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Printable Emojis (Free High-Quality PDFs)

On this page, you will find 102 high-quality printable emojis that are entirely free to download or print! I tried to include the most popular emojis from the laughing face, poo emoji, smile, thumbs up, unicorn, heart-shaped eyes, and many, many more!

These printable emoji icons can be a real creative spark for any party or arts and crafts activities. Some of the many uses of these could be for photo booth props, emoji paddles for parties, decorative DIY masks, scrapbooking, and tons more!

Printable Emoji Featured Image_

To print any of these iOS emojis, click the images or links below to open the emoji on a new page. From there, you are free to download or print to your heart’s content!

All these high-resolution PDF emojis are in standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Emoji Party Craft Ideas 

My emoji pictures can be used for all kinds of crafts, perfect for throwing parties. Keep reading for ideas for emoji decorations, costumes, party favors, and more!

1. Emoji Banner

Decorations are one of the most important things about throwing a party. If you’d like a few of your decorations to be emoji-themed, you can use my prints to make a party banner.

To make the banner, you’ll need craft paper/card stock, twine, staples, glue or double-sided tape, and scissors.

Select your favorite emojis from the selection above and print them out. 

Cut the shape of the emoji out of the paper, and either paste or tape them onto the back of the card stock or paper, cutting along the edges to keep the circular shape.

Next, staple the emojis to the twine until you’ve reached your desired banner length.

As a tip – add glitter, stickers, and other decorations to the banner to personalize it more to your kid’s taste!

2. Paddle Faces

Paddle faces are fun to wear in photos, and kids can take them home as a party favor. You can make these paddles using my emoji selection above; they’re super easy to make.

In addition to the emoji prints, you’ll need yellow card stock or paper plates, fan handles or large popsicle sticks, scissors, double-sided tape, and hot glue.

Print and cut out the emoji faces, and tape them to the card stock or paper plate. If you use the card stock, make sure to cut around the edges to get a circular shape.

Next, hot-glue the emoji faces to the fan handles (double up if using large popsicle sticks) and let dry. 

Set these aside to hand out as party favors or include them as props for a photo booth.

3. Photo Booth Props

Creating a photo booth for a kids’ or adults’ party is a great way to memorialize the day! But every photo booth needs props, so you can use my emoji prints to create some cute costumes.

In addition to the face paddles mentioned above, you can attach these emojis to party hats, or create face masks using a hole punch and elastic string.

Additionally, if you have Instagram frame props, you can provide emoji prints for the kids to hold up in photos to act like Instagram Story reactions. 

4. Paper Cake Decorations

Every good cake needs a theme, so if you’re throwing an emoji-themed party, you can include my prints in the cake decor!

Similar to the face paddles, you can print off the emoji faces and paste them onto either popsicle sticks or cake pop holders. 

These little emoji sticks can be placed around a cake, used as cupcake toppers, or as decorations for the dessert table. 

5. Emoji Face Plates and Cups

If the main theme of your kid’s party is emojis, a great way to display the theme is to have emoji cups and plates.

In addition to my emoji prints, you’ll need yellow paper cups and plates, scissors, and either double-sided tape or hot glue.

After printing and cutting the emoji faces, paste or tape them to the paper plates’ surface and around the cups’ perimeter. 

You can further add to the theme by purchasing napkins and utensils that match the color palette of the emojis.

6. Pin-the-Hat on the Emoji

You can use these emoji prints to create a fun rendition of the classic pin the tail on the donkey game. 

Have your kids choose their favorite emoji, print it out, and paste it onto card stock to make the surface thicker. 

Next, cut a piece of card stock into a triangle shape for the party hat. Have your kids decorate it with glitter, stickers, ephemera, tassels, and other decorations. 

On the back of the hat and on the head of the emoji face, attach a piece of Velcro.

Finally, use a bandana or sleep mask as the blindfold.

Attach the emoji print to the wall, and have fun as the kids try to pin the hat without looking!

7. Emoji Party Invitations

You can make adorable party invites using my emoji prints! Print out a large selection, and cut out the emoji faces. 

Take two emojis and paste the left edge together, ensuring both emojis face the outside. 

Write out the invite or print it out and paste it in the invite.

Keep the theme cohesive by sending out the invitations in colorful envelopes that match the emojis, such as yellow, blue, or red.

8. Mini Emoji Notebooks 

You can make cute party favors for the kids by creating little emoji notebooks. To make these books, you’ll need a variety of emoji prints, craft paper, scissors, and staples.

After printing and cutting out the emojis, select different craft paper colors, stack them, and trace the emoji face shape on the top of the stack.

Next, cut out the colored paper, and stack it with the emoji faces on the top and bottom. Finally, staple the left edges together, and set them aside for your little guests.

These notebooks would be great for little gift bags, including pencils, erasers, and other stationery. 

9. Emoji Door Hanger

Another great party favor, emoji door hangers are super easy to make. 

All you need are some circular wooden signs (which can be found at the dollar store or crafts stores), the above emoji printables, scissors, and either double-sided tape or glue.

After printing and cutting out the emoji faces, tape or paste them to the surface of the wooden signs.

Once finished drying/setting, you can individualize these hangers by adding glitter, bows, the names of your kid’s guests, or other decorations.

Set these hangers aside, and hand them out at the end of the party!

10. Emoji Scavenger Hunt

If you’re planning a scavenger hunt, you can make it even more fun by using my emoji prints to mark each spot. 

This will make the markers easier to see for younger children and add an extra level of fun to the hunt. 

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