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Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 28 original Powerpuff Girls coloring pages that are all free to download and print! For this series, I illustrated a wide range of styles, scenes, and characters from the TV series, including Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup, Bliss, Mojo, Professor Utonium, and tons more!

These printables are great for young girls (and boys, too!) who are looking for something creative to do with a Powerpuff Girls theme. Once the coloring pages are completed, they can be used as wall art, party decorations, book covers, placemats, plus many more artsy uses.

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To start coloring any of these pictures, click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages

Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom are big favorites with little girls everywhere.

Here are some great ways to preserve finished coloring pages featuring those tiny heroes:

1. A Unique Table Calendar

Using little squares of paper and a colorful marker, write out the days of the week, the dates, and the 12 months.

Fold a piece of posterboard into a tent shape with the wide part on the bottom and glue the finished cutouts of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup to the front.

Cut a vertical slit across the middle of each character, so that each little superhero can hold either the month, date, or the day.

When the next day rolls around, change the tiny cards for a perpetual Powerpuff girls calendar. 

2. Easy Craft Puppets

For fun and easy classroom activity, use empty bathroom tissue cardboard rolls and color or laminate them in the Powerpuff Girl colors.

Wrap a black piece of construction paper around each one like a belt. 

Use black or red pom-poms for feet, and from the finished coloring page, cut out the face of each character.

Attach this with glue to the top of the cardboard, and glue wiggle eyes on to make the dolls lifelike. This finished craft will easily stand by itself on a desk or bureau.

3. A Fun Paper Wrist Bracelet

Use a plain part of the coloring page to create the base for the Powerpuff Girls bracelet, and laminate it with acrylic spray or clear packing tape.

Cut out the face of the character to be used as the bracelet’s “ornament.” Attach some cotton batting or a small piece of bubble wrap on which to glue the cut out.

This gives it a bit of height, making it look like a real bracelet! Tiny pieces of velcro can be glued to either end of the paper to fasten it shut.

4. Design a Cute Decorative Clock

All three Powerpuff Girls are used for this fun craft. From construction paper or poster board, draw and cut out a simple clock.

Use two strips of paper cut in the shape of arrows as the clock’s “hands.”

Position Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom at any three of the main numbers; twelve, three, six, and nine. 

For the remaining number, the youngsters can have fun coloring in a picture of themselves!

5. Make an Adorable Bookmark

This craft begins by making a cut out in the shape of the classic bookmark. Any color the child prefers can be used.

When the youngster’s favorite Powerpuff Girl is colored, she can be cut out and laminated with glassine. 

The bookmark and the cutout should be glued together at the very top. 

Once dry, it can be used as a bookmark by sliding it over the top of the page, with the straight part behind the last page read, and the Powerpuff Girl in front.

6. Create Powerpuff Girl Flashcards

Most children love learning with flashcards, and maybe they’ll even study more with Powerpuff Girls flashcards.

For this fun classroom activity, have the youngsters color and cut out one or more of the little superheroes, and affix them to the front of an index card with glue or tape.

The back can be used for multiplication tables, reading exercises, or facts about history, making studying just a little more fun.

7. Make Powerpuff Girls Hair Ties

All little girls will like Powerpuff Girl hair ties, which are easy to make. Use elastic string and beads to create a colorful hair tie.

Children can then color and cut out their favorite Powerpuff character, laminate it, and coat it with several coatings of acrylic spray. A hole should then be punched in the top.

The cutout can then be strung onto the hair tie, and the elastic string tied shut. It will last a surprisingly long time, too!

8. Fun with Powerpuff Girls Balloons

Balloons are always a big hit with youngsters, and you don’t have to buy Powerpuff Girls balloons, you can make them!

Make sure you acquire balloons in the appropriate colors to match each character.

The individual superheroes can then be cut out of the coloring page and carefully glued onto the balloons. 

White Elmers glue works best for this craft. For extra fun, wiggle eyes and felt can be used to add depth to the characters.

9. Make a Powerpuff Girls Chandelier 

For this simple craft, use a large metal craft ring, some yarn, and six to eight plain foam cups.

Have your youngster color several Powerpuff Girls coloring pages, and cut the bottom third of each page into fringes.

The pages can then be glued around the plain foam cups, which are then attached with colorful yarn to the metal hoop.

Once this craft is hung up, it looks like a fancy chandelier, and can be hung in the child’s room or anywhere she likes.

10. Easy Stick Puppets

Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom are perfect for this craft with their big eyes and colorful features. These can be made singly, or a set of three can be created by each child.

Once the little superheroes are colored, their larger-than-life faces should be cut out and laminated with glassine or clear tape.

Large craft sticks will now become the “bodies” and they can be colored to match each character with markers or paint. 

The character’s heads are then glued to the craft sticks, and you now have adorable stick puppets.

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