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Olaf Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 28 adorable Olaf coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These illustrations were incredibly fun to create, as Olaf is my all-time favorite character from the Frozen movies. I just love his catchphrase, “Hi, everyone. I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs!”.

For this series, I came up with a wide range of styles, and different themes, including cute baby Olaf, Olaf at the beach/during summer, Olaf with popular Frozen characters (Anna, Elsa, Sven), Christmas-themed Olaf, Olaf in the snow, plus many others!

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While these coloring pages make for a fantastic craft activity, they can also serve many other purposes, including party decorations, banners, placemats, book covers, goodies for gift bags, wall art, plus many other creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Olaf Coloring Pages

Here are 10 cheap, fun, and creative things you can do with your completed coloring pages!

10. Greeting Cards

I find the best way to make greeting cards out of my coloring pages is to shrink the image, using an illustrator or word processor, to a fourth of the usual page.

Then print it out like that; fold it in half, so that the image is on the outside, and then fold it in half again, so that the image is on the front.

You or your kid can then write “Happy Birthday” or “Thinking of You” on the front, with a special message on the inside.

9. Jointed Olaf Crafts

To make the jointed, movable Olaf crafts, you’ll need to pick a full-body illustration where his arms are wide out.

Olaf Making A Snow Angel or Happy Olaf With Snow would work perfectly.

You’re going to color him in – since he’s made of snow, you could just leave his “body” blank and color in his carrot nose, branch arms, and buttons.

Then you’re going to cut him out, and then cut him up – into the pieces of his body, so feet, snowballs, arms, head, etc.

You’re going to punch holes in his pieces, where they would connect with his body. Using yarn, O-rings or even twine, you’ll tie all the pieces together.

8. Puzzles

Another cute craft, especially for kids, and especially for an entire classroom of kids, is to make puzzles.

Print off the illustrations you want and then have the kids color them in fully. Then, using Sharpie, have the kids draw roughly puzzle-sized pieces directly on top of the illustration.

Then have the cut the pieces out and mix them up (they can store the pieces in plastic baggies).

This craft is great for a classroom or group of kids because then they can swap puzzles.

7. Play Props

You can turn my Olaf printables into fun, handheld play props that kids can enjoy, while kicking their imaginations into high gear.

Have the kids color in the Olaf, and then paste the sheet to a piece of poster board or cardstock (for reinforcement).

Have the kids cut out the Olaf figure, carefully following his outline (depending on how small the kids are, you might have to do the arms!).

From there, they can either play with the Olaf props as is, or attach craft sticks to the back with glue.


My Olaf pictures are ideal for making bookmarks – Olaf Happy Birthday or even Cute Baby Olaf would be perfect.

You might want to shrink the image a bit first, though, so he fits into regular-sized books.

Then simply color in the Olaf figure and cut him out.

You could also reinforce him with cardstock before cutting out, or you could paste him onto a rectangle piece of construction paper, poster board, or cardstock.

5. Gift Bag Decorations

Depending on the size of your gift bag, you might have to size him down a bit first; but then print him off, color him in and cut him out.

Then you can just glue or rubber cement him to the gift bag – front, back or both sides, but make sure the glue goes all the way to the edge of his cutout.

4. Party Decorations

What kid wouldn’t want an Olaf-themed birthday party? And they can get in on the decorating action.

Starting a few weeks before the party, have your kid color in my Olaf coloring pages.

On the day of, you can cut him out and use him as banners, table decorations, little signs to tell guests what the food is, or just hang the pages on the wall.

3. Decorative Trays

A fun craft for young and older alike is turning my Olaf sheets into decorative trays.

You can find wooden trays on the cheap at the dollar store or for slightly more at any craft store.

You’ll color in the Olaf and cut him out, then Mod Podge him to the tray using a foam brush (and several layers).

After the tray is dry, you can then decorate it with paints or just leave it as-is.

2. Stand-Up Olafs

To make stand-up Olaf figurines, which could be used as a table decoration for a winter party or for a holiday, you’ll need toilet paper rolls.

You might want to resize the Olaf coloring page to be a bit smaller, but then you’ll color him in and cut him out.

You can also opt to reinforce him with cardstock. Either way, you’ll then glue the TP roll vertically to the back of your Olaf figure.

1. Paper Plate Props

For this craft, you’ll print out the Olaf coloring page of your (or your kid’s) choice and set it inside a paper plate.

Frame the illustration where you want it to sit, and using a pencil and the interior of the paper plate as your guide, draw a circle onto the page.

Color in Olaf and any background that falls within the circle, and then cut out along the penciled line.

You’re going to paste that cut-out into the paper plate and then add a craft stick to the back.

Do this with multiple Olafs or other Frozen characters and you have cute little puppets!

Looking for some extra fun activities to do during the festive and winter season? Then be sure to check out our list of Christmas coloring pages, where you will find over 500 free sheets to download and print!

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