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Peppa Pig Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 50 original Peppa Pig coloring pages that are all free to download or print! I illustrated many characters from Peppa Pig, including Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy pig, Mandy Mouse, Gerald, and many more!

I also included many scenes from Peppa Peg, such as eating dinner at the table, going on road trips, Peppa playing with friends, Christmas-themed pages, happy birthday pages, Halloween-themed pages, plus tons more!

These printables are sure to keep your young one(s) entertained for hours while also expressing some creativity. Also, these pages can double as party decorations or banners for a Peppa Peg-themed kid’s birthday party!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Peppa Pig Coloring Pages

Keep reading for projects you can do with my Peppa Pig coloring sheet selection, such as making stationery, decorating cakes, making party favors, and other fun and useful crafts!

1. Create a Peppa Pig Mobile

Hanging ornaments make a fun addition to kids’ bedrooms, but if you’re low on cash, you could easily make one yourself with these coloring sheets.

First, print and color the silhouettes of the Peppa Pig characters and cut them out.

Next, tie each anthropomorphic animal onto long pieces of string, and attach them to a circular wooden frame or embroidery hoop.

Above each page cut-out, tie longer strings to the hoop and tie them together at the top, forming a cone shape.

This mobile can be attached to a baby crib, from a ceiling hook, or simply on the wall. 

2. Make a Peppa Pig Storybook

In addition to watching the TV series, your kids can also enjoy Peppa Pig by creating a storybook using this collection of coloring pages!

Have your kid choose which pages they’d like to include in the book, and print them out. Next, staple all the pages together, setting one aside to act as the front cover illustration.

Next, select a large sheet of colored craft paper or card stock, fold it in half to make a crease, and staple the coloring pages into the fold.

If you don’t have the above options, you can also hole-punch the coloring pages and place them in a paper folder.

Finally, color and paste the cover illustration to the front, and you’re done!

3. Make Stationery/School Supplies Sets

Another great use for these coloring sheets is to make or dress up your kid’s school supplies.

For instance, you can color and paste full pages to the front covers of notebooks, sketchbooks, and folders. 

As well, you can cut out and paste the characters and objects onto pencil cases, lunch boxes, water bottles, and similar items.

Further, you can make Peppa Pig stickers, bookmarks, sticky notes, and other items.

4. Framed Peppa Pig Coloring Page

If your kid wants some wall art for their bedroom, you could save some money by framing a photo of their favorite character.

Simply print a sheet from this collection, color it in, and then select a picture frame that fits your kid’s room design.

You could also make a gallery wall of Peppa Pig pictures with this method. However, I recommend purchasing a set of frames for better organization and to prevent ruining the wall.

5. Peppa Pig Party Decorations

Finding specific party decorations can be both difficult and expensive, so save your time and money by making some items yourself!

You can use these coloring sheets like posters, or you can make a party banner featuring the Peppa Pig characters. You can also use full sheets as placemats for the food table.

Further, you can simply set up a table for coloring, and provide crayons, colored pencils, markers, and the coloring sheets from this collection.

6. Make Cake Decorations

There are plenty of ways to decorate a cake with coloring pages! For instance, you can cut out and attach the characters to popsicle sticks to use as cake/cupcake toppers.

As well, you can cut out the white space from the illustrations to use as a stencil on your cake. To add the stencil, place it over the cake and cover it with buttercream frosting. 

7. Make Party Favors & Props

Another great way to utilize these coloring sheets for a party is to make party favors. For instance, you can make cone hats, masks, and face panels, which are perfect for a photo booth!

Additionally, you can include the coloring pages in small gift bags to offer to your guests as they leave. To stay on theme, you can also decorate the gift bags with these coloring pages.

8. Decorate a Tray

If your child has a toy tea set or similar item that requires a tray, you can dress up a plain one using these coloring sheets.

After coloring the picture, spread some Modge Podge on the surface of the tray, and paste the sheet on top. Make sure to smooth it with a ruler to prevent any rough edges or bubbling glue.

As a tip, add some ribbon or matching washi tape around the edges for a smoother look!

9. Decorate a Child’s Craft/Vanity Table

If your kid’s room has an old table that needs sprucing up, you can refurbish it with these coloring pages. 

After printing out a fun selection of pictures, paper the table using adhesive spray and a craft knife or ruler to smooth the edges.

You can either color the pictures ahead of time or get your kid to color the table as a fun project! This type of table would be great for a crafts area or as a vanity. 

You could further enhance the Peppa Pig theme by decorating desk organizers (below), the rim of their mirror, and similar items with the coloring sheets.

10. Peppa Pig Desk Organizers

You can help your kid personalize their organizers with these coloring sheets. For clear jars and boxes, color and cut out the Peppa Pig characters, and paste them onto the front.

If the organizers are a solid color, you can paper the entire surface using Modge Podge. I recommend adding bows, ribbons, and other decorations to add a bit more style.

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