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Mr Beast Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 14 original Mr Beast coloring pages that are all free to download and print! The idea for this post came from my two young boys, who are fanatical about Mr Beast and eagerly await his new YouTube uploads. So, of course, I had to add this to the collection!

Below, you will find a variety of Mr Beast pages, including the Mr Beast YouTube channel logo, drawings of Jimmy Donaldson, iconic Mr Beast YouTube thumbnails, Mr Beast cartoon pages, plus many more!

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To access these sheets, click on any of the below links or images to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then download or print as many times as you want, completely for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

7 Craft Ideas To Do With Mr Beast Coloring Pages

Mr Beast is a big hit with many youngsters. Below are some innovative crafts they can do with finished Mr Beast coloring pages:

1. Make Mr Beast Stickers

Sticker paper is all you need for this fun craft. Children can color and cut out their Mr Beast logo or character, and use invisible glue to affix it to the sticker paper.

After this, the sticker should be carefully cut out, and when the back is peeled off, it can be placed anywhere the child wants.

These cute stickers can be used to decorate notebooks, treasure boxes, envelopes, or anywhere your child is allowed to put stickers!

2. Design a Mr Beast Mask

A Mr Beast coloring page can be used to make a hilarious mask. Mr Beast, the Mr Beast logo, or ZHC coloring pages can be used for this craft.

Once the item is colored, it should be carefully cut out and mounted onto thin cardboard. Construction paper also works for the backing.

Holes must be cut for the eyes, and a small hole should be punched on either side of the cutout.

An elastic string can then be tied through so that the mask can be worn!

3. Dress up an Old Lamp

If your child has an old, boring lamp and you don’t mind if he or she decorates it, a Mr Beast coloring page can be used as a decal.

Make sure your child keeps the color of the lamp in mind when choosing colors for the page.

This craft works best if the character is cut out, but the entire page can be used if so desired.

Crazy glue is the best type of glue to affix the colored artwork to the lamp, and acrylic spray should then be used to seal it up!

4. Make Mr Beast Refrigerator Magnets

Virtually any size or style of Mr Beast coloring page can be used for this craft. Once the desired items are cut out, they should be laminated with glassine or laminating paper.

Craft magnets should then be krazy-glued to the backs, after which the magnets can be stuck to a refrigerator, file cabinet, or even the inside of a locker door.

These also make great party favors for a Mr Beast-themed party.

5. Mr Beast Name Tags

This classroom craft is simple and easy, and all children enjoy it. Invest in some lanyards with clear, plastic squares: the kind typically used for a driver’s license or ID card.

When the children are finished with their Mr Beast coloring pages, each child’s favorite part should be cut out, and his or her name should be written across the bottom in black marker.

The cutout can then be slid into the plastic laminate square, and the child has an instant ID tag identifying him or her as a Mr Beast fan.

6. Make a Mr Beast Puzzle

Children love making their own puzzles, and the larger the coloring page, the better for this craft.

The fun is allowing each child to design the puzzle the way he or she sees fit. The pieces do not have to be outlined in the typical jigsaw puzzle fashion.

For example, the child can design pieces that are all shaped like triangles, squares, or other shapes. 

The pieces can be cut out and used as is, or they can be laminated onto cardboard so they last longer.

7. Laminate a Light Switch

A Mr Beast coloring page is perfect to laminate the cover plate for a light switch. This craft only requires scissors and some invisible glue.

It’s important to help the child measure the cover plate, however, so that it fits correctly when it’s finished.

It’s not necessary to laminate the paper before it’s glued to the cover plate, but it will last longer if it is coated with acrylic spray. 

With a fun Mr Beast light switch, your child may even remember to turn off the light!

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