini-golf course, if you have the space, and get your guests to putt for prizes, and serve up Caddyshack-inspired cookies and cupcakes.

This party should cost you about $100 to put on if you’re on a budget, but it could easily range up to $200 and more.

21. Kill Bill

From the Bride, to O-ren to Elle to the Crazy 88’s simple suit and tie, the costumes from the Kill Bill films are instantly recognizable and will make for a fun evening.

Consider making or getting cupcakes made inspired by the films. You can decorate the room simply in black and yellow, the colors of The Bride’s jumpsuit.

Because the movie is so quotable, you and your guests can play “Finish this quote.” This party will cost you about $100 to put on, but more if you get the cupcakes made custom.

22. The Addams Family

What could be more fun than seeing all your friends dressed up as Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Lurch, or even Uncle Fester? Or his new bride, Debbie?

Decorations should be gothic, though mixed with the comical, as the movies were, and can feature lots of black and white stripes, mimicking both Pugsley’s shirt and Gomez’s suit.

Use your imagination for food; Lil Smokies as toes, deviled eggs as eyes, etc. Have your guests DIY their own Corpse Reviver No. 2 cocktail. This party should cost between $100 and $200 to put on, depending on what food you opt for.

23. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn had so many memorable roles, namely Holly Golightly, Eliza Doolittle, Natasha Rostova, and Princess Ann, all of which could serve as costumes for your party; naturally, a costume contest would be the best activity.

Decorations should be very chic – lace, pearls, black and white, and there should be lots of champagne and cupcakes on hand.

Because of the luxe nature of this party, it’s unlikely it could be put on for less than $100, though if you’re really crafty and into DIY, you might be able to swing it.

24. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Narrowing in one of Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic films, the costumes for Holly Golightly are numerous – from the chic black dress and pearls to her sleepy oversize men’s shirt and glittery sleep mask.

Decorations must be black, white, and Tiffany blue, again with plenty of champagne and custom-baked sweets, including Tiffany blue macarons or even a cake.

Consider printing a Tiffany & Co. storefront backdrop and taking commemorative photos in front of it. This party will likely cost you at least $300, if not much more, depending on how fancy you go.

25. Top Gun

Aviator sunglasses and bomber jackets abound for a Top Gun-themed part, as well as red, white, and blue decorations – so you might want to time the party for around July 4th.

Since it’s an all-American type of party, consider throwing it during the summer when you can grill up the classics, like hot dogs and hamburgers.

You can probably pull off this party for as little as $50, but it will more likely range up to $100-200 depending on how many guests you invite and how much food you need.

26. The Matrix

Long trench coats, combat boots, and black sunglasses are the accessories you’ll need to pull off a Matrix-inspired costume. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can decorate by rigging up lights behind green balloons on a wall (or buying a tapestry).

Chocolate cupcakes with green frosting will complement your décor, and you can also put out two jars of candy – one with red “pills” and one with blue “pills”; find the table signs to go with them here.

Plan to budget at least $100 for this party, depending on how much you choose to buy (versus DIY); on the plus side, you can probably thrift most of your outfits!

27. Animal House

Animal House

Why not throw a party based on a movie about parties? Guests can wear anything from the infamous COLLEGE shirt to togas made of bedsheets – it’s anything goes where Animal House is concerned.

The decorations and food can be typical party fare, but no college frat party would be complete without the red Solo cups. Decorate your own front lawn with toilet paper, if you’re really committed.

Because this party is so laid back, it should cost you between $50 and $100 for the food and drink, depending on how many people show up.

28. Pulp Fiction

Naturally, if you have people dressed up as Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega, you will have to have a dance-off; guests can get away with simply a black suit and be in costume.

Serve up burgers and milkshakes with blueberry pie, or toaster pastries of the frosted cinnamon variety.

The party shouldn’t cost you more than $100 to put on if you’re careful and budget wisely; the only decorations you really need are black sheets to hang on the walls for atmosphere.

29. Suicide Squad

From Harley Quinn to the Joker to Deadshot, there are tons of characters in this film for your guests to come dressed up as, many of whose costumes can be thrifted.

Décor should feature four core colors: purple, black, silver and green, so go crazy with balloons, wall hangings, and table decorations. Consider putting out these themed cocktails: Joker Gone Wild, Deadshot Cocktail, or The Harley Quinn.

Get a Polaroid camera and take mugshots throughout the night of your guests to arrange on a wall. This party will cost you at least $100, but could very well be kept under $200.

30. The Royal Tenenbaums

The characters of the Royal Tenenbaums are all so different, providing ample costuming opportunities for your guests, from the fur-coated Margot to the tracksuit-wearing Chas.

Bust out your old Scrabble board – or really, any old-fashioned board games will do – and decorate the walls with “family photos” of the Tenenbaums. Keep props on hand, like a Polaroid camera or tennis racket.

Keep the menu simple with finger foods, but bust out the champagne and flutes. In all, this party shouldn’t cost you more than $100; if you’re really clever, you can swing it for less than $50.

Movie Party Themes For Kids

Kids often want their birthday parties to follow some sort of movie theme, so if you’re scratching your head on which movie to pick, here are some ideas.

1. Frozen


The birthday girl can wear a version of Elsa’s dress, while all her friends can come dressed in white and turquoise. Decorations in white and turquoise can include balloons, streamers, enlarged snowflakes, and even a cutout of Elsa’s ice palace.

Sweets could include snowflake-shaped/decorated cookies, and homemade Rice Crispy Treats partially dyed turquoise. Also, why not buy snowflake wands as party favors?

Also, no Frozen party would be complete without a singalong, at least to the famous song, Let It Go. The budget for this party should be around $100, but if you go all out on decorations, costumes, etc., it could be much more.

2. Minions

With its cheerful palette of yellow and blue, you can craft a backdrop with balloons and other decorations, or go the literal route and buy actual Minions supplies. Or, you could do both. The kids can play Minion Bingo and win prizes.

For food, there are so many creative ideas, from cupcakes to bananas, tubs of popcorn to Twinkies dressed up like the characters. For the kids to dress up, there are character hats, shirts, aprons, and even full-blown Minions costumes.

Expect this party to cost at least $100, but likely more if you outsource the making of anything, like a cake.

3. Alice In Wonderland

The perfect opportunity to throw a tea party, your kid’s guests can come dressed up for high tea, including hats and dresses, vests, and funny shoes. Purposely mismatch the teacups and chairs for the full effect.

You can serve tea sandwiches and cakes or even Alice in Wonderland-themed cookies, featuring the Mad Hatters hat, the Cheshire Cat, and even the Red Queen. Have the kids play musical chairs with the mismatched seating.

This party can be done for about $50 if you DIY the whole thing, but those who can’t (or don’t want to) will likely spend between $100 and $200 to put this on.

4. Peter Pan

Transport the children to Neverland, with lots of grassy green (inspired by Peter Pan’s outfit) decorations, offset by black cutouts of Peter, Tinkerbell, Wendy, and the Lost Boys flying overhead.

Hold a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for the children on your property, and fete them with star-shaped cookies, Tinker Bell “pixie dust” (Pixie sticks), and chocolate gold coins.

The party will likely run you about $100 to put on, if not more, for custom baked goods and more involved decorations.

5. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

The nice thing about The Little Mermaid being over 30 years old is that there are plenty of licensed decorations you can buy, but if you want to go the DIY route, consider using lots of blues and purples – balloons, streamers, backdrops, tablecloths, etc.

Your kid’s guests can play Pin the Tail on Ariel, while eating croissant sandwiches with eyes on toothpicks (to look like crabs) and Goldfish crackers. If you want to go all out, provide fin tail skirts for the attendees; you could even hire an Ariel princess actor to come sing songs!

This party will cost you at least $100 to put on, if not much more for any customized cakes or cupcakes, or to hire the singer.

Christmas Movie Party Themes

Why not amp up the fun and make your next Christmas party based on a movie? Here is a fun list of ideas to make your holiday party one for the books.

1. Elf

The Will Ferrell instant-classic can be represented through not just white and red and green, but green and yellow decorations, representative of Buddy the Elf’s suit. Encourage guests to dress up in their best elf-wear, including striped stocking caps and pointy-toed shoes.

Candy is the food you will most want to have on hand; try making Buddy’s candy spaghetti with frosting looped to look like pasta, topped with marshmallows, gumdrops, candy canes, and red and green sprinkles.

If you can find one, get a big cutout of Buddy and snap your guests’ pictures next to it for laughs. The party should cost between $50 and $100 on the low end, and upwards of $200 on the high.

2. A Christmas Story

To decorate, you have to have a leg lamp like the one in the movie – it can be found in many places, especially close to the holidays. See if you can find a tabletop crate that reads “Fragile” (must be Italian!), too.

Give out glasses like Ralphie wears as party favors, and consider serving up meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. And you have to have fudge on hand, too.

This party can be put on for $50 to $100, making it the ideal theme for those cash-strapped holidays.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Get absolutely elaborate with your Christmas lights for this party; if you don’t want to spend time putting them up outside, at least go crazy with them inside.

Put together a charcuterie table, complete with plenty of jellies and Clark bars, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, put together a Door Knocker Pesto Wreath.

Make it a viewing party with the movie on a big screen or even a projector. This is a fairly easy party to put together with lots of DIY, so it shouldn’t cost you any more than $100 to put on.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

For a little goth Christmas, encourage guests to come dressed up as Jack Skellington, Sally or Oogie Boogie, or even as Santa Claus.

Instead of red, green, and white, the color palette should be black, red, and white; put branches in black and white vases and decorate them with red ornaments and hang candy canes off the side of the guest’s glasses.

Have guests play “Guess How Many Insects”; take a green bag and fill it with fake insects and snakes, and have them reach into the bag and make their guess. This party should cost between $100 and $200, depending on

5. Little Women

Celebrate Christmas with traditional decorations, like garland, big bows made out of ribbon, and even a Christmas village set. Encourage guests to wear their coziest sweaters.

Serve a classic Christmas feast – turkey or ham, mashed potatoes, sides, and for dessert, apple pie or a homemade cake. Put out all the fixings for a hot chocolate bar, so that guests can refill throughout the night.

Warm up your singing voices and go caroling! Then come back to the house for more hot chocolate. This party should cost anywhere from $50 on the low end to $100 or $200 on the high end.

Halloween Movie Party Themes

Here are 5 classic Halloween movie party themes that are sure to give your guests some scares while also being a memorable event.

1. Scream

The movies that turned horror on its head, start off with decorations featuring the infamous Scream mask, which you can find on Amazon. You could even do cutouts to place on windows or on the table.

Guests can eat red velvet cupcakes, decorated with red gel icing to look like blood, and popcorn, while they play Scream Bingo.

This party shouldn’t cost more than $100 to put on, especially if you DIY most of the decorations and the food.

2. Ghostbusters

Layer a green tablecloth, cut to look like ooze, over a black one for the treat table, and hang up cutouts of Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Make faces with food dye on giant marshmallows and serve up any green juice you can find, labeling it Ectoplasm Punch.

Encourage guests to come dressed up in costume as Ghostbusters or any of the monsters they fight. Your party should cost between $100 and $200.

3. Frankenstein


The Hollywood classic Frankenstein can be made spookier for adults or more cartoonish for kids, but what doesn’t change is the color palette, which should be green, black, and white, with some purple thrown in for good measure.

Let guests nom on green and white cupcakes or Frankenstein Jello cups, and encourage them to come dressed up as their favorite classic Hollywood monster.

Let adults mix their own beverages in the “lab,” complete with various beakers. This Frankenstein party will likely run you between $100 and $200.

4. It

Get your party guests to come dressed in their clownish best for this It-themed soiree, and make sure you decorate with lots of red balloons. See if you can write “You’ll float too” in red on a window or wall.

For food, consider going with a dark carnival theme, so lots of candy, popcorn, etc. Provide chalk ink pens and clown mouth straw toppers so your guests can draw on some scary teeth.

This party can cost anywhere from $50 to upwards of $150 to put on, depending on how much you spend on decorations, food, and drink.

5. Hocus Pocus

Bring the magic of this beloved classic Halloween movie to your home with lots of black and white stripes, purple and green décor. Serve up cupcakes topped with witches hats and witches brooms made out of Reese’s cups minis with pretzels stuck in them.

Invite your guests to come dressed up as one of the Sanderson sisters, and have a dance party or set up stations so they can decorate candy apples.

This party can be put on for $100 on the low end, but for decorations, food and drink, it’ll likely cost more in the $200-300 range.

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