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Nutcracker Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 24 unique nutcracker coloring pages that are all free to download and print! If you are looking for a festive craft activity that is sure to bring on the Christmas spirit, then look no further! All that is needed are some coloring pencils and a dash of imagination.

For this series of printables, I drew many styles and types of nutcracker figurines in different detail that will appeal to all ages. Included are simple-to-color nutcracker pages with Christmas themes, detailed nutcrackers, the Mouse King, Sugar Plum Fairy, and even some Lego nutcrackers!

Nutcracker Coloring Pages Featured Image

Once the coloring pages have been finished, be sure to hold onto them! They can live on as Christmas tree decorations with a note/year on the back of the cutout, bookmarks, wall art, party decorations, plus many other creative uses!

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print. All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Nutcracker Coloring Pages

Nutcrackers feature all those primary colors children love, and this makes them perfect for paper crafts.

Put those finished coloring pages to great use with the 10 cheap, fun, and creative craft activities outlined below!

1. Make an Adorable Holiday Decoration

For this fun Nutcracker craft, color and cut out only the Nutcracker’s body and head.  

From thick construction paper, create “accordion” arms and legs for a comical appearance.

Glue wiggle eyes to the face and add a black pom-pom with a feather in it for a hat. Don’t forget black or white felt for a beard and mustache.

This adorable ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree or anywhere that needs a festive touch.

2. Design a Funny Bookmark

Have your child color and cut out a classic Nutcracker to make a humorously original bookmark.

Make sure to cut the figure so that the arms can be lifted straight up from its center. Ideally, it should be laminated with glassine or contact paper. 

The body of the cutout can then be tucked behind the page of a book, with the arms dangling over the front.

This gives the comical appearance of the Nutcracker hanging on for his life while marking the page.

3. Create a Colorful December Planner

A month of parties and get-togethers, December is a great time to make a planner page.

Using a Nutcracker coloring page, the youngsters should color, cut out, and glue their figures to plain construction paper in any color they like.

This, in turn, should be glued to a large poster paper–positioned vertically. With the nutcracker on top, the children can use a ruler to draw a December calendar page underneath.

They can write in all their party dates, days off from school, and, of course, the day that Santa’s expected!

4. Make Movable Nutcracker Suite Characters

This craft works best with pages featuring the Mouse King and the Nutcracker.

The characters should be cut out in pieces and reattached with paper fasteners to make their arms and legs mobile.

Small holes should be punched at the top of each figure, and toothpicks should be attached to one hand of both characters.

When the figures are hung up, the children can make them have sword fights, perform dances, or do any comical thing they desire!

5. Design Wonderful Windowsill Decorations

This simple craft is a big hit with all children. Give each youngster an empty fireplace matchbox. 

Once the coloring page is finished, it can be used to laminate the outside of the container. The Nutcracker shape is ideal for the box’s tall, rectangular shape.

Children can then dress up their Nutcracker with black pom-poms, wiggle eyes, glitter, puffy paint, crêpe paper, or any embellishments they choose.

The creation is perfect for decorating a window.

6. A Nutcracker Picture Frame

Nutcrackers are also the perfect size and shape to decorate a picture frame. Have your child color two nutcrackers and glue them to thin cardboard.

The cardboard cutouts can then be glued to either side of a novelty picture frame.

The top and bottom of the frame can be decorated with red and green pom-poms, silver and gold puffy paint, or even tiny squares that look like Christmas gifts.

7. Make a Decorative Nut Bowl

Children will love decorating a candy dish or nut bowl with a Nutcracker coloring page.

Once the character is finished, a border should be drawn around the figure in the appropriate size and then cut out accordingly.

The cutout should then be glued to the bottom of the dish and sealed with acrylic spray. Once dry, it can be used for nuts or candy.

Avoid getting the bowl wet, and it should last through many holidays!

8. Create a Fun Centerpiece

Start with an empty paper towel cardboard and two empty bathroom tissue cardboards.

The bathroom tissue cardboards should be laminated with red construction paper and the paper towel cardboard should be with the nutcracker figure from the coloring page.

The two smaller rolls should be glued to the sides of the larger one as arms. Wiggle eyes and a black felt mustache can be added, as well as white pom-poms for earmuffs.

This cute centerpiece will then stand on its own.

9. Nutcracker Guards the Money

Have the kids cut out two small construction paper circles and make tiny holes in them for rolled-up dollar bills.

Once their nutcrackers are colored and cut out, they should be glued to cardboard backing. 

Tiny folds should be made in each “money circle” so they can be glued to the Nutcracker’s arms.

Bunched crêpe paper should then be glued around the Nutcracker’s base so he can stand upright, guarding the money. It’s a great way to present a few dollars to someone at Christmas!

10. Classroom Nutcracker Fun

This easy classroom craft is fun for children of all ages. Have each child color their favorite Nutcracker and carefully cut it out.

The figures should be laminated with contact paper or glassine, and glued to a long craft stick.

The bottom of the craft sticks should then be glued to each other, one over the next, in a pinwheel fashion.

When streamers or craft tassels are hung on the ends, this Nutcracker “pinwheel” can be displayed as a colorful holiday decoration.

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