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Rabbit Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 32 original rabbit coloring pages that are entirely free to print or download! I illustrated many styles of rabbits, from really cute baby ones, detailed wild rabbits, and iconic rabbit characters like Petter Rabbit, Thumper from Bambi, Hopps from Zootopia, and many more!

These printables are sure to keep young ones entertained for hours, while also being able to do something creative while appreciating this cute and cuddly animal. Also, these coloring pages can double as party decorations, wallpaper, or even artwork for little bunny lovers!

Rabbits Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these sheets, click on any of the below images or links to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely print or download these coloring printables as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Rabbit Coloring Pages

Below are 10 free, fun, and creative craft ideas that you can do with these coloring pages!

10. Easter/Springtime Cards

On your computer, shrink the illustration of your choice down to one-fourth of the page, but make sure you print out the entire page with the illustration in the corner.

You can fold the page once, then again in half, and the image should be on the front “page” of the card.

Have the children color in the rabbit and scenery – and they could add text that says “Happy Easter!” or “Happy Spring!”

Make an envelope to fit the card and send it out to friends and family!

9. Rabbit Paintings

Print out the illustration of your choice and mount it to cardboard using rubber cement or Mod Podge.

Set up easels – or make your own from cardboard bent in half – and give the children watercolor palettes, paintbrushes, and cups of water (all of which can be found at dollar stores).

Encourage the children to paint as they see fit, whether that means adhering strictly to realism or painting the rabbits some funky colors.

The only limit is their imagination!

8. Bunny Masks

Choose an illustration with a face-forward rabbit and, if needed, enlarge the image to fit across a child’s face.

Using Paint or some other desktop illustrator, draw a scalloped dotted line just under the rabbit’s “cheeks” – you’ll want to include the rabbit’s nose.

Print off as many copies as needed and have the children color in the top of the rabbit’s head, above the scalloped line.

Have them carefully cut out along the ears and face; then, the adult should take a pair of scissors or a knitting needle and poke holes on either side of the face.

Take yarn and thread it through the holes, adjusting it to fit each child’s face. And voila! You have a bunny mask.

7. All About Rabbits Booklets

If you’re studying animals, why not cover rabbits – and use these coloring pages to create a keepsake booklet with fun facts?

Print off as many copies of each illustration as you need and have the children look up four or five facts about rabbits.

They can write the facts on the sheet and color in the images; when they’re done, you can three-hole punch the papers and bind them with yarn.

6. Easter Bunny Egg Crafts

For Easter, try this fun and easy egg craft.

Have children carefully cut out egg shapes in all sizes from construction paper. They can decorate the eggs with markers and then color in the page.

Using glue, have them glue the eggs down onto the page. It’s as simple and as cute as that! 

You could even have them add in the words “Happy Easter!” and present the page to their parents as a small Easter gift.

5. Rabbit Cotton Ball Crafts

For this craft, you’ll mount the illustration to a piece of cardboard or posterboard and have the children color in everything but the rabbit’s body.

So the background, the rabbit’s nose, ears, etc., but not the actual body.

Then, have the children glue down cotton balls within the outline of the rabbit’s body. This will create a fluffy 3D effect.

Don’t forget the tail! 

4. Rabbit Candy Pouches

For this craft, you’ll need two copies per child of the simplest rabbit coloring page. 

Have the children color in just the rabbit on one page and then instruct them to cut about half an inch to an inch around both rabbits (they can cut both at once).

With a needle and thread, have them sew up the rabbit, following along just outside the lines of the rabbit.

Leave a space at the top of the rabbit’s head to put in a few pieces of candy, and then finish sewing.

They can gift these rabbit candy pouches to younger siblings or each other!

3. Rabbit Doorknob Hangers

In much the same fashion as the above craft, make two copies of a rabbit illustration for each child.

Have them color in just the rabbit and then cut out about half an inch around the rabbit’s body.

The children will again sew up the body until just the head is left and then stuff in some cotton balls to make the rabbit’s body puff out.

Finish sewing up the head and use a pencil to punch small holes on each side of the rabbit’s head. Thread ribbon or yarn through and tie off.

You’ve got a cute doorknob hanger that is perfect for Easter, springtime, or any time!

2. Rabbit Treat Bags 

For this craft, you’ll need one rabbit coloring page of your choice, a paper bag of some sort (with or without handles), and glue.

Oh, and your children will need markers/crayons/colored pencils, and glue.

Have the kids color in just the rabbit and then cut it out (they can follow pretty much along the lines for this one).

Glue the rabbit to the paper bag, making sure that the rabbit’s ears peek over the top of the bag. 

And that’s it! You’ve got an adorable, handmade upgrade to a gift bag that’s perfect for Easter or a springtime birthday.

1. Rabbit Gift Tags

For this craft, you might want to shrink the image by about half. Print it off and have the children color in just the rabbit.

Then, cut out the rabbit carefully. Overtop the coloring, use black marker or crayon to write To: (name) and From: (name).

Then take ribbon and wrap it around the rabbit’s neck once and then around whatever you’re affixing it to.

You might also just tie a bow around the rabbit’s neck and then glue or tape the gift tag to the gift.

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